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    LGD, please no whammy. NHL Write-Up Todd Cordell Write-Up NJ.com Write-Up TheHockeyGuy Preview: Congrats to our lil Nico boi!!!!
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    That wouldn't come as any great shock...especially if Shero was already skating on increasingly thin ice (forgot how fond the owners were of Hall, maybe how that whole situation was handled was what ticked off Harris and Blitzer the most). Sometimes it really is that simple...a disagreement that blows up into a screaming match and with everyone's dander up and in a heated moment, someone either quits or loses his job. If something like that happened, wouldn't surprise me if it started with Shero proposing trading some vets for down-the-road pieces, ownership saying something along the lines of "Wait, you've already had almost five years, you just added a bunch of salary, and now assets that were supposed to help are being dealt away for...what exactly? When is it that your plan starts to pay off?" Then some words back and forth, escalation, plenty of yelling...and a roaring "THAT'S IT...YOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIIIRED!"
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    Seems to me like an argument broke out and Shero was fired on the spot by an angry owner. That’s why it was announced right before the game.
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    My main worry is how this went down. Shero is relationship builder who is well liked across widely across the league and the way he was dismissed was belittling to Shero and embarrassing for the franchise. Even if you 100% agree with the firing you can't be impressed with how ownership went about it and then fumbled their way through a press conference with no real reasons. Hynes and Shero were both let go right before games with off-days following...seems like an absolute clown show from a PR standpoint and from caring at all about allowing your players to focus on the games in hand. I'd bet the disorganized manner with how this was handled diminishes the Devils in the mind of many across the hockey community. Now to add my no knowledge speculation for Mfitz. The only explanation that makes sense to me that I have seen bandied about is: The owners already know they want Fitzgerald to be the future GM, so they want let him start now with the lead-up to the trade deadline and draft. But again, if that is what ownership wants to do just own that, say that, and don't do it 2 hours before a game....
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    Sad for Palms, happy for Hischier. Congrats Nico!
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    Hahaha hahaha hahahaha! Lmfao! Hahaha hahaha!
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    The Shero discussion starts at about the 20 minute mark. A few things of interest. Dreger claims, per a source, that a decision was made a while ago that Shero was going to be fired at the end of the season, but for reasons unknown right now ownership decided to pull the trigger when they did. Dreger half speculates/half claims knowledge that Shero wasn't as gung ho about analytics as the owners are and that might have led to it. Then suggests that of all the players that might be available at the trade deadline, but spends time saying that it will be awfully tempting to trade Palmieri because he will probably be the most enticing name on the trade market.
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    Super happy Nico is going. I hope he feels the same excitement as he would if he was voted in.
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    I think that's exactly why he was dropped though. I think the owners extended him and were on board and then things changed when this season became like last season again. They have to be getting tired of the endless trading of assets. Just a few examples: Traded for Palmieri and now he's rumored to be on the trading block Traded for Hall and then traded him away Traded for Mojo then traded him away Traded for Vats and now he's on the block By acquiring these players to help build something and then trading them away again, it shows that things probably weren't progressing the right way or these guys would still be part of the plan.
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    I know nobody cares about that silly game, but good for him. Well deserved.
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    Lol if my girl reacted like what you say I'd drop her ass like a hot plate. Lol if my girl reacted like what you say I'd drop her ass like a hot plate. Welp, editing is absolutely sh!t on mobile so someone break out the Goodfellas meme
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    I hope for that guys sake it was a setup or he had a ring and made a proposal later in that evening in spectacular fashion , otherwise he isn't getting any for a looooooooong time.
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    I really dislike sports writers like Politi. Everyone who posts on this board with some regularity knows a million times more about the NHL and Devils than he does. It’s a piece that any season ticket holder could have written if they just had a couple of hours and an editor. We’re not asking anyone to bug Harris’s office and home. But it would be nice if occasionally we got some insight into what was actually going on within the organization. Like why they actually fired the GM in such a shocking fashion, and I don’t mean just quoting what they said at a press conference.
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    Sums it all up pretty well imo. A whole lot of this is hard to understand. Chaos at it's best.
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    I don't usually watch but seeing Nico with that much ice and all that talent could really be a statement for him. He could turn some heads
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    I'm not sure about that one. With poile involved that felt like all Ray with the aim being to appease Hall and strengthen the blue line. I'm sure ownership was all about that one too though. And I still like that trade because the thought of this defense with no PK but with Santini in there every night is a little scary.
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    If there's one place where Shero shines, it's in trades. In a season where the team is at the bottom of the standings, and may have some pretty good assets to trade, you'd think ownership would want an experienced GM to be around for the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. Instead, they've got Fitzgerald, who I don't doubt is capable, but doesn't seem thrilled about the outcome. It doesn't add up. Lost season, so there doesn't seem to be any urgency to get rid of Shero. Plus his recent extension suggests that management was okay with the trajectory and the disappointing first several seasons. Maybe Ray wanted to get out.
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    BTW Palm is out through the All-Star Game and Nico is taking his place there. So Politi already looks like a jackass
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    yeah i'm actually not familiar with the owners too much like some of you guys. But to me it reeks a typical super rich guy with no full understanding of how things works who usually gets things done by throwing money at problems. And had a fit and pulled the trigger and it had to happen NOW. There was no reason not to wait til the next day or wtv to do it. I mean why would you fire your GM that is loved by all the players and coaches (i assume) hours before they play one of the best team of the league, on a back to back, with their backup goalie. Right after they won against the cup champions the day before. Turns out we won but that's still not how you should do things. For awhile i worked for the owner of the Acadie-Bathurst Titans from que QMJHL. And i was surprised so often by things he'd say. Stuff you'd expect from random fans with no patience and full understanding but not from someone running the actual team. Hell his team drafted Mario Lemieux, Luongo, Kovalchuk, Bergeron etc etc in juniors, you'd think he'd have more common sense than that but nope.
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    Nico to the All-Star game to replace Palms: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/blog-hischier-replaces-palmieri-at-nhl-all-star-game/c-313908374
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    They are currently a 7th-place team...Panarin was obviously a killer grab, but doesn't mean that greener pastures are right around the corner just yet. One advantage that they'll always have is their brand...they can suck for 10 straight years and there will STILL be star players happy to sign for top dollar for play for an Original 6 team in NYC. It is what it is...and as we've seen, that doesn't always pay off. Devils will probably never have that kind of sex appeal to many players (and there's other teams in that boat with us), but as we well know, that doesn't mean that the Devils can't ever win. Just gotta nail those draft picks.
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    Careful with Holtby...he's been pretty ordinary now over the last three seasons, including this one (.907 save% overall, .899 this year). Curious to see how much he gets as a UFA...especially term. He may very well take a one-year "bet on himself" kind of contract, if he doesn't get hot and can't pull his numbers up. Agree that I very much want to see what the Devils have in Blackwood (we just don't have a large enough sample size yet to really know, but overall I do like his upside). I think Domingue on an iffy team (like this one) will be about a .900ish guy...up and down. Just not a guy who you can really count on from start-to-start. For all we know, this past weekend might have been the highlight of his Devils career.
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    Isn't that the point of a discussion board though? You had the same problem when people (including me) were trying to guess when they thought Hall and/or Hynes would be gone. You're nothing if you're not consistent though, I'll give you that
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    There goes the top name off my dream UFA list for next summer: Backstrom stays with the Caps, 5 years at $46m The puts them at over $71m for next season with two defenders and Holtby to still sign. My uneducated guess is they let Holtby walk and they ride Samsonov and Copley into the future. i wouldn’t mind a few years of Holtby here to help take any pressure of Blackwood, but Lehner might be significantly cheaper, should he hit the market as well.
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    This entire thread is cracking me up. Some people’s ability to speculate as to what is going on when they have absolutely no knowledge on the topic is amazing.
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    It doesn't to me when you're going back to the organization you played for and the place you lived for 20+ years. It's sort of a situation like "This is what I want to do, and I tried it for a short while, but this is where I meant to be and where I'm meant to do it".
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    Yeah... i don't know... I mean after all the moves we made last summer... I'm pretty sure there was a discussion at some point setting some sort of expectations. We knew going in the season that.... Hall might not re-sign so he'd have to be traded. Subban was already trending down, which is why we got him on a deal. Gusev would require time to adjust to the NHL, not a guarantee. Hughes would need time to adjust too. That our D corp was not great Schneider was a HUGE question mark but we had to at least give him one last shot with how he finished the season. So goaltending could be a big issue... So while most were optimistic... we had to know there was a chance some of those moves don't fully pan out. Just the goaltending by itself could have sunk the team, we talked about it plenty before the season started... and it sure did. The goaltending was one of the big issue if not the biggest why we lost so many games early. So... we went through a bunch of those... Subban is starting to find his game... Gusev too... Hughes too... Blackwood is surprisingly solid now... things are falling into place so why fire Shero now when his plan is finally starting to flourish? You truly don't just look at current standings and our record and ignore the kinks we'd possibly have to work through. The Blues management didn't trade all their players in january when they are at the bottom of the league, cause they knew the group they had should be getting better results, just like our group was supposed to and we're starting to see it now
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    I think people were more shocked at the timing than anything. Harris announced it literally an hour before a game.
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    What a trash article, not surprising at all from our media.
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    At the risk of inciting a forum riot, if Kyle Palmieri is really an attractive piece at the deadline and Fitzgerald can get a bidding war going; there’s a lot to like about trading a 29-year old for a bucket of draft picks and prospects that’ll perhaps fit better with the age of our core.
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    What about Castron? Should he still be with us for the draft or should we let him go too? I guess it’s up to the new GM but ownership might not be too fond of his drafting. Not that I think it’s been too bad. Our European scouts seems to be the best we have.
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    Wonder if shero was forced into firing hynes, and then turns around and gets him a gig with the preds.. I think they made him fire hynes, then he gets him a gig with the preds .. the place we got PK.. I could see how the owner would feel their interests were 2nd.. putting many eggs in the hall basket for so long and then seeing we were a better team after he left.. playing better without hynes and a more conservative defensive game plan.. then maybe they wanted a vet coach, and shero said enough already. May never know
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    pretty close. Also i still havent heard anyone on the Devils broadcast prononce Alain Nasraddine the right way so far lol
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    What would be nice is if Fitzgerald or someone gave a press conference like Joe Judge did. You don't need to tell us the maximum contract offer you're willing to give to Sami Vatanen or who on the team is specifically on the trading block, but some concept of the type of players you're hoping to bring in beyond platitudes of "fast, attacking, supportive" would go a long way.
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    Since you’re a proponent of context , a lot of those 2005-2014 picks were late round because the team was usually in the playoffs. I'm pretty sure if you took a cross section of lets say the 21st or 25th overall pick every year the rate of success is probably going to be pretty similar.
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    Yup and the other conveniently left out information is that from 2005-2014 we only missed the playoffs in 2011 / 2013 and 2014 and won the division 4 times and made the finals in 2012. Just had to add some even more context to your post.
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    You miss out on the "context" of Shero having two number 1 overalls, number 11 overall and 17 overall. From 2005 through 2014, the Devils had exactly 2 picks higher than 17, one of whom they traded for Cory Schneider. The story now is that Ray Shero got fired, not Lou. So you don't need to keep turning to what the team looked like when Shero got here. Everyone gets it.
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    Do you have a source for this? Because he finished out his entire contract with them.
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    I'm not so much afraid to fire him, you do what you gotta do, but what I am afraid of is what it does to what he has meant to this franchise. It is almost like you have to but a BUT in there describing him after if it goes south. Marty means a lot to this franchise yadda yadda reasons, BUT it's a shame he didn't work out as GM and the fans toppled his statue in championship plaza like Iraqi citizens following the removal of Saddam.
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    Look at Steve starting to drop some hot takes on twitter. He'd best be careful or he might be next Based on Dano's behavior I thought all members of the broadcast team were required to be glorified cheerleaders and company men/people.
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    You guys are looking backwards for clues, the only one not shocked was marty. Not trying to conspiracy theory but this feels like marty all over it. Thers not a lot of evidence there but it feels like the elephant in the room.
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    Right, and a guy picked at the level should t be a 4th line center/defensive forward. The Devils picking him doesn’t bother me because he was projected to be way more than he is. That doesn’t always work out. Like I’ve said a million times, picking 6th (or 1st or 20th) doesn’t guarantee you get the 6th (or 1st or 20th) best guy available. so going back AFTER the draft class is in the league and saying “we could’ve had Barzal” is really easy to do. Every team in the league could do this about almost every player they have ever taken, except first overall picks who turned out to actually be the best player of that draft year. How often does that actually happen? Maybe a handful of times, and even then, it was a no-brainer pick. The Oilers were never not taking McDavid, Pens never not taking Crosby, and so on. If you want to be mad that the guy sucks, then be mad that he sucks. We took a chance that was in line with what everyone in the world was saying, it didn’t work. Get the fvck over it.
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    palms is way more important to the devils crappy top 6 than any bruin D prospect is to our crappy top 4. nico needs an nhl sniper to play along side of.. we need to resign him to a 5 year deal at the end of THIS season, 7 mil? 7.5?
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