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    As of last night, he now has the equivalent of five full NHL seasons (in terms of games played) under his belt, and he hasn't really shown much in the way of growth. Sure, he'll have his occasional offensive surges and will appear to be making some progress here and there...to be followed by more bone-headedness and just general "What the fvck is he doing? Is this guy ever going to figure it out?" moments. If you're happy with "He is what he is" and you accept that he's never going to be any better than he is right now (which really isn't good), or you assess the majority of the blame to the organization for not developing him properly, then yeah, I guess you can both imply that he's somehow unfairly picked on, and choose to point out when he's had a pretty good game to the "unfair" masses. But I don't think the criticisms and frustrations are undeserved at all, and weren't pulled out of thin air for the sake of needing a whipping boy. Not like this roster has a shortage of targets in that regard. As much as I'm not a Seves guy at this point, I do think the Devils can give him one last year next season, in the hope that he's a late bloomer (or will benefit from the yet-to-be-found new coaching staff)...he's cost-controlled for three more seasons after this one, and as DD56 has pointed out quite correctly, the Devils have to keep SOME of the current D bodies around next season...it's easy to scream "CLEAN HOUSE! DUMP 'EM ALL!", but the next wave of young defensemen aren't likely to be ready yet, and I guess there's this tiny minuscule part of me that still hangs onto the slightest sliver of hope that in a couple of years, a 27-year-old Seves will be one of those homegrown vets who suffered through his share of rough days for a number of years, but eventually put it together enough to become that Mr. Reliable guy that you don't really worry about much at all...and a guy that the Devils will actually want to re-sign in 2023. But man that seems like the pipey-ist of pipe dreams...
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    Nico is a superstar, ladies and gentlemen. He has arrived.
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    They sh!t the bed on that SH shift, but otherwise dominated the game and assaulted the goalie with shots. The other stuff you mentioned is true, but they've basically been doing that all season, its not a function of rust.
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    No one on this team is ever ready for a Jack Hughes pass. And they’re alway right on the money.
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    As for the team: I’m glad they won this one. The Devils under the end of DBA would have folded and lost that game especially after the two shortys. They battled, even with post after damn post, tied it, then won it in the gimmick. the young guys need to learn how to win games like that and last night thankfully they did. Bring on DBA’s Preds.
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    just gonna go ahead and leave this here. As if I didn’t foresee this bald headed idiot doing this the day Nashville made the season-killing mistake of thinking he was an upgrade.
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    Jack Hughes needs to follow whatever program Nico did after his first season. Nico was sh!t at possession his first year and now he’s a beast. If Jack can do that, he’ll be unstoppable.
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    “Brown crashing the net...no, it’s White. Some dude with a color for a name”.
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    Part of me is all "let's go Devils" and also part of me is "meh"
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    Agreed. I think we're all hoping, and maybe assuming, that Smith should be ready, given that he was projected to possibly be ready at the start of this current season. If Vatanen gets traded then you're right, we're in trouble. If he stays, then a top 4 of Vatanen-Subban-Severson-Smith isn't really that bad - you keep Butcher and either Mueller or Carrick on the bottom pairing. What would really round that out is if we could trade for a shutdown d-man who would have an immediate impact. You could argue, pretty easily, that we did or intended to do that very thing by acquiring Subban, but I think we got him more for his offensive upside (which so far hasn't really panned out too well), but I don't know if it's reasonable to expect them to try to go out and get another top-end d-man after we did that just last summer. I suppose so. Maybe it just looked like more than usual.
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    That's the kind of shot that paints this kind of picture: "Uhhh, Eddie...hey Eddie, wake up man, cmon...there ya go..." "Damn, my head, what the hell...where the fvck am I?! Is this a fvcking PRISON?!" "Um, Ed, how much of last night do you remember exactly?" "Well, I, yeah...oh noooo…" And I'm really dating myself here (photo below is from the Incredible Hulk TV show, from the late 70s-early 80s...I actually remember this episode), but that photo kind leads me to believe he was one more Jagr shot from a full "Hulk Out":
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    A major part of the program might be letting nature do it's thing, in fairness. Jack's a boy amongst men out there still.
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    They showed a bunch from OT on the official NHL channel. The voice crack at 8:04 was funny sh!t lol
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    Tuned in right when Zacha hit the post and decided I’d stay away from the forum for the night if the devils took the L. Nico is a grown ass man on the boards. Starting to have a ton of Parise in him, in that every 50/50 puck near the boards seems to end up in his possession.
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    It was only Ottawa and it got a little dicey there but good way to start the post all star game run.
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    Jack Hughes, boys and girls. Looked like it wasn’t even an effort. Did he not know that won the game? Dude looked like his puppy died.
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    Of course he did. They all do against the Devils.
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    As in, if there was no goalie at all, he might have scored. Bratt got robbed with the glove as well.
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    Severson misses the net, badly. Dano, “Oh boy, the goalie saved the day there, Cangi!” he is so damn dumb.
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    Haha. When it was 2-1, I was gonna come here and post "Does anyone really think we're gonna hold this lead?". I didn't even have to. 2 minutes later and we're down 3-2. On the PP. AMAZING. I feel very sorry for Blackwood. He's a really good goalie and deserves way more than this piece of sh!t team in front of him.
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    My friends asked me who was going to win this one at the beginning of the period and I said Ottawa and they they'd score at least 1 before the 10 min mark. I was pretty right.
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    Sorry to hear about your family. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I only have my brother and sister and the less contact the better. I always wondered about mid-life crises. I was, am still, too busy trying to stay alive to have had one. Seems I didn't miss much. Since I last saw you have had 2 more joint replacement surgeries, dealt with a female only cancer and now I am dealing with kidney (and another freaking stone) and parathyroid issues. It just never ends but hey I have a mantra. Adapt or die. Not so worried about the death part because heaven doesn't want me and hell is afraid of me. Goal has been to get to 17. Not to far to go. Love ya gf. My best to G.
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    Still need a GDT for tonight but...
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