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    Except no one is asking .975 of him. You don’t need to exaggerate to make a point. C’mon, this is a stir-the-pot kind of post. You know full well that .886 ain’t going to get it done in the NHL. But like I said in a previous post, it was a what-the-hell kind of move that cost almost nothing, and made it that much easier to keep Cory off the big club. All I said was that he can’t be here next season. He’s a fringer at best, whose best stretch was being passable for a loaded Tampa team last season.
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    A WE WANT BLACKWOOD chant just happened after the 4th goal. Gonna get louder now. But hey guys at least Abbey told us we were all being over dramatic about Louie starting this game. fvck outta here.
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    Pretty sure they will. He’s gotten enough of a look. Not much there.
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    Doubt whatever we may get for Blake Coleman will be better than what Blake Coleman is giving us. I doubt anyone's going to give us a first-round pick and let's be honest we kind of need players that actually want to be here which seem to be few and far between.
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    Why would anyone follow this obnoxious nonsense?
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    I have no idea why we didn't start Mac tonight and give Louie a horrible Detroit team on Thursday especially when we play in Carolina on Friday. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Hynes Jr. needs to go.
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    Two points literally given away because the dipsh!t coach played the wrong goalie. There’s your game summary. Nothing else needs to be discussed.
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    Happy nice comments only, please.
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    I mean, I called Dom trash, but I hope people understand it’s a heat of the moment GDT comment... Lol
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    As far as my worry list goes, he’s never been on it. You can see it’s all there. Just needs time, games, and linemates not named Wayne Simmonds.
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    @SterioDesign This is exactly what I was talking to you openly about the other day. You want people to temper themselves and act more level headed, then you intentionally make posts like that, taking the aforementioned "god you people are so toxic" approach.
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    Amazing how much better he looks when he’s not playing with scrubs isn’t it...
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    I don’t expect a backup to steal games, but I do expect him not to give them away.
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    And the two games before that he was .867 and .737 EDIT also where the heck are you looking, even on his player page on the Devil's site, he's .889 and .903
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    Much as I hate to see the Devils losing...if this is what it takes to see Baby Hynes not get consideration for the HC gig... Understood Domingue at the time as a “What the hell, why not?” move, but this guy cannot be here next season.
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    Glad we didn’t start the guy who had 2 shutouts in a row... fvck Hynes Jr
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    I’m going to be so pissed if all the best candidates (Gallant, Lav, Montgomery, etc) are gone by the time we are ready to hire a new coach. I just don’t understand waiting.
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    I missed most of the 3rd getting the boys to bed... too bad they couldn’t make it happen.
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    Jacks been lookin good tonight.
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    Yeah, it’s honestly been pretty tame in this thread other than a little bit of bitching about Dom, and Zacha/Carrick watching a goal happen. As long as there’s a balance. And there’s been positivity in here (Hughes, Palms).
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    I can see them deflating very quickly if Domingue gives up a bad goal for sure.
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    “We all wanted Schneider off the team... (Extreme sensationalism of fans’ expectations)...and we’re still whining.” Look, you want to paint yourself as the ideal fan where you never complain about performance and cherry pick stats to prove a point, fine, be my guest. But you are literally fishing for the toxicity at this point with your posts on a pretty consistent basis is now.
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    Ffs man just let people whine during a game like this...
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    They do play hard most nights, just need a coach who can actually coach.
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    Holy sh!t talk about an M Night Shamalan type of twist there. So because people didn’t want Cory anywhere near this team anymore, we are forbidden from complaining about our backup who has a sub-.900%? Wow...
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    Seems like a classic case of over-thinking a simple decision.
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    Anyone else still doubting Hughes?
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    I wish Hughes was more impressive. /s
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    to not give up a combined 19 goals on his last 121 shots. (thats an .843%) You might not have seen it, but where are you pulling your stats from, cause they're off.
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    Did Zacha pass the puck like 100mph or was that just a terrible shot??
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    in 2 of Domingue last start he beat Tampa and Washington with a .963 and .971 save%. back to back. Gotta love the what have you done for me mentality here
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    we got a guy coming off consecutive shutouts and you put the subhuman turd in? How about...playing the guy who's red hot?
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    Nah Nas, don't use a timeout nor pull the dumb fvck in net, you piece of sh!t DBA clone.
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    Get a good bounce to be within one, Domingue says "nah, we don't need momentum."
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    Domingue...Cory Schneider Part Deux
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    Future top 6 star Kevin Rooney Nice pass from Anderson though.
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    Did steve not just call Domingue Blackwood?
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    I am absolutely ready for the Devils to move on from the Mirco Mueller failed gamble...
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    Laser from Jack! Don’t tell me he has a weak shot, that’s fake news.
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    Everyone take a breath lol he really does have a pretty good wrister.
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    1) If he’s willing to re-sign, that problem is solved, and 2) I don’t know how you would know that, but even if it’s true, even with a big raise, he’s still making peanuts, giving your team a little life, and he’s a veteran presence plus alt captain material. I’d rather have all of that over crap plus a 3rd two years from now.
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    I don't think that's a foregone conclusion. There will be proven coaches available this offseason. There's a good chance that Nico and Hughes both get significantly better next year, although I'll feel better about Jack if he goes on some sort of run to end the season. There should be a number of proven solid defensemen and goalies available in free agency this summer that a good proven coaching staff could get a lot out of in addition to the defensemen we have who at the very least have shown that they can play in the league. And we could get very very lucky and get one of the top two picks. I think the team doesn't see things as hopeless either, otherwise you wouldn't hear about making "hockey trades."
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    ESPN says that at most he's worth a third round pick in two years and waiver fodder so looks like we'll have to get what we can now.
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