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    I’m worried about Blackwood. I can’t believe he let in 1 goal.
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    Domingue definitely was capable of letting in 5 and losing this game. I think his forum nickname should be Cinco, after his favorite number of goals to give up. In other news, 4 minutes of excitement got the job done, it was like the 9th grade all over again lol.
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    So my man Pavel Zacha is now 5th on the team in points and 1st in short handed points while being 12th on the team in average time on ice. he’s starting to turn into a player, y’all.
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    Haha, I sent my dad a text on how pathetic the offense was against the worst team in the league about 30 seconds before our first goal. He just tuned in 10 minutes later at 4-1 and texted me back wondering what game I was watching.
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    The things he’s good at have been on full display at times this season, his skating, perfect passes that his teammates don’t bury, and his shot is actually even better than I thought it was. This team is hard enough to take right now, please go away with your hysterical overreactions.
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    Yeah, it’s really hard to get excited about single digit goals and 25-30 points out of a 4th year player. It’s nice he doesn’t look totally awful, but the fact that he’s tied for 5th in scoring is more an indictment of the team, than it is anything impressive by him. It’s entirely possible he could still break out at some point but I sure as hell wouldn’t bet on it.
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    Especially when the games stop counting. Wake me when Zacha has one of these stretches when it isn't second-half twenty points out junktime.
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    I patented the phrase “flashes of adequacy” to describe when Pavel plays well. 7 points in 7 games is great. 6 goals in 55 games, not so much.
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    Well, to be fair, he now has the same scoring stats as Hall did as a Devil... ...just took him 22 more games than Hall to get there. 7 points in Zacha’s last 7 games, but we’ve seen these surges before. Did notch his 100th and 101st career points tonight. But yeah, I have a hard time getting too excited about yet another tease.
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    Yup he’s killing it. He’s got basically the same scoring stats as Wayne Simmonds. A lot to be excited about.
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    I was at the game tonight. Quiet crowd for the first two periods and rightly so. So the first two periods my hat was facing forwards. Then I decided to put it backwards right before the 3rd period. And poof! 4 goals in 4 minutes!
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    At least that 3rd period was fun. 4 goals in like 4 minutes. Fun to get a home win at least
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    And ofc Daniel goes MIA when they score a few lol
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    Dano is definitely lurking the board. He literally brought up the Sedins like 5 minutes after I did lol
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    But he was right about Shero never firing Hynes and ownership never ever letting Shero go. Oh wait...
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    Getting shutout against the worst team in the league. With 5 Powerplays. No excuses, they're not finishing tonight. Anyone want a goal? Go fvcking get it.
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    Back in the day, my grandma used to say, as we would be finishing up a family meal and there was still a little food left “Anyone want that? It’s between you and the garbage!” I’m going to the game on Sunday. Anyone want my PK Bobblehead? It’s between you and the garbage.
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    Someone with editing skills really should put together a Subban bloopers reel for this season. Plenty of material.
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    You’re the absolute worst. MIA when they win a couple games, and you then show up to post garbage like this when they start to struggle a bit.
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    He’s been playing pretty well lately. Anyone saying he’s been “invisible” is only scoresheet watching.
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    Bratt has been so frustrating lately. In a perfect world he’s not on the top line.
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    And iirc it was a laser beam. Why in the hell was Louie Dung given a start in the middle of what should have been a 4 game win streak
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    I think that makes him a minus 98 for the year lol.
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    Severson is now a +5 over the last 5 games. He needed that.
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    Disregard Also, side note, Dano HAS to be getting fed the answers to the trivia questions, right? Like I watch a sh!t ton of hockey and he gets almost EVERY answer.
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    I was right about both Shero and Hynes being frauds when the dopey analytics people that hang around here assured us they were geniuses. I was wrong about the owners being wedded to them. I am stating observable facts that Hughes has been a non-entity up til now, which is an extremely worrying sign. It’s those same analytics people who are wrong about everything and still live in their parents’ basements that will give you esoteric meaningless stats to show that the fact that he doesn’t cause goals to be scored even though he’s given every opportunity to do so isn’t what matters. Well the fact that nothing good happens when he’s on the ice means a lot and not in a positive way.
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    For the hysterical Hughes is a bust folks, those two brothers that played in Vancouver, and just had their jerseys retired were pretty good, no? here’s their totals from their rookie seasons... Henrik: 9 G 20 A 29 P 82 GP Daniel: 20 G 14 A 34 P 75 GP I know going #1 puts an unbelievable (and unfair) amount of pressure and expectations on these kids by certain people, but those two went #2 and #3 (and were 20 at the time) and both went on to have great careers.
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    He has more primary assists this season than secondary assists. You're just wrong all around.
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    Hardly. He’s been quite noticeable. Just not finishing.
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    Clock issues, tiles falling, no paper towels in the bathroom- rough week lol.
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    Two more years of this is a depressing thought.
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    He definitely had skill. Too bad he never put it together in the NHL.
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    LOL I mean we knew they weren't going to bother to go into the deep end of the FA pool but not making an offer...I can't wait till the Wilponzis and their agent GM are gone.
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    Recognise this guy? Absolutely outrageous!!!!!
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    Yeah I know it doesn't make much difference in the grand scheme, but unless Blackwood was spent and needed some extra rest, starting Domingue on Tuesday with this opponent coming in tonight was just dumb. Hopefully those who make such decisions realize that Baby Hynes ain't the guy either (though the guys are at least playing hard under him, if not all that smart at times). Oh well, water under a fallen bridge. Would love to see Mac turn in another goose egg.
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    If we're picking 4th or 5th and Raymond is there I'm sprinting to the podium to pick him, he's someone who has been dropping in some rankings that has no business doing so. In my mind, 1, 2, and 3 are all on their separate tiers – Lafreniere is tier 1, Byfield tier 2, Raymond tier 3. Tier 4 for me is that lump through the rest of the Top 10 or so with Stützle, Rossi, Drysdale, Lundell, Holtz, and Perfetti. If we did end up with Stützle, Rossi, or Drysdale over Raymond, I'd still be relatively fine, but just a tad disappointed because I think Raymond could be one of the best wingers in the NHL in a few years. FWIW, Stützle-Rossi-Drysdale is my 4-6 right now, in that order.
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    I do think Bahl is a much better skater than the four guys you mentioned, his hands are something that has gotten better since his draft year, so those aspects don't worry as much. The thing that's going to be a transition for Bahl is if his smarts and hockey sense can keep up when the pace of play quickens a bit at the NHL level. The skating and puck skills don't worry a ton and his size is obviously a huge advantage, but it's just going to be all about how well he can read and anticipate play at the pro level. My hope for him is he provides an impact on our blue line the way Brandon Carlo does for Boston, I think they're fairly similar players in style with Bahl being a bit bigger.
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    I think you summarized my general problem with social media right there. Stupid people don't need platforms to voice their stupid opinions and find other stupid people that feel the same way. Edit: And I'm not calling anyone in this thread out with this post. I'm talking in a much more grand sense here.
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    Yup, it works both ways like that. Everyone gets an opinion, even if it’s stupid.
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