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    I agree. I miss hockey, but not enough to watch a fvcking NHL 20 sim.
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    Oh please Tie...Scott had much better things to do than ever acknowledge you. Like winning championships and making the Hall Of Fame. You were likely very firmly in the “not worth the trouble” category, in Scott’s eyes.
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    Apparently Spittin Chiclets is trying to set up something to get the ECHL players paid. Good stuff.
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    fvck Tie. No talent ass clown. At least guys like Claude Lemieux and Brad Marchand were/are actually good at hockey. Domi only had 245 points in over 1k GP. Lol
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    The negative to that is if they discover you don't need to be physically present to do your job they'll be able to replace you with someone cheaper much easier.
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    You’re probably right. Well, unless you count agitating as talent, he was freaking amazing at that.
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    Oh I was agreeing with you, trust me I don’t think you’d say that lol. That’s probably like the one thing people on this site can agree upon. One thing I can say about Tie, he was entertaining and for every team he wasn’t on, he was the perfect villain.
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    You can’t even debate Stevens was more talented, and it’s equally clear he wasn’t any dirtier than Domi. That was a great old school hit though, after the whistle and he never saw it coming lol.
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    Domi’s elbow to Niedermayer negates anything he says about anyone playing dirty ever. There’s a reason Scotty lifted cups and Domi never did a thing other than punch people. You can't cry about dirty play when your locker room had Corson, Tucker, Belak and notorious knee-on-knee hitter Marchment.
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    I also appreciate Amanda's lineup, but my god, these simulated games are getting annoying. It was clever the first time around but does anyone actually watch them?
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    Scotty can’t hear what Domi said because he has his Stanley Cup rings and his Conn Smythe plugged in his ears.
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    I live in Vero Beach, where traffic has gone significantly *up* because all of the snowbirds decided to extend their stay or return to their winter house to "avoid" the disease. All they're doing is bringing it all back down to florida, which is woefully incapable of handling that demand. It's ruthless, but I think Florida should say "if you're sick while you're here and you don't have a Florida license, you don't get a bed if a floridian is in more need." These selfish old fvcks are putting everyone else at risk to slightly mitigate their own. They're not quarantining -- they're lounging around the country club (which I can see from my bedroom window), they're going to bi-weekly trivia night at the local bars, they're flooding the restaurants. My wife is immunocompromised and I swear to god if she even starts to sniffle, I'm about to go outside and make a sport out of running these cvnts off the road.
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    I hate that Dano is friends with that little POS.
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    Just got the word. I am to work from home through 3/27.
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    Imagine having a contract for millions of dollars and not getting paid the money because they won't let you play. By the time this is over, guys are going to want to get back to it so badly they won't care about details.
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    Can I submit one a little late?
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    How come every time I post my stream online nobody wants to watch it and they're all like "gross, dude"?
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