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    I’m not here to debate about Lou. It’s been done enough, and the horse is long dead. Let’s not go down that road.
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    The Olympics being postponed has more to do with the qualifying events that were supposed be going on currently and up until almost the start of the Olympics being postponed as well. Training as well. Having to push all these events back would push it into a fall/winter Olympics so it just makes more sense to just postpone it to next year at this point.
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    This is LAUGHABLE considering Lou's final seasons here
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    The best part about that hit is that it's 1,000% clean. Stevens doesn't leave his feet at all, and he just straight up shoulders the guy with force. No hit to the head, no elbow, none of that. Just pure body on body contact, leaning in with the shoulder, and the smaller Domi goes flying. Love it.
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    I can't see us possibly being that lucky again, but id take it in a heartbeat. The rest of the league would lose their minds which would make it even better
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    The Athletic ran a draft simulation 100 times on Tankathon and we ended up with a lottery pick 25 times, and the #1 12 times. Which is crazy with only the 6th best odds. I can’t wait to see how this all shakes out. I haven’t even let myself entertain the idea of winning the #1 again, but I would be ecstatic to even land the 2nd or 3rd.
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    I think so. 70 GP is plenty. The only one I care about is Mac getting some Calder votes. He should be 3rd place.
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    They can win the lottery and have picks 1, 2, or 3, but if they don’t win we get the pick and the highest their it can be is 10 and lowest 13 (you can only drop back 3 spots). It’s based off where they finished.
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    The fact that Lou drinks Starbucks was the most noteworthy part. Can’t picture that. Lol
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    One of those picks is from Shero (for Hall).
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    Supposed deep draft, and Devils with 3 picks in the 1st? Thank you Fitz!
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    If we know anything is that Lou is always in win-now mode and screw the future. So i truly can't see him going "yeahh... let's take a step back and sacrifice my current best player for 4 late first round picks that will potentially just start having some impact in the NHL somewhere between 2022 and 2027.
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    We got sent home to work remote for a minimum 3 weeks. Two weeks stopped being a choice when idiots kept going on like nothing was wrong.
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    to be fair many kids have to go through hearing their parents bed squeaking and screaming too
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    I’m watching a documentary about Bob Probert on Amazon Prime and it starts off with a couple fights against Domi (who Probert called a clown) the second of which Probert beat the piss out him. And Steve Yzmeran was mocking Domi afterwards. Loved that part. Pretty sad overall though.
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    fvck Tie. No talent ass clown. At least guys like Claude Lemieux and Brad Marchand were/are actually good at hockey. Domi only had 245 points in over 1k GP. Lol
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