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    FWIW I remember the days of when breaking news with the Devils would happen and TG would tweet that he heard the news, but that he was purposefully delaying releasing an article on it or commenting on it until he gets more information from his own sources. TG was surely a gem.
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    In Abbey's article she says "The difference will be paid beginning in July and moving forward throughout the calendar year." This is exactly the problem I have with certain media outlets and social media. They clearly leave out the whole story and Harris was getting dragged for absolutely no reason. I have a bunch of friends getting laid off because of budget cuts now cause of this mess and others taking legit salary cuts without eventually being paid back the difference. This is more than a fair deal by the owners but now only part of the story was tweeted out by that idiot and now people think the owners are absolutely horrible for delaying the salary for a few months and then paying it back.
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    This is not really fair. Like others have noted, the "big bad billionaires" are still paying their employees something (80+%), as opposed to flat-out layoffs. And it's not like their interests aren't taking a big hit right now...I'm sure they have investments that are getting just as destroyed as everyone else's.
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    I was reacting to SD, no one else. All is well now... well minus being exhausted and knowing I’m going home to at least one throwing up toddler.
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    To be clear, I wasn't offended at all when I responded to you. Was just pointing out that under very difficult circumstances, I don't think ownership was doing anything out of line...and even then, they did what they really didn't have to, and reversed their decision. I just think people tend to jump on "rich people" very quickly sometimes, and often unfairly...not knocking you specifically, just the general attitude that very wealthy people must be greedy misers.
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    Forgive me for reading something at 0445, and having a knee jerk reaction before my rational thought process kicked in. sorry to have offended so many people but for fvcks sake don’t act so pious and moral.
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    20% delayed salaries for three months as opposed to thousands of layoffs and some of you knuckle draggers act like the owners are Scrooge McDuck. It's still a business. In a world where I personally know 9 people who have lost their jobs since last week, that's pretty damn good.
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    I knew this was coming about Harris. they kept all part time employees and are paying them with no revenue coming in. asking high paying salaries employees to take a cut (where oh by the way they can go to unemployment and get 70% of reduced hours back) so that no employee loses their job is reasonable. as for Harris’ money. Yes, it’s ludicrous amount and even though about 30% of it was wiped out in the last 2 weeks. but you still run businesses. the cheap owner narrative is also bullsh!t.
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    I’m not here to debate about Lou. It’s been done enough, and the horse is long dead. Let’s not go down that road.
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    This is LAUGHABLE considering Lou's final seasons here
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