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  1. Stutzle would be a great fit with the Devils, but it unfortunately looks like he's a lock for the top 5, if not the top 3. I think I'd be about equally happy if the Devils drafted Rossi or Drysdale, although I think I slightly would prefer Rossi at this point. Rossi simply looks like such a complete player with no clear weaknesses in his game. He's a little undersized for an NHL center, but he definitely is not someone to shy away physically. His vision, creativity, and especially passing would bring a lot to this team. Drysdale, on the other hand, has some of the best skating in this draft class, and thinking of him QBing the Devils' power play for years to come would be really awesome. Like Rossi, a phenomenal passer with lots of creativity. Either of those guys would make this draft a big time success for the Devils. The two best fits in my opinion are Holtz and Quinn - two guys with incredible shots who look like they'll be goal scorers at the NHL level. Holtz's shot is particularly impressive, with a very quick release and crazy accuracy for someone at his level of development. Taking Quinn with the first pick would be a mistake IMO, he's someone to target at 10 probably. Raymond, in my opinion is arguably the most underrated early first rounder in this draft. Another high level playmaker, but he can score some impressive goals as well. What I like most about him is how effectively he can play the game at such high speeds. It's certainly not on the level of McDavid, but maybe comparable to what we saw in Hughes with how he seems to be able to always find the guy to pass to even when his bursts of speed drag several opposing players toward him. It's pretty safe to say we'll end up with one of Rossi, Drysdale, Holtz, or Raymond. All would be excellent additions. Although unlikely, isn't completely outside the realm of possibility that one of these guys drops to 10 and the Devils are lucky enough to come away with 2 of them. I'm not quite as high on Perfetti as I am these other guys, but maybe he's the guy that drops, which would also be a great selection.
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  2. The Hockey News ran an article about the picks with conditions today. https://thehockeynews.com/all-features/article/what-will-the-nhl-do-about-conditional-picks-and-rentals-if-the-season-is-cancelled
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  3. I'd love Stuzle but he's shot up the rankings. I definitely think he's top 3 material. Wouldn't be surprised to see some teams in the top 10 go off the board a bit. It will be exciting to see what's available when it's the Devils turn to pick.
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  4. You’re next would have won anyway.
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