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    Not like I want to see anyone lose a job in such difficult times... but she really wasn’t good at it. By “a lot to say”, probably a good chance she plays the woman/sexist card, as to why she’s done. There’s Neanderthals in every fan base who even now still might not be thrilled about women covering sports, but most people only really care about how well you cover their team. Abbey was pretty bad and seemed like she was touchy and oversensitive to boot.
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    She confirmed it and removed Devils writer from her bio already. Considering she was terrible at covering the Devils and was absolutely obnoxious to fans this shouldn't be a surprise...
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    I have just heard through a couple people that Abbey got laid off by the Record. Apparently, she was the only sportswriter there to get laid off.
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    Actual Devils news, holy sh!t. Sign me up for Gallant. I'll be extremely disappointed if we stick with Nas.
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    100%, she was a troll to the fans with the constant sarcasm and her articles werent that good. Reddit white knights are out in force defending her. I find Sara Civian quite funny on her social media and her writing is on par with most people out there. Amanda does what she's paid to do as a rep for the team, no issues with her. But Abbey was not good and cared more about the Mets than the team she was literally hired to cover. See ya.
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    There are a lot of people who are surprisingly claiming she was good. I look forward to her spiteful hit piece on the industry.
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    Found this gem of Chico being mic’d up in goal vs the Rangers in a game from ‘83 Seems like Chico was almost always his jovial self whether between the pipes or in the booth. Pretty cool to hear young Doc narrate the whole thing as well. Below is the painting that inspired this research Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not that everyone should go on her Twitter account and tell her that she sucked...but that kind of “But you were great!” just for the sake of saying it phoniness is annoying too. She wasn’t good at her job, and on top of that, wasn’t terribly good with fans. Seems like her employer realized she wasn’t an ideal fit based on her body of work since she was hired, knew that she wasn’t likely to improve, and made a reasonable decision.
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    I come to eat your nachos, ah ah ah!!!
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    Very well done painting! my messed up brain, however, saw it as Count Chico climbing out of his coffin after a very restful slumber and now I cannot unsee it... thanks quarantine!
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    I was going purely of talent/prospects. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in Calgary. Lol
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    Ok so having all of that money to spend helped them not be in last place in the league. Fair enough.
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    I don’t really think the Devils are that unattractive of a landing spot for a coach either. You have what looks to be a young stud goaltender, plus Nico & Jack. There’s more help on the way with a decent prospect pool, particularly Ty and Foote. And 3 more 1st round picks this year. Certainly not a win now situation, but some nice pieces. Plenty of money to spend, too.
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    And, just my two cents, but if Marleau gets in the HHoF, there is zero excuse to keep Elias out.
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    We're probably going to end up with Nas.
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