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    The Seattle Grunge. Flannel jerseys. 90’s forever. EDIT: Yes, I would hate this for being singular also.
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    Hilarious the team hasn't even been made let alone step on the ice and people are chirping them calling them the Karens and stuff LOL.
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    I mean did they have a choice?
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    The Space Needle 2nd logo is well done too.
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    They can call the arena the Krak house!
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    Lightning is ehhh. Wild is incredibly stupid. It’s not even a noun, it’s an adjective. i don’t expect many will agree with me, but that doesn’t change my mind.
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    I think both LV and Seattle killed it on their logo and jerseys. Love them both.
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    We play at The Rock.... Seattle has the Krak house.....
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    Or “The Washington Football Team”.
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    My thoughts exactly - I think they actually did a great job on the logo and jersey/colors, which is a total surprise to me because they usually bomb hard. But the name I still don't care for, but as SH said, not my team, so all in all I don't really care. It'll be nice having an even number of teams in the league again, and hope they stop at 32 forever now. No need to expand beyond that.
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    I hope the NHL doesn't get any bright ideas from this because it's absolutely horrid...
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    Jerseys are sharp. Definitely like them a lot.
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    Well I was off on everything and that makes me happy. These jerseys look cool.
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    You got your blue at least lol
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    That's what I've been hoping for too - something a little different and unique. We don't need anything black-red-blue-yellow. Some navy, teal, green, or even pastel-types would be good.
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    I agree. I wish there was a way they could use the imagery of Kraken on logos and whatnot without having to use the word Kraken. Sort of how the Avalanche have the yeti foot patch. Kraken just doesn't go well with Seattle.
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    yeah i feel like it will be Kraken and nobody will be surprised at all lol
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    I used to be a year-round poster but it’s just different. The members are different, the quality of the offseason contributors are different, the fact that the Devils haven’t iced a team that had a remote chance at a 2nd round playoff appearance since 2012 makes things different. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ll probably post during the rangers games to cheer against the rangers, but that’s really it. Can bet your bottom dollar i’ll be back with wildly unrealistic expectations for the next season, though!
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