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  1. Great point! Maybe I'll see if I can find a sucker NYR fan to overpay for one. I'll tell them the caps are reclaimed from an old Oilers logo.
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  2. They're trying desperately to compete while their core is still there. On one hand I get it but it's such a gamble that I also don't get it. It's probably a long shot that they continue spending their draft capital unless they're really stupid.
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  3. I made this with saved up bottle caps and put it above my bar. That's about it haha
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  5. The pens are becoming what we were a few years ago
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  6. Can't rebuild while you still have Crosby. Just can't do it.
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  7. Don't worry, some idiot team will somehow bail them out like always
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  8. Unlikely (since Quinn is such a high end player), but maybe! Their freshman year seasons at Michigan are quite similar: both 29 points in 37 games. That may have to do with Michigan having such a stacked team this past season, but I have really liked what I have seen from Casey. He's got a solid NHL future ahead of him IMO.
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  9. Muh lort! I finally figure out I could tell my phone to NOT show me pucks and pitchforks articles anymore. My life is about to be so much better not having to read those brain dead headlines.
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  10. I really need a place to just dump my woes. Don't where else to go so this place wins. I have been visiting my sister near Cape May. We drove to Red Bank on Monday to take one of her dogs, Jill, to get 6 month check on her cataract lenses. She has 2 Jack Russell's, brother and sister, 14 years old. While at Red Bank Vetinary Hospital I asked the ophthalmologist about her lethargy. Since she is diabetic I asked to have her sugar checked. He said normal for diabetic dog and she needed to see a vet. We are in a friggin vetinary hospital and he tells us to see a vet. I ask at front desk and they said 2-3 hour wait. I went nuts! I had us leave, called her vet and drove there. 2+ hour drive on GSP on July 3 back home to vet. We get there Jill is struggling. Her bloodwork was off the wall. Sugar fine. I asked for x-ray. It showed a large cancerous tumor taking up most of her body cavity. My sister freaked. We went home and held her for all of the 4th. Today we sent her to the Raibow Bridge. It was the most difficult thing I've ever done. Dealing with my health issues, including cancer, was nothing compared to this heartache . I've known lots of folks with canines but Jilly was my favorite. Laid back and accepted all people unconditionally, even me. During my rehab here from various surgeries, she was always by my side. First time I have ever loved an animal in my entire life and first time watching them be euthanized. Felt like murder but I know it was the correct thing to do. Me and my sis will have difficult days coming. I know we will get through this but it still sucks. RIP Jill. Love you always. 💔 Thnx for letting me vent and cry.
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