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    That's a fun podcast. Cam has some real great stories. One of my favorites is when he was in the AHL and someone changed his contacts and put Lou's number under his drinking buddy's name. Cam calls his buddy to go get hammered after a game and its a very unhappy Lou on the other end
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    i wish we would have seen this much desperation from the NHL and players to get a season going when they were having a money tug war and seasons were cancelled for a lockout.
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    Smart move. I’m sure later today instead of wisely following suit, the NHL will propose a 31 team playoff contested in Idaho and Montana on outdoor rinks located on the property of Yellowstone National Park, with the players and staff quarantined in log cabins located on a deserted Indian reservation.
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    Absolute horsesh!t, a team that is going to the playoffs should not be able to win the draft lottery.
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    Gary Thorne is a hack. He went out of his way to cheerlead for the Avs in 2001 and for pretty much everyone but the Devils in 2003. I swear his lips were permanently stapled to Bourque's rear in the 2001 finals. Then you have the 2003 ECF game 7 call where he kept shouting about the stupid goal light not going on right away as the goal not being a goal when everyone else with even a single functioning eyeball could see it was a goal. He literally wanted that to not count.
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    Yeah, I miss it. I've taken to doing my usual sports routines in every-day life. Yesterday, my wife burned the chicken. I booed the sh!t out of her. I saw the garbage-man tossing my trash into the truck, the bag ripped and a few things fell out. Started a nice loud "Hey! You suck!" chant. At work, my boss told me "ugh, Mondays suck" and I replied "Flyers swallow!!!!!!!" I do not recommend it.
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    The impression I get is that Nas is being included in the conversation out of respect. I would be really surprised if he is being seriously considered as a candidate with the competition he is up against.
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    It took longer than I would've thought for security to get down there at my game...I wanna say it was a good 20-30 seconds that they were grappling/throwing punches before they were pulled away from each other. I just remembered that as the Penguin fan was getting taken away, some other Devils fan with one of those intoxicated voices that has a way of making everything he says sound that much funnier kept saying "Yeeeeeeah! How does THAT feel? How does that FEEL?! YEAAAAAAH DEVILS!" Penguin fan heard a lot as he was being dragged out.
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    Just wait... and look at what our swedish guru with the magnificent beard will do with Lafrenière ; )
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    boy was that a horrible season. GOOD RIDDANCE. next year can't be worse.... right?!
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    No you need to root for the Canucks at first. Then root against them if they make the playoffs
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    So F*CK me I don't even know what collectivizing means.
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    Absolutely, bat-sh!t insane to me that the teams that are going to play in the qualifying round get a chance at the 1OA pick. Do the math - there's a 24.5% chance that a team that loses their play-in series gets the only franchise player in the draft. Why? Why must the NHL always make things difficult? Do a separate lottery for the 7 teams to determine who gets the 1st/2nd/3rd overall pick, then a separate lottery for the other teams to determine their order. Listen, I get it that we can't complain about the lottery being cruel to us over the past few years since we've been extraordinarily lucky. But this just seems stupid.
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    I couldn't agree with this more. I wear the mask indoors when shopping, but its usually a short period of time and I absolutely hate every minute of it. As much as I want to go back to the Rock and watch some Devils hockey, I doubt I will be doing it if I have to wear a mask for 3 hours.
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    This could be 100% false, but seeing posts on social media that the teams who lose in the "play-in" round are eligible for the draft lotto. If that is the case then yikes. It really should be amongst the 7 sad-sack teams who didn't even make the expanded playoff format that we are proudly in.
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    I’d like to know more details on the lottery, not the least of which being how many teams are in it, and if you can move up more than three spots.
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    Good thing Lou is not here anymore. Would be a shame to get this gem and have him shave this gorgeous beard
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    Wasn’t that the guy who coached Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2?
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    Guess that picture was taken just after Doc left Devo:
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    I can give you 6 million reasons why this surprises absolutely no one
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    Nico. He’s young, one of our best players, is signed to a long term contract, and will make a great face of the franchise (hopefully along with Jack in a few years). It’s a no-brainer. He really stepped up after Hall was traded, too.
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    Regarding guys like Biznasty and Cam on the podcasts, I never fully understood the whole fascination with guys like that. I have never gotten into the goon culture and to me they just seem like a relic of of bygone era. I can understand the interest in some of the old heavyweights like Probert, Kocur, Twist, etc. mostly because they played in an era where fighting was still a very common part of the game. Now, if I go to 10 games in person I am lucky to see more than 1 actual fight total. Guys like Cam and Biznasty are goons in an era where they are a dying breed and from what I have heard from them their recollections are often exaggerated than anything else. I guess people still like these guys in some sort of Last of the Mohicans type of romanticism.
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    He’s good but in my book there is Doc and then there is everyone else. Even now when I watch non-Devil games I mostly watch the ones that Doc is calling. Also, a small part of me will never forgive Thorne for butchering that Game 7 Friesen goal against Ottawa lol.
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    Having lived through those games, and having seen many of them, it was fun...much different though than today's game. We've been over how much more meh goaltending was, and how the speed was a bit slower all-around then. Burke described what was going on back then perfectly...the Devils were in it, but not really in it. They had to bank just about every point in their last 8 GP just to squeak in. And of course back then there were no charity points for OT losses...a loss was a loss was a loss. They tied the Sabres 2-2 as a part of that desperation run...had they lost that in OT, would've killed them. I would love to see the final 8 games of that season again (Devils went 7-0-1, and won a number of those games big...outscored their opponents 41-15 for that run). Some cool highlights: Devils trailed 2-0 to the Caps in the first of those eight games, but rallied to win 4-2. They scored 4 unanswered third period goals to wax the Blues 8-2. The Devils would blow a 2-0 lead to the Sabres and would settle for a 2-2 tie. Game was tied from late in the second period on...obviously no margin for error. Devils deal a serious blow to the Rangers' playoff hopes with a 7-2 win (Verbeek's penalty shot goal made it 3-1 in the first). Much like the win against the Blues, the Devils score three unanswered in the third to put the game out of reach. Devils squash another playoff hopeful (the Penguins) with back-to-back blowouts in a home-and-home: a 4-0 shutout at the Meadowlands, and a 7-2 pasting in Pittsburgh. In the second game, the Devils had yet ANOTHER monster third period, outscoring the Pens 4-0 in that period alone. Then onto their soon-to-be first-round opponent. Devils jump out to a 4-1 lead before the game's even half over, and lead 5-1 late in the third before the Isles score a meaningless goal (off the stick of Brent Sutter...yes, THAT Brent Sutter). And finally the game against the Blackhawks...Verbeek scored a big goal with just 8 seconds left in the second period to tie things up at 2-2, and then trailing 3-2 in the third, MacLean ties it up, and of course puts home the game-winner. That game really was the beginning of MacLean becoming MacLean...he'd been up and down as a Devil to that point, and 1987-88 had been an extremely disappointing year for him before that monster game. He'd continue to put it all together in the 1988 playoffs, and the following seasons. That damned ACL tear in the 1991 preseason (last game no less)...I'll always believe Mac would've flirted with 50 goals that year had he been healthy. He was lighting it up in preseason and just looked terrific.
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    Personally I'll never be bored enough to ever listen to any of these morons yap away.
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    Sounds like Biz Nasty attended the Mike Francesca School of Broadcasting....
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    I can't even re-watch GOT because of how badly D&D fvcked up that final season. I'll be watching and I'm like "oh hey look, another storyline that was abandoned and never resolved! Quaithe? Daario Naharis? Jaqen H'ghar? Meera Reed? The Warlocks of Quarth? Who's that? Maggie the witch prophecy? Who cares?! Wow, the White Walkers made these cool spiral symbols over and over, I wonder if we'll find out what they mean? NOPE. 7 seasons of Jon Snow being hinted at as Azor Ahai only for his true bloodline and claim to be absolutely pointless by the end of the series. Arya and Gendry awkwardly hooking up for absolutely NO reason and never to be talked about again, not to mention Gendry never asserting his pretty strong claim to the throne. The whole Cersei being pregnant storyline only for that not to matter either. Bran can warg into people but for some reason never used this power to prevent the destruction of Kings Landing, which apparently he LET happen, since he knows and sees all. The Dothraki being completely wiped out in the battle of Winterfell, only to show up in the battle for Kings Landing? fvck logic! Not to mention Jamie's ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC being destroyed within 2 episodes. D&D fvcking suck at writing. So many shoehorned plot points and abandoned storylines in the last 2 seasons. They should've just listened to George RR Martin and did a few more seasons instead of trying to rush it so they could go off and do their Star Wars project, which they wound up being fired from anyway after the final season bombed so badly LOL just realized the site changes F-R-O-G to "French" lmao
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    I get the sense that he was willing to sign an extension here until things started looking really dysfunctional towards the end when both sides realized it would be best to cut bait. I personally would still welcome him back, and I mean how couldn't any real fan if you consider that we will have gotten a top ten pick, Kevin Bahl, and Nick Merkely to have loaned him to Arizona for 35 games and being on the hook for at least one less year. The only ex-Devil I've ever booed was Gomez. A Devils fan that would boo Taylor Hall is the same person who really, really likes saying "you suck" after the Devils score a goal. My allergies for those fvcking fans, has returned.
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    I just don't want him here, it didn't work out well this season and I hate seeing returning players come back and it very rarely pans out well for us when they do. We saw Hall's best season that he most likely will have. Been there, done that, time to move on.
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    Every team, hobby and whatever other interest all have their own share of idiots. The world is filled with them lol
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    An nmig sighting! Nice! You should watch 80s hockey...you see some of the goaltending back then and you quickly realize why it was such an offensive era...there were some god-awful netminders playing back then. And yeah the net behind guys like Chico looked like soccer nets back then, compared to now. Agree on the speed in past seasons...I was watching the very first playoff game in franchise history (Rockies vs Flyers, in the Spectrum...Rockies lost 3-2 in OT...this was 1978), and I'd say about 90% of that game almost looks like it's being played at half-speed...and in some ways, half-size. Everything that's said about players being bigger, stronger, and faster today is 100% on the money. You can find that game on youtube by the way. There's also highlights of a 7-1 Rockies win against the Blues in Denver (McNicholls Arena...in January 1982, their final season in Colorado), and some of those goals allowed by Mike Liut are almost comically bad...Brent Ashton's goal (made it 6-1) just kind of floats its way into the net from near the blue line...almost looks like a change-up (the kind that Bugs Bunny threw when during the "One! Two! Three strikes yer out!", three-straight strikeouts one on pitch bit). I still don't know how Liut couldn't stop it. I had tix for the first two rounds of the 1993-94 playoffs (I'd get strips for Rounds 3 and 4 the following season ...hence, the reason I was in the building for the 1995 Cup). I was just as bummed as you were...deflated. That regular season had obviously been by far the most successful in Devils history...to see it potentially die out in the first round yet again just felt like such a disappointment. When they went down 1-0 in Game 7 (and Hasek seeming to be invincible), I was already feeling like the Devils were done in 1994. When they went up 2-1, I went nuts...and just crossed my fingers that it would be enough to beat the Sabres, because Hasek played so damned well for most of that series (1.61 GAA, .950 save%...sure, those numbers were a little bloated by Game 6, but the guy was still an intimidating puck-stopper, and very much a beast). It was such a relief to get past them.
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    This is accurate, except that it's also going to be roller hockey. That way they can play all summer without worrying about that pesky ice.
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    Not defending what he said by any means, but you are 100% correct in that if it was Ovechkin or Backstrom saying that they wouldn't get the same treatment from the Caps.
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    bring on the 24 teams playoffs right away if it means we're #6 from only 7 teams who can win the lottery instead of 16.
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    I mean let's be honest. If it wasn't that I have my own business. I could easily get fired if some stuff i say privately to some of my pals leaked publicly and out of context lol And i'm ceeeeertainly not the only one. So i'm not excusing what he said, but i'm not going to condone something said between friends in private. Hell, imagine if MB3 was running for president and someone in the media found this website and all the things he said he would have done to Taylor Hall hahahaha as Doc said best "IT'S OVER!".
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    He’d be a pretty uninspiring choice. I’d probably rather just stick with Nas.
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    My favorite comment was from hf boards haha... "Damn I wanted that guy I never heard of until 2 days ago"
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    Depends if we have football or not. If the NFL starts on time it’ll hold me over until hockey comes back. My excitement level will also be directly correlated to who our coach is. Gallant or Lav, and I’m itching to get going. Nas or John Stevens...not so much. I kind of doubt the Swedish dude is a front runner, but just the unknown with him would be kind of intriguing.
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    Honestly, if you were in playoff position before, you should’ve voted no to this plan. Why would you vote for a plan that increases the number of teams In the playoffs? Would you rather have a field of 16 to compete against or 24?
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    Devils should not accept anything less than the # 10 overall pick for the Coyotes. By them "making the playoffs" they have the chance of moving up significantly, therefore affecting our pick number. I hope the devils argue this and it is addressed.
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    I guess that is better than a team full of A-holes.
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    You guys are missing out. Spittin Chiclets is fantastic. You should at least listen to some of the Devils related ones (Gomez, Rupp, etc). Then there’s occasionally crazy sh!t like Josh Hennessy telling the story about playing for Russian gangsters in the KHL, or Brian Burke talking about one his scouts almost fighting Nail Yakupov during his interview. Lol I personally love it, and I’m not even really into podcasts that much. It’s pretty much the only one I regularly listen to.
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    That whole “boo every time he gets the puck” mindset is ridiculous to me, and if you are focused on doing that, you probably aren’t watching the game as closely as I do. Hall is a different story, and I don’t think he did anything to be booed for. He wanted to play on a better team, so he didn’t re-sign on a sh!tty one. It had nothing to do with the Devils not making an offer, he wasn’t interested in one.
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    Found it........... Let's get him!
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    Hey, you have Korean baseball, what more do you want??
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