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    Absolute horsesh!t, a team that is going to the playoffs should not be able to win the draft lottery.
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    The impression I get is that Nas is being included in the conversation out of respect. I would be really surprised if he is being seriously considered as a candidate with the competition he is up against.
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    It took longer than I would've thought for security to get down there at my game...I wanna say it was a good 20-30 seconds that they were grappling/throwing punches before they were pulled away from each other. I just remembered that as the Penguin fan was getting taken away, some other Devils fan with one of those intoxicated voices that has a way of making everything he says sound that much funnier kept saying "Yeeeeeeah! How does THAT feel? How does that FEEL?! YEAAAAAAH DEVILS!" Penguin fan heard a lot as he was being dragged out.
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    Just wait... and look at what our swedish guru with the magnificent beard will do with Lafrenière ; )
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    boy was that a horrible season. GOOD RIDDANCE. next year can't be worse.... right?!
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    No you need to root for the Canucks at first. Then root against them if they make the playoffs
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    So F*CK me I don't even know what collectivizing means.
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    Absolutely, bat-sh!t insane to me that the teams that are going to play in the qualifying round get a chance at the 1OA pick. Do the math - there's a 24.5% chance that a team that loses their play-in series gets the only franchise player in the draft. Why? Why must the NHL always make things difficult? Do a separate lottery for the 7 teams to determine who gets the 1st/2nd/3rd overall pick, then a separate lottery for the other teams to determine their order. Listen, I get it that we can't complain about the lottery being cruel to us over the past few years since we've been extraordinarily lucky. But this just seems stupid.
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    I couldn't agree with this more. I wear the mask indoors when shopping, but its usually a short period of time and I absolutely hate every minute of it. As much as I want to go back to the Rock and watch some Devils hockey, I doubt I will be doing it if I have to wear a mask for 3 hours.
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    This could be 100% false, but seeing posts on social media that the teams who lose in the "play-in" round are eligible for the draft lotto. If that is the case then yikes. It really should be amongst the 7 sad-sack teams who didn't even make the expanded playoff format that we are proudly in.
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    I’d like to know more details on the lottery, not the least of which being how many teams are in it, and if you can move up more than three spots.
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    Good thing Lou is not here anymore. Would be a shame to get this gem and have him shave this gorgeous beard
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    Wasn’t that the guy who coached Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2?
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    imo you cannot afford to waste another year of Nico and Jack's development under a sh!t-tier coach. The team might still suck, but you've gotta get a guy in here that can teach these kids how to be professionals.
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    I had a call this morning from my ticket rep, Jake, asking how I was doing, etc., in light of the present circumstances. And that while he can't tell me when, its pretty much understood that there will be a full 2020-2021 regular season, most likely late November or early December for a start. Although he did ask what my thoughts were about attending games next season and he did mention there were plans available, there was zero pressure (there's always zero pressure; they have been calling me for years and I have never bought tickets that way). It was more 15 minutes of talking about this year's playoff structure, the draft, and the late start for next season. He was spot on with his knowledge of what had been discussed regarding all of the above so far. So yeah, I totally took a 15 minute break from working to talk to a complete stranger about hockey. I thought it was weird for a minute, but then realized that all I do on this board is talk to people I don't know about hockey.
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    Physical activity can help to bring blood sugar levels down...that's the main reason I speed-walk 10-12 miles a day, every day (and obviously watch sweets and carbs. There's times where I will go out to dinner a few miles from home, and after we're done, I'll simply speed-walk home, while everyone else drives. Fortunately people who know me are used to it enough now that they don't think it's weird anymore). But everything is trickier for someone with Type 1. There's just so much more potential for scary moments, when your body flat-out can't produce insulin of its own. My employee's son had a classmate who had a birthday, and he brought in cupcakes for his class. Even though my employee's son knew he shouldn't have done it, he ate two of the cupcakes. He wound up in the hospital with a blood sugar level of 412. Even if he had injected some insulin ahead of time, there's no true exact science as to how much...and WHEN it also very important. Too much can lead to dangerous lows. I do remember reading that Domi does indeed monitor blood sugar during games. This way if he's going low, he can drink a quick "pick me up" (like a fruit juice) to bring his sugar level back up.
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    Keeping Nas says to me, “we didn’t do THAT bad after we fired the other guy. This could work” it’s the Giants’ hiring of McAdoo over Coughlin, leaving TC to look like the scapegoat for the stupidity all over. Nas is a terrible system coach for what our players are contrasted to be. He got lucky that they had the “well we already suck, might as well try some things” shine that comes from a useless coach being fired. If they finally strip the interm from Fitz and go get Gallant, I’ll actually believe that this team isn’t far off and this year was an oops. Nasrahynes says we’re screwed
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    Let's not put that much expectations on Blackwood. He's a young goalie. Goalies are incredibly inconsistent. Even the best proven goalies can be on top of the world one year and be below average the next season.
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    Because the Devils might be weighing the cost/benefit of hiring a new, expensive coach now vs. simply waiting another year (especially if they really like Gronborg). If the Devils believe that 2020-21 is another lost season, they might be more inclined to let Nas run the ship again (a la Blashill in Detroit) than we're inclined to believe and then reassess after the season. Nas did almost nothing to prove he deserves this job moving forward - if he stays, he's a placeholder. If you asked for my best guess, no, I don't think he stays.
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    My first thought when reading this was ‘why the fvck is Nasreddine in the mix?’ And John Stevens? fvck off.
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    10. As for the coaching search, word is the Devils are eyeing at least four candidates. I believe that includes incumbent Alain Nasreddine, along with Gerard Gallant, Peter Laviolette and John Stevens. There may be one more. The wrinkle here is that Fitzgerald did the initial interviews, and will any of them want him as their boss should they be choice? It’s also possible ownership will want a conversation before any decision is made. It’s a unique time to try and hire someone. From 31 Thoughts, https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-fun-week-high-hurdles-remain-nhl-resumption/ I swear to god if this team retains Hynes 2.0, I’m going to be extremely upset, to say the least.
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    I had a female Flyers fan dump an entire beer on my little brothers BRAND NEW Parise jersey after a shellacking back in the day. Never seen a woman tackled by security so fast. Her dumbass boyfriend just stood there with this look on his face like "fvckin becky cut the sh!t"
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    Love it. I couldn't make this game, but I went to Game 3, a couple of days before (a 5-1 Devils win). I've told this one before, but what made this game memorable (aside from the awesome result) was this drunken and pissed off Penguins fan in the row right behind me. Devils led 3-1 heading into the third, and as the clock was becoming more and more of an issue for the Penguins, this guy started chirping relentlessly about how the Devils were this no-talent bunch of clutchers and grabbers...once Claude Lemieux scored to make 4-1 late in the third to put the game away, that guy took the bitchery up a few more notches. Some Devils fan within arm's reach of the Penguin whiner then started asking "Huh? What was that?" Drunken Pens fan keeps up the yapping. Devils fan kept the exchange going (with the Pens fan leaning in closer and closer to the Devils fan), and just before the Devils scored again to make it 5-1, the Devils fan popped the Penguin guy right in the face, and then they went at it (until security broke them up). Devils fan definitely got the better of that one, though it helps when you land a sucker punch. I can't say it necessarily should've come to that, but at the time I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of funny...the whole proceeding had this very slapstick kind of feel to it.
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    Return this... it means Vancouver didnt make the playoffs (the losers of the play-ins arent the plahy-offs)... so we dont get that pick.
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    I read somewhere that the NHL has been modeling different scenarios. In the one where they are required to keep fans at a 6 foot distance in all directions, most arena capacity will drop to anywhere between 2500-2800 people. I can't imagine the teams (especially mid and small market teams like the Devils) will not lose a ton of money in that scenario which will call into question whether the next season should restart without fans or with limited numbers of fans in the building due to social distancing. The Devils have been really good about dealing with STH's and payments for next year throughout this entire crisis. They have given fans the option of doing what they need to at this time while other teams have been holding ticket holders to their agreements and taking their money per normal circumstances like the Rona never happened. I'm critical of this organization when necessary, but I have to give them props too when they deserve it.
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    Root against ARZ and for them not to win the lottery. Root for Canucks to make playoffs and lose immediately. Best possible for scenario for the devils this year: 1) Win the lottery outright - #1 pick. 2) ARZ loses qualifying round and does not win lottery - #8 pick (no qualifying loser wins a lottery spot for ARZ to finish 3) Van advances to playoffs and loses in round 1 - #17 pick
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    Pittsburgh has a chance to win #1 overall if they are bounced in 5 games. That's horsesh!t to me because they were definitely making the playoffs.
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    How about all the teams go to Jenkinson’s and play the game where you low up the balloon by shooting water in a clown’s mouth and we decide the draft order that way?
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    I’m not worried about being uncomfortable for 3 hours, but I am worried about exposing myself to something that requires me to sit wearing a mask for 3 hours. I suspect crowds will be small enough that keeping 6 feet distance between fans will not be too hard. I mean, at the Rock we just call that Tuesday.
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    Good for him, best way to possibly earn another opportunity.
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    Depends if we have football or not. If the NFL starts on time it’ll hold me over until hockey comes back. My excitement level will also be directly correlated to who our coach is. Gallant or Lav, and I’m itching to get going. Nas or John Stevens...not so much. I kind of doubt the Swedish dude is a front runner, but just the unknown with him would be kind of intriguing.
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    Each team designates one representative in a Yahtzee competition. Last man standing’s team gets the first overall pick. Second to last team gets demoted to the AHL, and the last place team’s representative is executed on pay per view.
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    Saw the thread title updated, here's where it came from, can't wait to see the rules of this...
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    If the Devils want him, $ can make that contract issue go away.
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    I looked it up. Top 4 teams in each conference get a bye into the second round. Remaining 16 (including the 8 “non playoff” teams) play a first round, best of 5. So the top 8 then play the remaining 8 from the first round. So the top 8 get a “free pass” into the second round, but they’re no better off than if they had to play the first round in a normal format. So in short, 8 playoff teams have to play 8 non playoff teams to compete for the right to make the playoffs. If I were any one of those 8, I wouldn’t vote for this format. The top 8 still have to play the same number of games among a field of 16, but with the possibility of any of the 8 “non playoff”, or the worse teams, making it into their 16. So I can see why they’d be on board, not for the bye, but for the chance to compete against lesser opponents. The 8 non playoff teams obviously vote themselves in. The other 7, including us, why they even had a vote I don’t know lol. So really, it’s only 8 teams that shouldn’t have voted for this format.
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    Honestly, if you were in playoff position before, you should’ve voted no to this plan. Why would you vote for a plan that increases the number of teams In the playoffs? Would you rather have a field of 16 to compete against or 24?
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    Those players will have more playoff points than Pavel Zacha, who has played in playoff games.
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    It’s not my money, but if you have to pay $3 million just to buy him out of his current gig, it means it’s much harder to fire him if it turns out he’s not the answer.
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    Well, that helps a lot. Clearly need to root against the Yotes and Canucks
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    Teams who lose in the first round have a 3% chance at winning the lottery. That means there is a 24% chance a PLACEHOLDER will be pulled as a "lottery winner". If that happens, there will be a second lottery event held after the qualifying round (distinctly not called the playoffs, this is a play-in round of regular season games) to see which of the teams who was already eliminated gets that pick. So no, there isn't "E" team and "F" team or anything like that -- it's "play-in loser" and a separate lottery later. This kinda sucks for any of us losers, because our chances of winning the lottery just dropped and our chances of dropping in the draft order just increased pretty significantly. But I'm so tired about giving a sh!t so I'm choosing not to. I hope the Rangers lose, I hope the Panthers lose, I hope the Flyers lose, and I hope the Devils aren't looking at lottery balls my entire adult life.
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    nah you could of nailed it for all I know. The whole thing is nonsense to me, I'm heading to Jenkinson's to the water gun game that scenario makes more sense to me. I'll be there in 10 mins.
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    This Covid Cup Championship seems to be becoming more of a headache than its worth. Just cancel the fvcking season. No wonder everyone thinks the NHL is a joke of a league.
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    lol......I had a co-worker with a relative on the Capitals. I never would say which player, but because of that, I'd get a little bit of insights on an NHL player's thinking. Not much, but a decent amount. I was cryptic once saying basically that and a couple of regulars here ripped into me like nobody's business. Since almost all the names here blend together I forget who but it was, but I got accused of bragging, etc........ very well may have been mfitz then also
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    yeah it's a hard no from me too. Sadly this season has been over since 11/19 too. But really happy to officially put a fork in it, turn the page and burn the book while they're at it. What a f*cked up year this has been (2020) which has made the 2019-2020 season seem so insignificant to me in the big picture. Keeps things in perspective for me that's for sure. Stay safe.
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    Very well done painting! my messed up brain, however, saw it as Count Chico climbing out of his coffin after a very restful slumber and now I cannot unsee it... thanks quarantine!
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