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    Losing does strange things to people. The idea of calling Nico soft - watch how often he wins 1 on 1 battles. He lives in the scoring chance area.
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    Cory needs his Mojo back, and MoJo needs to get off the Schneid
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    Its been two years since I made the first post of this thread, and as the anniversary approaches, I just wanted to take the few minutes to once again bump this thread and offer up an ear in case someone needed it. We all bicker back and forth and of course this team has been driving us insane this season, but we're one big screwed up family/community, in a good way. Over the past year, I've had a lot to be grateful for, my two sons and becoming an instructor at my job are the two big events for this year. When I look back to where I was two years ago, I cant help but think my buddy is proud in his afterlife, but I couldn't imagine the pain he was enduring to drive him to what he did. I know that as I continue down the instructor path, I'm going to take all the good aspects of his methods and use them with mine to build the next generation of flyers. That being said, this forum was a great escape for me when I was deployed all three times so far, even though the summers drag on here haha. I love being able to shoot the sh!t and talk hockey, especially Devils hockey, with people who actually share that passion, especially considering I'm in the middle of nowhere now, lol. Guys, Gals, and all you other people, if ya need someone to vent/rant/confide in because things just aren't going the way you want them to, hit me up via a direct message. Holidays suck for some people, just don't let it overtake you. Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, and enjoy any other holiday you may personally celebrate. -Jag
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    Find someone who hugs you like that my friends.
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    I am convinced you are a robot who randomly generates sentences to appear sentient. The below-listed are direct quotes only. This represents ONLY content from your latest twenty two posts. TWENTY TWO POSTS. I stopped because I was laughing too hard. This is all on the coaching staff and their god awful coaching philopsophy the coaching staff has not done enough to reel him in. FUNNY THING IS, GOOD COACHES ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO BOTH PRESSURE THE PUCK AND KEEP THE FRONT OF THE NET CLEAN WHY DOES HYNES NOT KNOW HOW TO DO BOTH? It is the coaching system that's making them look bad, not their actual play. Coaching lost this game For whatever reason, this coaching staff babies the kids far too much. Vatanen (not his fault because of the coaching system) doesn't pressure Panarin, he gets a pass to Atkinson for an easy goal. Coleman (not his fault because of the coaching system) doesn't pressure whoever it was, he gets a pass to Bjorkstrand for an easy goal This is the kind of game that gets coaches fired. The problem isn't the defense. It's the coaching system.
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    Trying to stay level headed about Blackwood. It's difficult thought because he is the next coming of Martin Brodeur and will break all of his records within the next 5 years.
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    From Leatherface to Leatherclad...and it's one for one...
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    Statsny has played in three games this season. JVR missed some games early on and has been held pointless in 8 out of his last 10 games. By Neal, do you mean the Neal who's being paid $5,750,000 per season and has managed six points in 31 games so far? That Neal? deHaan played in just 33 games last season and has been kinda injury prone (though he did manage 82 GP in 2016-17). Also fair to note that Shero has been consistent...he's clearly not going the overpay-a-UFA route to try to build his team at this stage (though if the team is close and he sees that guy who can put the Devils over the top, I can see him amending that approach then). ROR has come back to Earth after that big streak...8 points in his last 13 games. Buffalo thought that he was so awesome that they moved his contract just two years into a seven-year deal, despite being cost-controlled for another five years. Sure doesn't seem like they're missing him much. BTW the Blues are 10-14-4 with him this year...they went 44-32-6 last season without him. Severson has 4 goals and 14 assists in 29 GP. Karlsson has 2 goals and 18 assists in 32 GP. The Devils also already had Butcher and Vatanen to provide some blueline offense as well. I was definitely intrigued by Karlsson for a while for sure, but he looks like a guy who's not only already had his best seasons, but is looking like a UFA overpayment waiting to happen...the kind of deal that becomes an albatross within three years...the exact kind of deal that Shero clearly wants to avoid. Hoffman had baggage...can't blame Shero for not taking a chance on him. Can't just do the grass-is-greener name-pick and make it sound like bringing one or two of them in would've automatically been an immediate help.
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    It’s ironic cuz my dad always used to say to me “amazing what a circular piece of rubber can do to avoid a kid”.
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    I hope this is one to build on. Montreal really didn't show up for this one - it felt like the Devils had speed through the neutral zone all game. Still, the Devils really got chances the entire 2nd period. I hope Anderson isn't hurt for too long - didn't seem like much on that hit, clearly it was a big collision but I didn't think he'd have to leave the game as a result. This might be the first game I've seen where I thought 'Oh yeah, Zacha's arrived'. It's not just the two goals, it's the fact that he was moving the whole game. When he's stationary, he's still in good defensive position, but when he's moving he can create problems for defenses as well. That play on the power play was not a breakaway, but at no point did he look to defer to someone else - he just took it to the net and shot and scored.
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    Ok, so Cory has an awful 30 seconds. You have to be able to overcome that. You can’t win in this league scoring one goal. But how about that goal? I have a few notes about my main man Zacha. First, play him with Bratt all the time. Second, the puck in the ear made me think. If Zacha were to miss the next game due to illness or injury, I’d still pony up if he scores in the next game he plays. To me, that streak only ends if he fails to score, gets scratched, or gets sent back to the Bing. Fair? Also, I calculated the value of a human kidney as follows: beef kidney is $2 a pound, humans are 50x more important than cows, so a human kidney is $100 per pound. The average human kidney is 0.37 pounds. That makes the price of a human kidney $37, which is also, coincidentally, his uniform number. So I will contribute $37 for each and every hat trick Pavel Zacha has in the NHL this season. I could say, he scored twice and we lost both games by one game, so he helped us win... But instead, I’ll pretend Zacha was motivated by my negative posts about him, and imagine his response to be...
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    I genuinely appreciate you making my life easy. Shout out also to my iPhone for autocorrecting Beyoncé to add the accent mark.
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    Ah, Shero went for the Stempniak Don't love sending him to Boston to play with Marchand but on the other hand he's least likely to be hurt by Marchand playing there so
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    Devils receive a 3rd rounder pick in 2019 and Defenseman Connor Carrick. Not bad at all.
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    THis is really stupid. Keith got us into the playoffs last year with Taylor, and was a great guy by all accounts. Give 'em a break on a tough year. Best of luck to him
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    I can handle losing and I can handle the team being bad, but there's got to be a higher level than this. They can be getting beat all over the ice, that's expected of a team this bad, but the breakaways and 2 on 1s against are unacceptable.
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    Nolan Patrick had the spotlight today for like all of an hour before Nico took it back. What a savage. Just spends his entire life one-upping Nolan.
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    fvck the tank just for one night. Don't care they're just as crappy as us, its always nice to beat them. Time to nut up or shut up!
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    Screw the league for making the first meeting a meaningless game a few hours from FEBRUARY.
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    For the life of me, I can’t understand how someone thinks I’m articulate!
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    Awesome. This horse hasn’t been beaten to death enough over the last seven years, let’s kill that bitch with fire. Looking forward to five pages of SD arguing with everyone and their brother about Lou too, great stuff.
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    Mfitz saw a Zacha goal, an Andy Greene goal, a video review that went in the Devils favor, and an empty net goal. AND a unicorn.
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    I can't help but really really like Blake Coleman.
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    In the words of Kim Kardashian, let’s see some Blackwood.
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    Excuse me, I have to go smush Andy Greene's face into Bratt the next time he coughs.
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    Zacha? No freaking way! Mfitz if you'd like to make a bet about Mojo, Greene, Wood and Schneider we might have a shot at the playoffs.
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    Btw, how has Miles Wood managed to escape this board’s rath? It’s almost Thanksgiving and he has one goal. This after holding out and getting a pretty nice contract. Dude needs to pick it the fvck up.
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    Those all seem like Devils-related items to me.
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    For what it's worth, Hall was pissed off that Edmonton traded him and they weren't winning anything. So I don't know where this sentiment came from that Hall needs to be winning to stay. He's said it time and time again that he loves living in NJ. It's going to take a few years for this team to become a contender so I think it's irrational to think that Taylor Hall needs this team to be winning RIGHT NOW in order for him to consider signing a contract extension next season. Maybe if the franchise was a dumpster fire like Ottawa, but Shero has made it clear that he has a plan and everything we're hearing in the media sounds like Taylor has bought into it. Maybe I'm being optimistic but I don't see any evidence of the contrary.
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    Nothing like apologizing only when the circumstance requires it
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    The draft pick we got is so far out that we basically traded KK for him:
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    Went to sleep at 4-1...not because they were losing yet again, but because I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. Can’t believe that they came back...and that Cory FINALLY got himself a win. Happy for him...must be awesome to finally get King Kong off his back. Nico through his first 54 games last season: 9 G, 22 A Through his first 54 games this year: 17 G, 25 A. And much of that accomplished without Hall in the lineup. Palms has obviously done his usual solid job of putting pucks home, but Nico’s really been kind of the quiet unsung hero this year. Love that he’s continued to develop, in spite of all that’s gone wrong.
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    Just posted my Midterm Rankings for this year's Draft. I talk about the top of the draft briefly which looks like it's going to be of interest to us. Also go over who's currently trending up and down for me, check it out if you'd like https://ridingpinehockey.com/2019/02/14/2019-nhl-draft-rankings-midterms/
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    Mirco sucks, there is no reason Yak shouldn't be playing over him.
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    I've really had enough of Blackwood's selfish bullsh!t. This is supposed to be a team game and he's all about "me." The entire D has been unified and committed to #loseforHughes and MB29 is trying to subvert the whole plan. Logo on the front buddy, not the name on the back.
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    Someone tossed him his phone so he could block him, and it just sailed right through his five hole.
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    Very strange. Is your profile picture an image of a puck? If so that probably explains why he can't block you.
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    Aarne Talvitie captains Finland to a WJC gold medal over USA.
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    I saw the second Hall goal pop up from the NHL accounts so of course i watched it again. Then i made the mistake of looking at the comments. The amount of people who said Ottawa scored, or that it should be a penalty shot because Nico batted it. Or that it should be blown dead because Palms played it forward with his hand. Basically I'm saying i know sometimes we argue here, but i truly love talking to the people on this site who actually understand the game of hockey
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    Well her position was the only thing we upgraded in the off season lol
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    This site is going to be funded for the next decade by the end of this game lol
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