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    3 goals on 10 shots on Lundqvist. Love it.
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    Sorry hank those 2ft high shoulder pads were outlawed, now you're just an average joe at your best. Trending down fast..
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    Ohh fun fact about birthdays.. few years ago when i still worked at a design agency my boss was talking about Stranger Things with a client. And i guess they were talking about how well it was made with the brands of back in the days etc... so anyway i walked by and I'm a huuuuuuge Stranger Things fans. So they called me in and asked me how old the show maker was... I was like "well i'm not sure... they are twins but not sure how old they are... but they must be reaaaaaaallllly close to my age cause it's like that show was tailored specifically for me so it's like i grew up with them lol" That night i remembered that convo and got curious so i decided to check. lol Turns we were all born on the same exact day lol February 15th 1984.
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    Well, he has played two games, so we are now guaranteed the pick, whether this or next year.
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    Yeah, but when we were playing “boring” hockey there was actually hitting in the game...
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    I'm late to the party on this, pun intended, but my list is pretty cool too. I'd have Bon Jovi and Method Man bumping out contrasting but sweet hype music to keep the party going, with Jacob Josefson scoring endless shootout goals on Henrik Lundqvist, while Dr. Seuss provides stand-up comedy in the 21st century. The kind of party with something for everyone!
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    I'm not sure where I said I had a problem with the play in anywhere. I like the play in idea, although I feel it was designed to get some extra play from some large markets that were outside looking in when the season ended. My issue is with the timing of the lottery. It could have very easily been done AFTER the play in round with all 15 teams who are not in the playoffs given weighted odds as they would have been in a normal season. The NHL did this silly 2 phase lottery weighted in a way that a play in team had a decent chance of getting into the top 3. It just comes across as them trying to have their cake and eat it too.
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    To that I say: Yoenis, a hearty thank you for 2015. Thanks for 2016. fvck you for everything else. Glad he’s gone and that the Mets can finally move on from this POS scam artist. And Yoenis won’t have to spend another minute faking being interested in baseball. Go back to your ranch and your toys. Kinda wish the rest of this team could just opt out of 2020 (1/6th of the season done and the Mets are already finished...good work Jeffy and BVW, you deserve each other!), but I get the feeling the league will eventually do that on its own...just can’t see this season being completed. Shame for Yankee fans...they seem plenty well-oiled at the moment.
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    Cespedes indeed opting out lol...well one less gong show to worry about
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    THANK YOU! I literally came here to say exactly this. USA
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    ah fvck off Grabner. Couldn't do sh!t when he was here
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    Of course Grabner scores on a breakaway.
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    So can someone brush me up on what benefits our picks? Who are we rooting for? Carolina? Do we want the rangers to win the play-in and then get crushed in the playoffs so they avoid 1OA? This fvcking sucks. I feel dirty. Edit: I'm a dumbass I forgot there's literally an entire thread donated to this very subject
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    A bunch more positive tests from the Cardinals, now their game with the Brewers is canceled and they'll probably have to go on the shelf for a week with Manfred threatening to cancel the season by Monday. Guess the Mets at least managed to pack a 60 games' worth of angst into a week.
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    It should have just been the draft lotto for picks 1-7 for the 7 teams that were eliminated completely. Then do another lotto draft for picks 8-15 for the teams that lose the play in round series. Problem solved. It's certainly more fair than what they decided to do.
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