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    Since 12/6, Mac is 12-4-4 with a .930 save%. With an often rotten defense in front of him to boot. As for Cory...guess if he’s not up here for cap reasons, it’s because he’s Not-Cinco? If he somehow plays fairly well down the stretch and Fitz is fooled by that and suddenly Cory goes into 2020-21 with newfound relevance...damn am I gonna be pissed.
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    Mac right there with Marty’s rookie Sv%... Absolutely insane considering this defense. I think we found a star.
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    I'm hoping Mac gets a shutout, but if he doesn't I hope we win 5-1, and Ovi gets 700. Then 20 years from now when Mac is retiring with 5 Cups, we'll reminisce about all of the victories he's had, and say "Oh yeah, and remember when Ovi scored his 700th on him? That was cool, but he's not remembered for that because of everything else he accomplished".
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    This team, as atrocious as they are, play with confidence now. They aren’t out of any game, except when they play the Blues apparently. Putting Cory Schneider into net and allowing his sad-sack ways to pollute this never-quit mindset is a terrible decision by management. I loved what Cory did for us, but he is a confidence cancer now for the Devils. This is a foul on Fitz (UNLESS he is in fact trading Cinco Domingo, in which case fine) but when DBA 2.0 makes the stupid decision of starting him Saturday and not against the Wings, it should be the final nail in his pathetic coaching career coffin.
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    Helps when players above you are getting traded . Still feel like there is a lot more to come from him. I am looking forward to Nolan Foote making this team. There are plenty of players who can make nice passes as we saw in this game, just not a lot of finish. I hope the only trades left in the window are to get something for Simmonds and to try and shift Vats if he is close to a return. I want us to keep Palms and Goose.
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    Imagine what Mac could do with even a halfway decent defense in front of him...
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    Nice win. Now Hynes Jr. will go ahead and start Schneider on Saturday because he’s an idiot, Ovechkin will score #700 (and probably 701 and 702 as well), and we’ll lose 5-1.
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    And some goal scorers on his wing. Really loving that Foote trade.
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    Man I couldn't disagree more with Sal's take just now on resting Blackwood and not "overworking" him. Why in the blue mother fvcking fvck would we bring Schneider back up? It's just continuing to muddy the waters and do the same thing over and over and OVER again. Let me spell it out for you Devils' management.... Schneider is DONE. He does not need to start another game for the New Jersey Devils. What's more, Mackenzie Blackwood is our STARTER. He's a big boy. He may be young, but he is capable of being a starting goaltender. Do not treat him like a baby. He is not going to "lose confidence" by playing him too much. If anything, he'll gain confidence. He's playing WELL. If he falters, then you can give him rest. Until then, be thankful that you have a competent goaltender, and USE HIM. Because it's been a while. The End.
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    BuT tHaT wAsn'T EvEn ThIs DeCaDe, ApPlEs To oRaNgEs... Reeeeeee
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    Oh and speaking of Jumbo Joe he had 7 points in 55 GP his rookie season... just something to try and calm the hysterics.
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    His shot at a Cup...it’s over!
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    Not that I ever had respect for him to begin with but I love seeing him being absolutely miserable after that piece of sh!t took a victory lap on our ice in the 08 playoffs. I've never heard Chico so mad before, I actually think he would have jumped him if he was playing.
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    I mean Hughes should have had 1G, 1A tonight easily, really starting to feel bad for the guy luck wise at the moment. Miracle stick save on Gusev to rob an assist and then Palmeri shooting that puck in the 3rd when he had a WIDE OPEN Hughes on the back door for a tap in....That play by palms was soooo bad..I get being a shoot first guy, but have even the littlest bit of vision there and it is a tap in.
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    Obviously not the best game but was nice to get another home win since there's been so few this year. Mac is awesome. I hope he starts Saturday, give Cory the game in Detroit on Tuesday. There's no excuse for anything else.
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    “Way too small and weak” What year is this? It’s like people completely forget Alex Debrincat scored 40 goals at 5”7 165 his second season in the NHL. Johnny Gadreau had almost 100 points last year. The age and experience is every bit as important as size and strength. Does Jack need to get a little stronger? Sure, but he’s not that far off, imo. I’m sorry, but it’s just impossible to accurately judge him considering who he’s played with most of the season. He looked really good with Palms in the 3rd tonight, but Jones made some great saves and the pucks just weren’t going in. Next year I’d like to see Hughes take a decent step forward and at least have 40 or 50 points. By his age 20 season I’m hoping we see the emergence of a star. It’s not like Kakko with all his size and strength is doing any better...
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    Don’t even stress it, there’s no way Ovi doesn’t score #700 off us.
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    Daniel's not totally wrong about Hughes. I mean, writing the kid off is a silly - it's way too early for that. But yeah, he's had his moments of "wow" and then there's a lot of yuck. He seemed like he was figuring it out at one point this year and now he's just a bit of a mess. Sometimes it's not other players just not being good enough to keep up with him, sometimes it's actually just Jack making a bad play or pass. But it's hard to blame the kid, I mean, it can't be easy trying to adjust to the NHL while playing for an organization in disarray. The Devils, fired his first coach and the GM that drafted him, demoted the goalie he lives with, and has now traded two of the team's more important players. They've also played him with a variety of different linemates. And to be fair to Jack, there are many nights where he's far from the worst forward on the ice. Jack has a hell of a lot of talent, I expect him to be a star player in this league. But as of now he's way too small and weak to be able to really succeed in the NHL. He took a few hits early on in the season that were incredibly dangerous and were it not for Jack being young and physically resilient, they might have resulted in serious injury. Jack has adjusted his game by getting rid of the puck as quick as he possibly can - that's a significant change for a kid who is used to skating left and right with the puck across the offensive zone. It's better that he's getting rid of the puck though, we can't have him getting hit. On one hand Jack has to learn how to make things happen without having as much time on the puck but on the other he just has to get bigger and stronger. No more of this, "I don't want to get so big I can't move," bullsh!t. I know it's hard to hit a caloric surplus in season given the ridiculous amount of cardio the players get but he's got some serious work to do this summer. The first line was dreadful through the first two periods today by the way. If I recall correctly they had somewhere near zero shot attempts through 30-40 minutes of play. Nas just let them stick tho, and in the third they finally found some chemistry. Nas also had Jack out there for a few defensive zone shifts to end the game because...why the hell not I guess? You can see how Jack just has so much trouble along the boards - where another player might have been able to hold up the play at one point by being stronger on the boards, Jack's attack was ineffective and it resulted in a Marleau shot. Still, screw it, put Jack out there. This team is 100% in experiment mode now.
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    Arizona is sitting in WC#2 with a 1 point lead on the Jets and 3 on the Preds. both have multiple games in hand on them Vancouver is sitting in Pac#2 with 70 points but also has games in hand on those chasing them Us showing glimmers of promise, Mac playing like a legit #1 and scoreboard watching is what I have for the rest of the year.
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    Lol. He would Seriously Mac is young, not much of a season left. Put a workload on Mack Black and let's see how he does. Play him, play him, and play him some more. Establish he's the guy heading into 2020-21. He's earned it. The players on the ice, they don't want anybody else by Blackwood in their and it shows. When he's in net the Devils go out there and feel they can steal any game.
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    Ovie will get 700 Saturday, come on Devils fans, beat the Caps fans to buying tickets!
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    I wish I could squeeze a #2 in front of the 9 on the jersey I have hanging in the closet, because this guy's a stud. Well done on 5 in a row and 20 on the year during a very tough season.
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    I think we've all been teased by goalies before who we thought could be #1's but faded into 2's or worse but...I'm starting to get excited about Blackwood.
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    I care that he’s either invisible, getting ridden out of the play or turning the puck over.
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    You’d think someone with a head that big would have a bigger brain...
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    great move! for his 12th of the year. Mueller doing all he can to kill the momentum as quickly as possible.
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    He slowed down too much, Nas says hit the press box! (Hell of a move by Bratt!!)
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    We paid him back for that sh!t in 2012.
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    This is great. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/wholesome-moment-debrusk-gets-interviewed-by-his-dad-during-sportsnet-broadcast
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    Trade the only nhl shooter on the team for a potential nhl shooter. It's like the fish trading tunsil , great, now go find another left tackle .. Push the rebuild back 2 years more. Plams has 4 to 5 decent years left in that shot. Guy isn't a great skater now it's not his thing. He score 25 to 30 goals that's his thing
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