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    I’d really pretty much give anyone in Albany a chance at this point. Tennyson isn’t doing much. I can’t say Blackwood was not at fault on that first goal, he’s got to get to the post and he didn’t, but Tennyson was standing right there and couldn’t neutralize his man. He was completely ineffective.
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    i've been trying to, lately, sleep on all games and readjust in the morning as to how I feel about the previous night - and this one is really fvcking bad. No legs. That's coaching.
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    “Get?” I’d say it already is. After all the excitement over the summer did anyone honestly expect a last place team? I sure as hell didn’t. Between our “star player” calling out the fans, atrocious goaltending, blown lead after blown lead, this is turning into a disaster of a season.
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    He's not the only one. That whole useless group this side of Blackwood quit on the game after being tied. At home, by the horsesh!t Ottawa Senators.
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    Ouch the Devils losing you might be like LBJ losing Cronkite. But yeah this has been by far the toughest season as a sth (financially at least), even tougher than 2010 - mainly cause I was in the $15 seats then and in $35 seats now where I'm already lucky if I get half of that for most games. Plus the horsesh!t home record doesn't help. The games I do go to - so far like half, I suspect it'll be around or just a little above half for the whole season whereas in a good year it's 2/3 easy - are either boring or infuriating, or in tonight's case both. I'm actually shocked there were as many people there as there was tonight for a midweek November game against Ottawa, comps or not. But it's gonna be more comps and less sth's at the rate they're going.
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    Our GM just can’t quit his buddies.
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    The fans need to be heard, Boo the sh!t out them. and start wearing clown masks !
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    My condolences. Hope you didn’t boo. I’m told real fans don’t do that.
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    I’ll be there Friday. I want to be excited about it. Truly. But it’s really friggin’ hard at the moment...
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    Man, another few hundred dollars to see a blown loss in person,so exciting. /S
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    Reporter: "Coach Hynes, what do you think needs to change to turn things around" Hynes:
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    Our fans will chant rangers suck 13 times a game, but can’t get one Fire Hynes Chant going? that better change Friday
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    I couldn’t care less what he has to say. He’s part of the problem right now.
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    6th blown 3rd period lead of the season. These guys seem like they don't even have a pulse during these locker room interviews. They are their coach.
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    I still believe in Shero, but this is becoming a crisis...Shero’s first since coming here, really, because there were some real expectations and “right now” moves made. I want to see how he handles it.
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    The longer the Hynes experiment continues the more I start wondering about the Shero experiment.
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    I’d rather the Hynes experiment be over at this point...
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    About halfway through the game it became clear that even had the Devils won this game it wouldn't have been pretty and there wouldn't have been much reason for excitement. Why? Because the team's problem with generating 5v5 offense continues and isn't sustainable. The Devils were already generating a league worst 48 shot attempts/60 at 5v5 coming into today. Today they got 38 against the team that allows the 2nd most shot attempts/60 at 5v5 in the league (64.46). Not good. And the powerplay wasn't pretty tonight either. If there was a positive tonight, it's that Gusev had a third good game in a row - at least for Gusev standards. He's just so much improved playing in the bottom six. He had one really creative pass in the d-zone at the start of the second period to Coleman.
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    Ewwwww. Coleman is doing his patented “I do not exist for three weeks” stretch already. give me a first round pick and a defenseman who’s marginally better than mueller. I’m starting to actually hate Taylor Hall.
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    Time to pull the plug on Hynes.
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    Taylor Hall, probably: “you know it’s really not cool the fans booed my terrible turnover and all around horrible game again. This is their fault.”
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    These losers have zero pride.
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    I can't put into words how done I am with Taylor Hall
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    Get him outta here already
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    I’m coming home for thanksgiving and I just listed my tickets on stub hub. only chance I’d have at going to a game this season. 10 million percent done with this team. If Hynes is still coaching tomorrow I’ll jump aboard the fire Shero train.
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    If Hynes is coaching this team next year, then I want him and Ray Shero fired.
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    Nice assist Taylor...fvck you too
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    Pathetic Hall, absolutely pathetic
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    Blown lead number what? Are we in double digits at this point?
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    I genuinely hate half of the players on the team. It’s an entirely unwatchable group of fvcking chumps.
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    oh hey, dipsh!t finally calls the timeout with their guys tired...
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    OH WE USE THE TIMEOUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    fvck this team. Bunch of losers.
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    Right John look stupid and angry like always you useless bucket of jizz. fvck off.
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    Can someone please send a letter down to the bench that the crowd was groaning because the senators tied it up and not because we hate Taylor hall? Just want to make sure things are clear. Thank you in advance.
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    Take a fvcking timeout you bald fvck
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    This team has no killer extinct.......... None...........
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    This a$$hole fvcking team
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    They won two Cups in short order after that firing, so its pretty clear you’re right. If firing Hynes in 2019 meant we win the Cup in 2021 and 2022, I’d be ok with that.
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    This post — from you — made me actually sad. rock bottom
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    tonight was the night. after 20 years - tonight was when i finally said - that's it on seasons. i have the rest of the season to go but i can't do this anymore. even if they had won this game tonight, it was the most boring slog i've ever seen. nobody wanted to be there. the sens. the devils. the fans - nobody. it was just not fun in any way. but of course they didn't win. they lost - just like they've been losing all year and pretty much for the last 5 years aside from 2 years ago. it sucks, but the team is rotten. taylor hall is as checked out as can be - between flying the zone - not back checking and waiting for a turnover at the blue line (which worked once in 5 tries and still he did nothing on the breakaway), and turning over the puck at every opportunity - he was just awful. there were no legs on anybody tonight. how do you only put 24 shots on an ottawa team that consistenly yields the most shots in the league. just gross - and so unbelievably upsetting. i wish i could just be numb to this but it still sucks to be so invested in this team when they don't give you anything to be excited for 6 weeks into the season.
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    “It was a lot closer than the score showed” - John Loser Hynes
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