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    Find someone who hugs you like that my friends.
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    Ah, Shero went for the Stempniak Don't love sending him to Boston to play with Marchand but on the other hand he's least likely to be hurt by Marchand playing there so
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    Devils receive a 3rd rounder pick in 2019 and Defenseman Connor Carrick. Not bad at all.
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    THis is really stupid. Keith got us into the playoffs last year with Taylor, and was a great guy by all accounts. Give 'em a break on a tough year. Best of luck to him
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    I can handle losing and I can handle the team being bad, but there's got to be a higher level than this. They can be getting beat all over the ice, that's expected of a team this bad, but the breakaways and 2 on 1s against are unacceptable.
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    Nolan Patrick had the spotlight today for like all of an hour before Nico took it back. What a savage. Just spends his entire life one-upping Nolan.
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    fvck the tank just for one night. Don't care they're just as crappy as us, its always nice to beat them. Time to nut up or shut up!
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    Screw the league for making the first meeting a meaningless game a few hours from FEBRUARY.
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    For the life of me, I can’t understand how someone thinks I’m articulate!
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    Nothing like apologizing only when the circumstance requires it
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    According to what I read, Johansson had the ability to block the trade, which he didn't do. If he doesn't care, why the fvck should we?
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    The draft pick we got is so far out that we basically traded KK for him:
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    Went to sleep at 4-1...not because they were losing yet again, but because I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. Can’t believe that they came back...and that Cory FINALLY got himself a win. Happy for him...must be awesome to finally get King Kong off his back. Nico through his first 54 games last season: 9 G, 22 A Through his first 54 games this year: 17 G, 25 A. And much of that accomplished without Hall in the lineup. Palms has obviously done his usual solid job of putting pucks home, but Nico’s really been kind of the quiet unsung hero this year. Love that he’s continued to develop, in spite of all that’s gone wrong.
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    Just posted my Midterm Rankings for this year's Draft. I talk about the top of the draft briefly which looks like it's going to be of interest to us. Also go over who's currently trending up and down for me, check it out if you'd like https://ridingpinehockey.com/2019/02/14/2019-nhl-draft-rankings-midterms/
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    Mirco sucks, there is no reason Yak shouldn't be playing over him.
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    I've really had enough of Blackwood's selfish bullsh!t. This is supposed to be a team game and he's all about "me." The entire D has been unified and committed to #loseforHughes and MB29 is trying to subvert the whole plan. Logo on the front buddy, not the name on the back.
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    Jesper Boqvist midseason Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snd6PWLxpHE&feature=youtu.be and an article on his season to date: https://www.eprinkside.com/2019/1/2/for-boqvist-the-older-slow-and-steady-wins-the-race-not-surprised-he-is-this-good Really think he will take a spot in the NHL next year. If not opening day roster, maybe after a few months of adjusting to ice size in the AHL.
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    I feel bad for Cory, he's a great guy, couldn't be nicer to the fans and seems like a great teammate. Even when he could he never threw his teammates under the bus in post game interviews. It's a shame he had this injury, the surgery recovery is clearly affecting him physically and we can only guess how much mentally now. I hope he can somehow, someway turn it around but it's really not looking good.
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    Someone tossed him his phone so he could block him, and it just sailed right through his five hole.
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    Keith Kinkaid has a full no movement clause and he’s taking it literally.
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    Very strange. Is your profile picture an image of a puck? If so that probably explains why he can't block you.
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    Dear Zach You were the chosen one! The savior! You said you'd never leave a Long Island.. errr Newark
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    You fvckers just lost to an AHL team short two forwards. Lol
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    Considering that it didn't seem so long ago that many thought MoJo wouldn't bring the Devils sh!t at the deadline...
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    What does that make Nolan Patrick’s season? Downright terrible? Patrick 51 GP 12 G 11 A 23 P -4 Hischier 54 GP 17 G 25 A 42 P +5 (best on team)
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    Some very strange things happen after yet another brutal loss...like the sudden urge to channel the Weird Al Yankovic that lies dormant within all of us, just waiting to be summoned from his slumber... Sung from Cory "Sad Sack" Schneider's point of view: There's a lot of black pucks in my net todaaaaaaaaaay It's the same ol' sh!t, just a diff'rent daaaaaaaaaaay Yet another goal scored as I flip and floooooooooop All the fans want to know, will my losing stoooooooooop I have stood here before, beside my stall post-game Everyone always wondering am I still in pain I guess I could be bawling like my pal Kinkaid But is it my destiny, to never win agaaaaaaaaaaaain? There's a lot of black pucks in my net todaaaaaaaaaay (Yep we lost again) It's the same ol' sh!t, just a diff'rent daaaaaaaaaaay (Yep we lost again) The coach and GM, they say they have no dooooooooooubts (Yep we lost again) But there's a stench in the air, it reeks of a buy-ooooooooooout (Yep we lost again) I have stood here before, beside my stall post-game Everyone always wondering am I still in pain I guess I could be bawling like my pal Kinkaid But is it my destiny, to never win agaaaaaaaaaaaain? The losses pile up, just how low can we go-ooooooooo (Yep we lost again) How exactly in hell, did we start four and ooooooooooooo (Yep we lost again) With the right Ping-Pong ball, we can get first piiiiiiiiiiiiiick! (Yep we lost again) It's a good way to build, except in Ed-mont-tooooooooooon (Yep we lost again) I have stood here before, beside my stall post-game Everyone always wondering am I still in pain I guess I could be bawling like my pal Kinkaid But is it my destiny, to never win agaaaaaaaaaaaain? There's the standings...just how far can these Devils fall? There's a bald man, hoping for the return of Taylor Hall There's the GM, don't know how he'll fill our many needs There's my teammates, choking up a two goal...LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD! LOSE AGAIN!!
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    If you knocked up your wife or girlfriend on the night Cory last won a regular season game, you’d have a five month old.
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    Disconnected. Nice. That's just stupid coach-speak, and doesn't even apply in this situation. You weren't disconnected. Call it what it was. You were outplayed, and not mentally prepared for that game. Your team keeled over. Almost from the beginning. Yesterday was a complete lack of effort and a desire to compete.
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    Remember how Hynes seemed to be going for real accountability early on (even if was a little too selective)? Where did that go? Maybe with the roster he's currently icing and the Devils' standing, he just figures it's kind of pointless now. But both he and his team seem to be doing the Dead Men Walkin' shuffle at the moment. And it's getting a little old to hear how swell Hynes is and how much his players love him, and yet the team doesn't seem to be trying all that hard, or comes apart way too easily once pressured.
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    Damn, a 2nd rounder is a pretty solid return. Thanks to Boyle for his service. One of the nicest guys in the league, his story is also incredible. Good continuation to him. He must be ecstatic about going to a contender.
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    Yeah this is just negativity for the sake of negativity. Blackwood has looked very solid. There’s enough legit reasons to be negative about the team right now without having to make up reasons.
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    Man i love Hallsy’s sense of humor
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    Curtis Gabriel with the game winning goal. Now there's a phrase I wasn't expecting to say. Solid effort all round & a good moral boosting win.
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    Yak is great. Hynes is an idiot.
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    Win-win in this Rags - Capitals game, super entertaining, physical affair gets tied by the Rags in the last 30 seconds so they get a useless point in the standings to pull further away from us and ultimately ends with Henrik face down on the ice after suffering another L, his iconic pose. and I killed three hours of work watching it.
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    Say what you want about Kinkaid, but the guy's a good teammate and he keeps up his positivity even when his own play isn't great and the team is getting wins and he isn't directly involved.
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    Here's something to cheer ya'll up (watch the slow mo at the end):
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    Picturing that scene in Caddyshack where Chevy Chase is trying to console Rodney and wraps up with “You’re...you’re not good.”
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    I didn't do it but I'd rather have the crowd be loud and having fun than sitting around treating the game like it's a funeral. Just don't understand why this stuff bothers people. Someone else complained about the fans singing during a previous game too.
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