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    I can't sit still!!! Seriously people step back and think about this, we went from hoping we had a top 5 pick to getting the number 1 overall. Don't dwell on Hughes/Kakko, rejoice in that we just got a major bump of talent in the pipeline!
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    Glad we didn’t lose the last game and wind up with LA’s pick.
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    Next game we’re starting Mr. Koslovsky and Ms. Sanchez from the Investors Bank commercial.
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    Normally, I'd put an off topic post in another sub, but I feel it is important enough to post here. As the holidays arrive, please, look out for one another, including your friends and family. This time of year is rough for some as they don't always feel included or just feel like they aren't valuable to anyone. I bring this up because about 24 hours ago, I found out a coworker whom I looked up to and went to often for advice took his life in his home, leaving behind a family. He tragically becomes the fourth person I know this year to take their own life. I had no clue. He was always funny, laughing, telling stories and never gave any indication that something was wrong. I'm writing this to remind everyone that there is always another answer. There is always someone out there who is 100% willing to talk, about anything, if you're feeling awful and like there is now help. I'm not looking for sympathy, I just HATE feeling like I'm a bystander, so if you're having problems or whatever, direct message me here, find me on twitter [its the same as my handle here] or any other way and I'll be there to help. Below are contact information for groups of people who are also willing to help and are just an anonymous phone call away. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 [This is also the recommended number for Veterans' Suicide Prevention] In Canada each province has their own, but here is a link to find the one you may live in http://thelifelinecanada.ca/help/call/ Please please please look out for one another, if anything, we all have the thread of being Devils' fans in common. Never know, that small bond could end up being the ice breaker that could save someones live. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any other holidays being celebrated this time of year! All the best & Let's go Devils, Jag
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    Nico Hischier had a fine second season. Honestly, it was even better than fine. 3 goals, 3 assists less than last season, playing for the most part without Taylor Hall. And oh yeah, 14 less games. Whatever bulking up he did was successful. Where last year he would be knocked off the puck along the boards and in the corners with relative ease, he did not have that issue this year. I have no complaints about Nico. Oh, and he destroyed Nolan Patrick’s stats again. Taylor Hall. What can you say other than this isn’t what most of us wanted to see following the MVP season. A previous knee surgery kept him out only 8 games. We can surmise, as such, that the current injury was more severe. As has been pointed out in other threads, July 1 is a long ways away. No clue what he will do, but if he won’t sign the extension, ship him out. Miles Wood was a huge disappointment to me. Had a great near-20 goal season last year, and I hoped he would continue developing after the holdout and new contract. But he missed some games, and his numbers weren’t incredibly divergent from last year. I’d like him not to constantly take penalties running the other team’s goalie, especially on breakaways. Blake Coleman cooled off, but was one of my favorite guys to watch this season. I like him a lot, he takes a few too many penalties, but he’s a solid guy and I’m glad he is here. Kyle Palmieri did Kyle Palmieri things. Scored a bunch of goals, but also had long streaks of doing nothing. Some guys are streaky, he did that again and still wound up pretty much as expected stat wise. Pavel Zacha. Don’t tell anyone I said anything good about him, but he looked good the last month or so after coming back from injury. I expect nothing from him, so a career high in goals in a career low number of games played is pretty good, I want to see him have an Adam Larsson moment when he suddenly proves he was still developing and then shows he can be a great NHL player. Our goaltending. What a weird season. First Schneider looked like he was going to have to retire because he forgot how to play. Then Kinkaid forgot how to play. Blackwood comes up, after being in the ECHL a season ago, and looks like he can play at the NHL level. But, that’s not even enough. Schneider comes back from what everyone thought was a fake injury just to send him to Binghamton, and comes back moving better, playing better, and looking like he can still compete for a starting job. I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m feeling ok about Schneider the veteran and Blackwood the young kid going into next year. I was one of the people who called for bringing up the AHL guys to see what we’ve got. I wasn’t elated with what I saw. Pretty much nobody took the opportunity to prove themselves. Our defense needs help. Andy Greene was better than expected, but he’s no longer a top 4 defenseman. Yakovlev needs to play. Severson and Butcher are ok. Vatanen is good when healthy. We have a lot of work to do. Best upgrade of the season: Erika replacing Deb. Worst upgrade attempt of the season: Cangi’s Harry Potter/Where’s Waldo glasses. Draft is next, let’s hope whoever is handling the balls is kind to us. Wait, what???
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    This is really not a fair take. For one, he had a ton of man-games lost to injury. For another, it's not always about adding-adding-adding...sometimes you need to take a step back and see what you've got in house, and evaluate (in this case, at BOTH levels)...changes will be made, and some guys have likely played their way out of the Devils' plans. These rebuilds are not always linear, and if anything, though it wasn't always easy to watch, this was a good year to not be very good, because the Lightning are friggin' beastly this year, the reigning SC Champs Caps just won the Metro again, and the Leafs and Pens are also very dangerous. I don't think ANY series of "Right Now" moves would've have closed the gap significantly enough...and suddenly swallowing up cap space with destined-to-be-lousy UFA deals that wouldn't have aged well would've sucked. And it looks like he did the right thing in being patient with both Cory (many of us wondered if he was done) and Blackwood (who last year seem like he was on the train to Bustville). He's done some good things since coming here, with limited resources and pieces to use in deals, and I think he'll do more.
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    We just had a little girl born on March 30th. One of each now. Just thought I’d add that in considering the last couple of posts. Also I’d like to point out the year my son was born, 4/10/17, we won the draft lottery and drafted Nico. Just saying my kids might bring us draft luck.
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    Mojo is still in the hospital this morning. If the Bruins want to be pissed about their damaged goods, they can look no further than the dirty piece of rat sh!t wearing number 63 for them.
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    Ah, Shero went for the Stempniak Don't love sending him to Boston to play with Marchand but on the other hand he's least likely to be hurt by Marchand playing there so
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    Devils receive a 3rd rounder pick in 2019 and Defenseman Connor Carrick. Not bad at all.
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    THis is really stupid. Keith got us into the playoffs last year with Taylor, and was a great guy by all accounts. Give 'em a break on a tough year. Best of luck to him
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    Glad to be of service. This thread has been a lot of fun - let's never do it again.
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    Nice thread mfitz. As far as the AHL "prospects" go, I can't get too upset about them not showing a whole lot, because none of the ones up here had Top-6 potential, and I'd say most of them never figured into the Devils' plans for 2018-19, barring total catastrophe/vets being traded at the deadline of course...which was EXACTLY what we saw. The kids were just about all being asked to do too much at this point in their careers (and some of them will be complete NHL-fringers at best). The AHL these days feels more like a place to develop lesser NHLers, with most of the genuine blue-chippers spending very little time there, if not bypassing it altogether. At least Blackwood, in the space of a single season, set himself up to be a big part of the Devils' future in the years to come. Just REALLY hope he doesn't regress, because the Devils need him now. There are many who say the Devils can afford to spend big on a bad contract (because quite simply they CAN, with all of the cap space that they have), and I agree. That bad contract will be Taylor Hall's. I'm not saying that Shero shouldn't do it, and I'm not knocking Hall one bit. If he re-signs with minimal fuss, we'll all be thrilled. But be ready for your fair share of 60-65 games per season (sometimes less), some starts and stops as he's in and out of the lineup, and a lot of finger-crossing as you hope that THIS will be the year where he manages to get through a full season relatively unscathed. Like I said, I take the risk. Just don't be all that surprised if, purely from a health standpoint, Hall's career takes a similar path to Mike Cammalleri's. Some guys just have that penchant for getting banged up and missing games, and unfortunately I think Hall is one of them. For me, as far as "final thoughts" go, it's actually a little less about what happened on the ice, and more about memories made off it. When I was a young kid in the late 70s-early 80s, my dad used to get partial season tickets to the New York Cosmos in the North American Soccer League (NASL)...my brother played soccer all the way through college, and my dad coached most of his teams from his very first practice, so soccer was beyond huge in our family. That was my first experience with "family bonding through sports" as a kid, though I can't say I'm a major soccer enthusiast. But at that age, you're always happy to be going almost ANYWHERE, as it just feels cool to be going. Most know my general Devils history here, but I've been driving myself to Devils games since the 1987-88 season, when I got my driver's license before that season began. Though my parents took me and my bro to our first Devils game in 1983, for some reason they never showed much interest in going again...I guess it just didn't "take" for them the way it did for me. I'd ask my dad to come with me sometimes, but he simply didn't really want to during those earlier years of my increasingly-rabid fandom. So though I definitely formed bonds through the years, it was with friends and strangers...never with family. Through my later-to-be-wife, in 2002 I made a friend who had season tix at CAA (near one of the Upper Deck corners, pretty high up), and he basically gave me dibs on his other ticket whenever I wanted to go. Don't know how many of you know of Crazy Jamie, but she was one section over, to our left...she was a late teen when I first met her, but is now married (to a friggin' Ranger fan of all ironies) with a couple of kids. One thing that I always thought was cool was about 90% of the time, she attended the games with her father...season after season after season. That always left an impression on me, in a "Man, if I ever have a kid, how awesome would that be? Spending time together taking in a big-time shared passion like that" kind of way. Fast-forward to late 2007, and I get the news from my now-three-years-married wife that she's preggers. Of course, I was nervous. And scared. And thrilled. But nervous. But scared. But elated. And scared. But excited. Not long after I got even better news...though I would've been happy no matter what, my wife was having what I had hoped for: a girl. Everytime I went to a game that 2007-2008 season, I'd see dads with their little girls, sometimes teenaged girls, sometimes older, and wonder what my girl would be like. Would she even WANT to go to games with Daddy? I knew I would enjoy her regardless of what interests she would eventually take to, but I couldn't help but look around and simply think "Someday..." After a relatively slow build over the last 4-5 years, "Someday" truly came this season. We must have gone to close to 20 games this year. Sure, the team often was disappointing and not terribly good (when they weren't just terrible, period, though at least at home they were closer to respectable). But my kid almost fully knows what's going on now, following the action, knowing a legit penalty from a bullsh!t one, knowing which players do what...and all I have to do is say "Hey Nat, wanna go to a Devils game on [insert date]?" or "Hey Nat, wanna go downstairs and watch the Devs?", and the reply is always a hearty "Yeah!" or "OK!" This was the first year I had carte blanche to take her to ANY games that I wanted to (weeknight, weekend, matinee), and I took 100% full advantage. Though we had fun in the past, it's amazing what a difference a year can make with a young kid. No more having to leave in the late 2nd or so because she's too tired to keep watching. No more worrying about if she's going to be a zombie the next day because she didn't get to bed early enough. She punched through that wall completely and effectively, and because of that, we get to pick up next season right where we left off this season. So my final thoughts are mostly how special this 2018-19 Devils team will always be to me, even if the on-ice product was very far from that. Remembering how my daughter lit up so fully after Sami Vatanen gave her a practice puck, in that beautifully innocent simple way that only a kid can. Reminiscing about how awesomely cool she thought it was to get to shake Kyle Palmieri's hands and actually meet him (not like dad didn't think that was equally awesomely cool, heh heh). All of the goals and the assists and wins and losses and the good plays and the bad that we celebrated and maligned together. But I guess mostly I remain amazed how generation after generation bonds so deeply over these adults-playing-kids-games where we have minimal (if any) impact on the outcome, and we can't ever seem to get enough of them. My daughter had finally tapped out after the second period of last night's game, having enough of a season where the Devils had long been rendered an irrelevant also ran, and asked if she could crash after a long day...I told her sure, no problem. Before she went upstairs, she asked "Padre (her pet name for me), can we go to a lot of games next year too?" You betcha, kid. You bet.
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    I'm sorry, but the bolded is such crap...I swear some fans would rather Shero make bad or questionable moves for the sake of doing so. Shero has told us time and time again how he plans to build his team, and it's preferably to assemble a group that can be a legit contender for several years. Not a team put together with older overpriced UFAs, that maybe can make the playoffs and win a round, but clearly won't be able to compete with the legitimate top teams (like the Lightning, etc)...and will soon be saddled with bad contracts. He inherited so little, both at the NHL and AHL levels...he's been able to get some things done in spite of that, but he's had to try to rebuild both the big team AND the farm from damned near scratch. I loved last year's run to the playoffs, it was an absolute blast for all of us (and the players I'm sure, especially for guys like Hall), but at the same time, I think there's a small part of Shero that hated it, because it quickly raised expectations, and forced him to temporarily abandon his plan (though I give him credit for trying to support his players with those deadline deals). I readily admit that I thought the Devils could make the playoffs again this season, but we've now seen how much the organization still needs more depth and talent before it's truly ready to consistently contend. But anyway, the point is the Devils weren't really at the point where overpaying a "final piece" or questionable UFA made any sense. I think Shero would've jumped all over Tavares and/or Carlson if they were interested in coming here, but obviously in both cases neither scenario was ever a possibility. Shero also hasn't yet built up enough of a legit prospect base in the minors to make a big deal for an established star...we're seeing how a lot of the Devils' AHLers are faring at the NHL level, and that's clearly not really where their future lies...not with NHL stiffs like Q, Lappin, etc. The guys we're truly hoping will make a difference (like Smith and Boqvist) aren't even here yet. The fact is, Shero needs time. As much as I hate watching the Devils suck and close out this season the way that they are, I don't want him propping up this group with a couple of overpriced signings so they can be a middling playoff team with no chance of really going deep. I say start with re-signing Hall, and then see what can be done (via a trade or two) with the gaggle of picks he's stocked up on. And as for the thread bump...yeah, was a glorious time for sure. And I definitely look back on that time very fondly. I just don't ever want to get trapped celebrating past victories over and over again...I'll save that for the Rangers and their fans.
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    It's been a long season! Thanks for tuning in!
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    Nothing like apologizing only when the circumstance requires it
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    According to what I read, Johansson had the ability to block the trade, which he didn't do. If he doesn't care, why the fvck should we?
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    The draft pick we got is so far out that we basically traded KK for him:
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    Well that seals it. Every NHLer dreams of playing where their dad coached roller hockey for two years.
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    Kakko just to watch Dano struggle with his name.
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    This is a "Behind the Scenes" look at the 2017 lottery process (good juju - Nico draft), if anyone's interested. It is, of course, an "old" article. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/behind-scenes-2017-nhl-draft-lottery-gary-bettman/ Fourteen balls, numbered 1 to 14, are stored in a locked briefcase before being placed in the lottery machine one at a time. The machine randomly selects four balls. The resulting four-number series is then matched against a chart that shows all possible combinations and the teams to which each is assigned. All number combinations are assigned to teams at random by Bortz & Company. The entire process is filmed for legal purposes. Bettman reads out the first four numbers one by one. One. Five. Six. Eleven. The gentlemen to Bettman’s right find the corresponding number combo and say, “Devils,” indicating New Jersey will hold the first pick on June 23 at the Chicago’s United Center. There was no cheering from the Devils representative, nor was there any cursing from anyone disappointed in not getting that top pick–at least not out loud anyways. Bettman glances up at the biggest TV screen, which has a list of the teams and their odds of winning, and lets out a subtle “wow” as he reacts to the Devils’ 8.5 per cent chance of winning. He then adds a simple “okay” before the balls were placed back in the machine and they move on the second selection.
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    Oh well... i was already planning on laughing my ass off when all their top players walk this summer due to their horrible management and decision making but now im going to have an extra chuckle
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    Hedman spearing Nico in the balls was what bothered me the most. Totally bush league for one of the best defenseman in the league to do that to a rookie. And fvck his fake apology.
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    I don't even like Keith but that's super bush league coming from an organization that has never even won a playoff round. Like @Colorado Rockies 1976 said, not like Keith is even complaining about not playing and he's always been a good teammate in that regard. I hope they miss the playoffs.
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    Why is it so hard to understand that I can cheer for my time when they’re playing and be happy when they lose? My rooting interests don’t change the outcomes. If they did, we’d have a lot more Stanley Cups by now and there’s an 80% chance I’d have Taylor Hall on my lap right now. I spend the season watching the games the same way: from puck drop until final horn I hope we win. After the game; if we lose I’m either sad because we needed to win or happy because it helped that we lost. Why do some people care so fvcking much how others react? SD; you’re the only one instigating. Like always. Don’t say stupid stuff, act like the aggressor, and then blow a fvcking gasket because you got called out.
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    Doing this on a phone sucks, but I'm committed. 26: ANA, BUF -5 28: DET -8 29: NJD -11 30: LAK -12 Ottawa is out of reach here.
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    Anyway, enough of that, the RACE TO THE BOTTOM continues with a new contender. 27: BUF -5 28: NJD -10 29: DET -10 30: LAK -12 31: OTT -16 EDIT: Buffalo has 2 games remaining with Detroit. Let's hope for some 3 point games in those contests. Still, that is huge that someone has to win those games.
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    The Tkachuk brothers also have very punchable faces.
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    I watched this zero goal game and have nothing to say. Only typing to help get this thread to 2 pages...April 9 please
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    Ahh the glory days...
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    I updated the forums tonight. There are a ton of backend improvements for browsing speed and mobile usability. The emoticons were changed to reflect modern styles using Twitters icon set. The "Gif" button runs from GIPHY which many of you may be familiar with from Facebook/Twitter MEME wars. Just click the "GIF" button top right to browse/use. The notification pop ups got overhauled and seem to be more fluid now. There is more but I got tired of typing. Let me know if you see any bugs. Thanks!
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    Dear Zach You were the chosen one! The savior! You said you'd never leave a Long Island.. errr Newark
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    You fvckers just lost to an AHL team short two forwards. Lol
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    Hudson River rivalry will never be the same. This adds a completely new dynamic to it with Hughes vs Kakko in the forefront
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    man we have a fvcking horseshoe up our ass. we won the fvcking lottery 3 times in less than a decade
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    It’s official https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/devils-agree-to-terms-with-jeremy-davies/c-306394294
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    Here's the actual numbers, in case you're interested. This is from Todd Cordell who knows his sh!t: This game is extremely important to both sides as it's entirely possible – perhaps even likely – the winner finishes 28th while the loser finishes 29th. The difference in such is larger than you'd think. The team that slots 29th has a 33.9% of picking in the top-3 and an 84.8% of chance of picking in the top-5. The team that slots 28th has a 28.8% of winning a top-3 pick and just a 57.7% chance of picking in the top-5. The gap in chance of a top-3 pick isn't large, however, the difference in winning a top-5 pick is 27.1%. That's no small gap. From this article: https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=98608
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    Not sure if anyone here was aware of this (or attended), but Palms had a meet and greet down in Freehold today (place is called iPlayAmerica)...I took my daughter. There was a "Super VIP" package where you get to chat with him for a few in a lounge-type area (I'd say there were 50 or so fans who paid the higher premium for this, including us...some finger foods were served and beer and wine was available). As I'd never ever been to a player meet and greet before, I didn't really know what to expect. Lounge itself was OK, nothing special...two big screen TVs had a continuous loop going of a number of Palms' goals as a Devil. Also played a tutorial clip that I've seen on MSG previously, showing him with Sal shooting at a net with a wireframe "goalie". Was cool meeting Palms...it's funny, for some reason I seem to forget that I'm over 6' and currently 215 lbs (lost a lot of body fat this past year due to strenuous exercise) in some settings...whenever I see a pro athlete out and about (or celebs in general I guess), for some reason I assume that he's going to be bigger and taller, even if logically that makes no sense. He's listed at 5' 11", but man that seems kind of generous, based on what I saw...I'd guess 5' 9.5" or 5' 10" absolute tops. He's about as lean as they come too...I'm guessing his body fat can't be much higher than 7 or 8%. His weight is listed at 185 from I've seen, and that seems about right, but I could see him being 180 or even slightly less. When he was announced, you could see that he was kind of in "Wow, fans come to meet me because I play hockey" mode, but in a truly good way...you could tell he was genuinely flattered by it all. He comes off as a completely ordinary, down-to-earth, pretty easygoing and mellow dude (he wore a snug white hoodie and jeans, which added to the "regular joe" vibe)...he seems like the type who's probably a little nervous being the center of attention in a crowd full of strangers who are all there to meet HIM, but is able to quickly get past that and start chatting amiably as people begin to approach him. Of course, a "meet-and-greet" is exactly that...a quick "nice to meet you", maybe a minute or so of conversation, a photo, and then onto the next...everyone knew that and accepted it, so no one seemed to be disappointed or expecting too much, which was nice. I had on his black game-worn All-Star jersey...when I told him that it was the actual one he wore, he got a kick out of that. Asked him if he ever thought he could one day put up the kinds of numbers here that he has, considering that he never got that kind of shot with the Ducks, and he said he definitely did, just knew he had to be a little patient when it came to getting a real opportunity, as there were simply guys ahead of him in Anaheim. He was thrilled to become a Devil because he knew he would get that chance, and also because NJ is home to him and he loves it here. I also asked him if he knew much about John MacLean (Palms was too young to remember him during his prime years here) and he actually did know a bit about him...I told him that he reminds me of JMac, in the best way possible, and I could tell he enjoyed and appreciated the comparison...told him that I hoped he'd still be a Devil after his current contract, and that I wished him luck possibly getting to 30 goals again this season and better times for the Devils next year. I overheard some of his other conversations with other fans, and for whatever it's worth, he does genuinely seem to like playing for the Devils, in spite of all of the lean years. Was really accommodating, and all in all, was a cool event. My daughter had a blast...already asking me if we can go to another meet-and-greet sometime, heh heh. On a side note, Connor Carrick was supposed to be there too, but I don't know if he ever showed. There was a second, non-VIP M&G with Palms (very quick hello, autographed Palms photo, quick photo with Palms), so maybe Carrick was only there for that. But I didn't see him anywhere.
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    The team just sent out emails to all the season ticket holders that renewed that if there are any more injuries in Friday and Saturday's games that we'll all get to try out next week for the team. Wish me luck guys!
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    Curtis Gabriel with the game winning goal. Now there's a phrase I wasn't expecting to say. Solid effort all round & a good moral boosting win.
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    Yak is great. Hynes is an idiot.
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    If it’s unintentional, it’s adorable. If it’s intentional, is endearing.
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