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    Went to bed hoping for good news in the morning. And i fvcking got it. ....My wife beat her medical scare and will be coming home from the hospital for the first time since October 7th of last year.
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    I will be there with my dad tonight. First time I have gone to a game with him in about 4-5 years.
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    As we approach the holiday season with Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza next week, I am doing my annual bump of this thread in memory of my friend(s) and to help those still battling their own way. Each year, I advocate those around me to reach out if they need anything, literally any time, but a few weeks ago, I realized I was doing so without providing much credibility of myself. So here;'s a bit of my backstory WARNING: Emotional post ahead. In 2016, about two months before I had made the original post, I was diagnosed with the early stages of PTSD. It was a freaking nightmare to be in the middle of a store and have to stop walking because I felt overwhelmed. My wife and I were walking down an aisle, looking at cereal, and I froze dead in my tracks, gripped the cart white knuckle tight and struggled to breathe. After what felt like an eternity, I was able to tell her I need to leave and we eventually left the store. A few days or weeks went by and we were watching Stranger Things and during the scene where they pull fake Will from the quarry, it played the same song from the end of 'Lone Survivor' (blacked out for any possible spoilers, three full years later, lol) and again I lost my mind, uncontrollably sobbing. I couldn't even get the words out to my wife, other than saying "I need help." The next day, I went right in to mental health on base, terrified anyone would find out or I'd see someone I'd recognize, but I knew I had to go, I couldn't live like that anymore. Add to it multiple suicides of close friends after I had started treatment, and let me tell you that I was beyond thrilled I had someone to confide in and be able to, for lack of a better term, dump my problems on. Now, the point of that anecdote isn't to garner sympathy, its to show how it is possible for anyone to recover. I went from being a person who lived in a world of fear that the slightest thing would trigger an attack to, in just a few months, I was able to at least control when those things happen. I WANT TO HELP. Literally anyone, if you need someone to blow off steam to, for fvck's sake message me on here and I'll give you my number and we can chat or even talk on the phone. I've been shot at on the ground, shot at in the sky and held my friends so damn tight when they've landed cause it was an absolute miracle they survived getting shot at. I've held one of my friends who's been overseas with me each time I've gone when he was drunkenly broke down over everything he's been through and me just telling him "i get it" was enough to look at me with that confused look as if to say "really?" and I just nodded back then we shared stories sitting in the parking lot of a hotel. We all have our baggage (from military, first responders, to every day people, we're all the same), hell this team can drive us to the emotional point of exhaustion from stress, it is absolutely not a sign of weakness to reach out to people to talk about it, or even just to ask for help. Lastly, as I wrap this marathon post up and sip a beer following another tough loss, a group I've reached out to work with is the Mental Health League (https://mentalhealthleague.com/). Its just starting up, and a few of their "teams" are just starting up, but the idea is to win more days than you lose, treating recovery like a fantasy sports league. I've volunteered to be the Point of Contact for their PTSD team once enough people to sign up for it, but told them I'm absolutely willing and able to help anyone that needs an ear. In closing, you can see the previous posts and know how much mental health means to me. I wish all of you nothing but the best this holiday season. Hope you and your families have a happy and safe (insert your specific celebratory holiday here), and maybe we all can share a beer sometime together. Merry Christmas & let's go Devils. -Jag
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    This will be my first game in person this year. Taking my Dad for his 70th. LGD!
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    Remember that week long rant by Daniel? Oh man that aged like a fine 2% milk.
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    That's a stupid title, and this is a stupid thread. When did Shero say we're "out of" our rebuild? Our top organizational defensive prospect isn't ready yet, our top two centers aren't old enough to buy a beer at the Prudential Center. There's a core here that can be a very solid hockey team without a tear-down "rebuild-part-two." The devils need Jack Hughes to become a star and Nico Hischier to become a quality cornerstone player. They need Ty Smith to work out, and they need to nail it with their draft this year. Most importantly, they need to find a solid return from Hall and a coach who can put it all together. We're not entering another rebuild. We'll soon be coming out of one that wasn't quite over yet.
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    Won’t be tuning in, but I have a good reason. Tonight is my wife and my third anniversary. Our third year of marriage was a disaster; after visiting her brother in the ICU for two weeks stemming from a terrible drunk driving accident (he was not the drunk one), she contracted a nasty disease from the hospital. Three attempts at surgery were unsuccessful, so she was moved to a specialist. she’s spent the better part of this entire year in a hospital room or an operating room. 19 surgeries in total. It bankrupt her, it took our nest egg that we were ready to turn into a house and used it on medical bills and in-home nurse care. It was agony for her, agony for us. she’s been free and healthy for just a few weeks now. She will always have challenges: childbirth isn’t in the cards for us, any more. But she is home. And tonight we get to celebrate with a gallon sized bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner. its very private for her, around here. She doesn’t want her friends to know what she’s been through. But while she’s finishing putting on her makeup before dinner I wanted to tell someone. Anyone. so I told this weirdly lovable group of absolute pricks that have played a big part in my life for the past decade. Hug the people you love tonight extra hard.
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    Bahl is obviously the most intriguing of the three prospects coming back. 6'6", 230 lb left shot defenseman that's going to be playing with Ty Smith on Team Canada at the World Juniors in a couple weeks, and this year I think he's taken a significant step in his two-way game. Primarily, he's still a physical shutdown defenseman and I think he likely projects as a #4 defenseman who can play on our top PK unit at his ceiling, but he also has some decent mobility and hands for a player his size. Tonight, I was already planning on watching a 67's game in preparation for an article on Marco Rossi I'm working on, and Bahl made this excellent play for a goal in the game I was watching. It's a good illustration of some of the upside he can have beyond just being your prototypical hulking defenseman, which is encouraging. Not a high-end guy, but enough there to feel good about. Nate Schnarr is an interesting pick up. 6'3" center who was a top player for the Storm last year (34G, 102PTS in 65GP) but has taken some time to adjust in the AHL, which should be expected for a 20 year old coming out of junior. I'm not sure he's more than a 3rd line center at his ceiling, but there's enough there to think he could maybe have a place on a PP2 in the future if he pans out right. Merkley is someone I liked quite a bit in 2015 (was actually who I wanted the Devils to grab in 2015 in the 2nd round before the Yotes grabbed him at the end of Round 1), but he's taken some time now to find his footing at the AHL and has regressed a little since his rookie AHL season. I think there's still something there to the point where we should give him a chance to stick in our middle six for the rest of the season. Once upon a time, he projected nicely as a potential top six forward, so hopefully a change of scenery and a bigger opportunity with the Devils helps him realize some of that upside. EDIT: More than anything, we shouldn't be looking at Kevin Bahl as the centerpiece of this trade - he's not. The centerpiece was getting that 2020 1st Round pick; I've been beating the drum that this is the best draft since either 2015 or 2003, and if this pick ends up in the middle of the 1st round or earlier, we're going to walk away with two foundational pieces to build around. A lot of people were clamoring for Soderstrom from the Coyotes, but I feel fairly confident in saying that whoever we get with this 1st Round pick is going to be better than Soderstrom. If for arguments sake we end up with Lucas Raymond and Jeremie Poirier with our two 1st Rounders this year, I think people are going to look at our long term outlook with much, much more optimism than what is being thrown around right now, those would be two massive additions for our club.
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    You're right. I take back my post. Only a moron would say something that stupid.
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    Hopefully we don’t meet buffalo in the playoffs. They seem to have our number this year.
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    Yea, he looks just like Miles fvcking Wood. When the team is bad some of you guys go off the deep end and say the dumbest sh!t.
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    Never made a Game Day Thread before. Maybe some minor change in my life will result in some major change elsewhere in the universe. Namely, on the ice surface in Newark tonight. Three games have been discouraging, but let't not lose hope y'all. We're one outstanding performance on home ice from remembering why this team excited us so much all summer. LGD!
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    Huge news for us: little guy just got home. COVID negative. still no results on the viral but either way. They’re home and off quarantine. All the thoughts, prayers and good vibes to @MB3, @mfitz804 and anyone else that knows someone battling.
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    So no Ottawa players are scoring tonight you are saying?
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    Jack now has a family to support. Way to go Cory.
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    "No no no I didn't say that stuff. That was another Fitz."
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    Stop it, please. I can't be sporting this erection during working hours.
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    Watched most of this one with my dad last night...sadly he is back in NJ for a few days, as he is about to be given a treatment plan for a second battle with prostate cancer. He was blown away by Mac...kept saying “Damn, this guy is stopping everything!” He is extremely stressed, and it was nice to see the Devils give him a little break from that. As for the game itself...I’m sure the Flyers had to be thinking “How the hell did we lose by FIVE GOALS?! How did we not even find the back of the net once?” Devils at one point in the third period were 3-for-3. Puck luck definitely went their way, and their usual defensive deficiencies were often on display, but between Mac gobbling up everything and guys like Zacha and Wood having some nice moments, it was still a fun watch. Happy for them.
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    Tis the Devil's Season We lost Hall for next to nothing Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) Ray seems sure, but I think he’s bluffing Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) But PK’s in gay apparel Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) Its another year from hell Fa la la la la, la la la la Fala la la la, la la la la la la Fa la la la la, fa la la la Fa la la la la, la la la la la la Fa la la la la, fa la la la Jacks still stuck in Cory’s basement Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) Zacha with “almost” perfect placement. (Fa la la la la, la la la, fa la la la la, la la la) Palms has fallen on his arse Fa la la la la, la la la la, fa la la la la, la la la la Somehow we are not dead last (Fa la la la la, la la la la) Fa la la la la, la la la la la la Fa la la la la, fa la la la Fa la la la la, la la la la la la Fa la la la la, fa la la la Nico signed but he’s going backwards Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) The only one who’s not is Blackwood (Fa la la, la la la, la la la, la la la, fa la la, la la la, la la la la) Oh and also maybe Coleman Hynes has gone so that’s something Fa la la la la, la la la la (hey) Fa la la la la, la la la la la la (oh) Fa la la la la, fa la la la (oh) Oh oh fa la la la la, la la la la la la Fa la la la la, fa la la la We lost Hall for next to nothing Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) Ray seems sure, but I think he’s bluffing Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) But PK’s in gay apparel Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la) Its another year from hell Fa la la la la, la la la la Fa la la la la, la la la la Fa la la la la, la la la la La la la la, la la la la
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    After reflecting on the last few games with Nas in charge it has become clear that a new head coach needs to be found as soon as possible. Whilst it may be easier to get someone in the off-season I really don't feel the devil's can actually waste the rest of this season and see what happens. There are 52 games left, 52!!!!!!!! That is a sh!t load of hockey for our young guys to get through and for them to develop they need to start being coached well! If you stick with your current hand for the remainder of the season you are wasting months of development for players like Jack Hughes. If you wait till the summer you have all that uncertainty and expectation and you could end up in exactly the same situation in November again. I really don't care if the guy they bring in at this stage is another interim, but they need to get someone who can actually teach these guys some fvcking basics.
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    To those like me who actually schlepped to the Rock to see that absolute abortion of a hockey game...suffice it to say that I'm every bit as pissed, frustrated, annoyed, you name it, as all of you. Goddamn...I can't stand this fvcking team right now. I know this rarely happens in the Real World, but in my Fantasy World, Ray meets Hynes and his merry band of complete fvcking idiots and fires them all on the spot. Before another worthless Hynes postgame presser. I've been extremely patient with Ray and that's partly because I know that the GM timetable doesn't usually correlate to the fan timetable, but after today Ray, what the hell else do you need to see? Even if turns out that the roster is flawed or not quite as good as we'd hoped, you can't possibly make a case for Hynes & Co to still be here. Those guys are bringing NOTHING to the table at this point. NOTHING. Patience is one thing...being passive to the point of what's starting to feel like indifference is something else. OK, you did something about Cory, and that was a start for sure. But this coach has had enough time (and now, some talent) to at least ice a team that doesn't look like such a discombobulated hot mess more often than not. I'm far from ready to go full Daniel on you, but goddammit man, show me SOMETHING. Show that you at least realize that Hynes is not your long-term answer here. Or short-term. Or ANY term. Get him the fvck outta here, NOW.
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    ya know the more I think about it the less I think an NJDevs meetup would be fun.
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    I would say it causes offense to people who are looking for things to offend them. I'm fine if the Devils PR people have a chat with Jack and tell him that it's best for everyone involved not to give those people fodder and to just have a good time more discretely in the future. The thing he should absolutely not do though s issue an apology or something like that. One because he has nothing to apologize for. But also because it never satisfies the people who claim to be offended because what they really seek is to have others bend the knee before them, which is what PC is really all about.
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    so Taylor... did we show enough commitment yet?
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    Don't forget about SalvaGretzky. I go down the YouTube memory lane of that run every so often. A great time to be a Devils fan and a great time on this board. It was such a special run because no one really expected anything from the Devils going into those playoffs. The team hadn't really clicked yet and they were coming off a year in which they missed the playoffs for the first time in over a decade - a special year in itself for the way the team went from horrendous under J-Mac to magical under Lemaire. All the way through the Panthers series the Devils still didn't look like a contender. We almost didn't get past that round and when Henrique scored that goal it was like, "holy sh!t did that just happen?" Then it was nerve-racking going into the Flyers series- they absolutely manhandled us in the 2009-10 playoffs, #17's first playoff series, in a year we expected to do big things. It felt like we were going to be in for a tough series, as the Devils were a team that was lucky to get out of round 1. I was scared to watch game 1 because I thought it would look like that 09-10 series when Mark Fraser was a mainstay on our defense. But, to my surprise, we came out looking much more even with the Flyers than two years before. Still, we lost game 1 and it felt like we were going down a similar path. Then I sat down for game 2 and it was like, "holy crap what just happened?" Everything started to click and we just absolutely dominated the Flyers in their building. And the rise of the Devils was in full swing after game 3 with the Poni goal. I'll never forget that one. The Devils were pressuring the Flyers in the offensive zone and they had us pretty locked down, but all of a sudden (credit the coaches here) out of nowhere #17 appeared at the top of the zone circling like a shark - he had been stealthily deployed onto the ice with a really timely change - and he picked up the puck and the Flyers didn't know what to do, they went completely limp, they seemed confused and scared - they didn't see #17 coming - he skated around 75% of the ice surface with the puck before throwing it back down to Poni for the goal. That was the moment I knew the Devils were going to win that series and I knew they'd win 4-1. The Flyers were broken in that moment. It should be noted that it helped a bit that Ilya Bryzgalov was terrible that series: Even as high as we were riding though, it wasn't fun to know we were playing the Rangers next. Winning didn't just mean the Devils advancing, it meant stopping the Tortarella-led Rangers from getting to the Cup final. The good news for us is that Marty was looking like young Marty again just in time to run into Lundqvist who seemed damn near unbeatable at that point in his career. Lundqvist had a .930 save percentage that season and ended up winning the Vezina. Still, Marty came to play: As far as the memories from that series goes, Game 6 was great but game 5 stands out to me as well. The series was tied 2-2 and it felt like whoever took that game might take the series. But the nerves quickly dissipated when we went up 3-0 early. The Devils were just killing it. And even though we had given up so many leads that season, as MB3 mentioned, it felt like a 3-goal lead would do it. And then the Rangers came back and tied it and it felt like, "Yup, I've seen this before...we get a lead, then we lose it and never score again for the rest of the game." When Ryan Carter scored to make it 4-3, it felt like that curse was broken. It was especially weird because the live camera didn't even capture the puck going into the net, it was like the camera didn't believe we could score again either. The fourth line was amazing those playoffs. We got a hint something special was a-brew when Stephen Gionta scored in that final game of the season. No one thought he'd ever make anything of himself as an NHLer. And here he was, first game of the season for Stephen, the Vincent Benedict to Brian Gionta's Julius Benedict, scoring the game winning goal against the Ottawa Senators. And the fourth line never stopped scoring - every time you thought they would finally come back down to Earth, they just kept coming up with big goals. Two moments in game 6 stand out in my memory. The first, was #17's powerplay goal. Over the previous two years the Devils had struggled so much with the powerplay. The year prior they finished 28th in the league in the man-advantage. In 2011-12 it improved to 14th, and while it still wasn't always so consistent or organized, it was really getting there. Then the Devils just started to click in those 2011-12 playoffs. And the "clicking" culminated when they scored that flawless powerplay goal, with every player on the ice for the Devils touching the puck in a cycle of passes that left the Rangers bewildered and the puck in their net. It was...in shorthand...perfection. I think it was Pierre McGuire who remarked that when they scored, Adam Oates and Pete DeBoer looked at each other like, "Ho-ly shiiitt." After all the struggles with the PP, it was mastered in that moment. And then of course, there was "They SCORE!!! Henrique...it's OVER!" So fitting that it was Doc who got to announce that. Sure, he was the national guy now, he wasn't the Devils announcer, but you could hear it in his voice, he was happy. "It's OVER" were just the perfect words as with that goal so many years of frustration evaporated, not just the years upon years of Rangers fan bullsh!t, but just everything - from Matteau's goal, to years of Rangers fans gloating about Lundqvist, to the loss to the Rangers in the '08 playoffs, to the loss to the Canes in the '09 playoffs, to the disappointing 2010-11 season. All was better now because the rookie, the son of tobacco farmers from Brantford, Ontario (as Doc so eloquently put it during the postgame celebration), was a motherfvcking finisher. Doc had a lot of great lines during that postgame, I especially liked when he described Marty and Henrik on the handshake line as, "The men with the masks up like welders' helmets..." But the best thing Doc did, was right after the goal, when he just shut the fvck up and took a back seat to the Devils' celebration. Doc was always great like that - always knew when not to make it about himself. I was at that game, but I've appreciated his work in my countless times watching the replays over and over again. As a side plot, that series felt like a final hurrah for Doc and the Devils But I digress, it didn't feel real that the Devils were going back to the Cup final - it had been so long - by Devils standards - that we had been to the final. The Devils weren't a favorite going in and I don't know if any of you remember but almost every hockey pundit and fan predicted the Devils to lose every series. I saved a bunch of those predictions: There was just so much vomitous stuff from the media during those playoffs: Anyway, I go back to what Chico, the over-the-top ham that he is, said after Stephen Gionta scored that GWG in the final game of the regular season, "It doesn't matter about size, if you've got heart and if you've got a will and a desire to drive the net, you're gonna get some of these." The Devils had plenty of heart and desire throughout the season though - it only got them so far. The thing is, the Devils were not just some ragtag squad of scrubs squeaking through the playoffs on belief alone - they were much better than even they knew they were and they had to believe that. When they began to buy-in to what DeBoer and his staff were preaching, opponents didn't know what hit them. The Devils peaked at just the right time. And that's where this post ends, the Kings series doesn't much exist in my mind - it's not important - that was such a special run, culminating in victory over our greatest enemy. There was nothing like seeing the defeated, kneeling Rangers slumped over the ice in disbelief as the Devils piled on top of each other. That moment was a picture of dishonered samurai, defeated in battle, kneeling to commit seppuku, ritual suicide via disembowelment by sword (or hockey stick), as the greater warriors reveled in glory. No matter where Adam Henrique goes in the NHL, when he comes to NJ, his beers are paid for. We can't be stuck in the past though, so if you've read through this whole post I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me but I leave you with this:
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    I figured it would be good to have a place where we can update on a regular basis how the Draft picks the Devil's received are shaping up. First let's set out the picks and conditions (if any): Arizona's 1st round pick for hall Conditions: Lottery protected, if Arizona wins the lottery and moves into any of the first 3 spots the pick moves to 2021 Current pick : 11th The ideal situation for this pick is that Arizona slides right down the order , fails to win the draft and we get another top 10 pick. They are still very much in the playoff race so I would say this is looking to be a pick between 10 and 16. Arizona's 3rd round pick 2021 Conditions: If Arizona manages to win a playoff round OR Taylor Hall Re-signs then it becomes as 2nd 2021 , if both happen it becomes a 1st 2021. Currently : 3rd round pick Honestly I hope that this actually stays a 3rd. I would rather have the 1st round pick this year in a very deep draft be as high as possible. Time will tell on this one. Tampa Bay's 1st for Coleman Conditions: Vancouver needs to Qualify for the playoffs for this to transfer this year. Current Pick: 18th overall This is Vancouver's pick that was traded as part of the J T Miller trade. Vancouver has to make the post season for this to become the devil's pick. Currently the Canucks are second in the Pacific with games in hand over their rivals. However Markstrom has just picked up a knock and they traded for Domingue to fill in. This one is touch and go to say the least. Possible pick between 16 and 31st (although that seems unlikely) Hurricanes 3rd/4th for Vatanen Conditions: if Vatanen plays in 12 regular season games in 2020 or 70% of 2020 playoff games it becomes a 3rd, if Vatanen plays in 5 regular season games in 2020 it becomes a 4th. Current Pick: No pick Vats needs to get back on the ice. There are 20 games left for him to suit up for the Canes in the regular season, they are currently outside the last wild card spot by 2 points so this could be a miss altogether. Buffalos 5th Round Pick for Simmonds Conditions: The pick becomes a 4th round if buffalo makes the playoffs. Current Pick: 5th round This will be a 5th round pick. There is currently a 2% chance of Buffalo making the playoffs. Will update as and when conditions are met or not met.
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    This does need to be treated seriously but at the same time panic doesn't help anyone. The current mortality rate for Covid-19 is 4% for known reported cases , seasonal influenza mortality rate is 0.1% and global influenza deaths fluctuate between 2-4% annually. These are all readily available WHO figures. And just remember 4% of the American population is 13.5 million people. That being said there isn't any need for panic. Sensible measures like regular hand washing and self isolation if you have symptoms can stop the spread. It is true that the vast majority of people who get this won't die, they might not even become remotely ill , but it's times like this we really need to stop and think of those who are vulnerable, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions or low immune systems and put those people first. Let's try not to think of the 4868 people who have died from this as just numbers, but as relatives , friends and random people on a message board we for some reason have an affinity for (even though most of us can be complete arseholes when the team sucks) that we won't see again. Think of people you know who have had , or are going through chemo and say to yourself "is their life worth not cancelling a few sports events?". Personally I think it's an easy choice. ESPECIALLY given the season this team is having. So wash your hands regularly, stay home if you feel ill and be sensible.
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    Man i love being on this side of a Lou getting his old over the hill vet back
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    Some people were concerned Hall would walk and the Devs would get nothing. Devs get something and some people still complain. Seems now something isn't better than nothing?? Really difficult to please some folks. Go figure.
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    I love how Subban always jumps up and down during the huddle celebration. Dude looks legitimately happy. Way to go fellas.
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    Mike Brown offers up contradictory bullet-points, mfitz interrupts him to make a weiner joke, SD tells him that he isn't racist he just thinks PK should use a different water fountain, Neb00rs flies in out of nowhere screaming that Gusev is terrible at defense, MB3 starts yelling at SD, RWTD asks MB3 why he's being an idiot and chirping SD, Nicomo starts giving actual constructive criticism but is quickly interrupted by a well-timed meme from mfitz which elicits a Ray Liotta laugh meme from Mad Dog. CR asks Nicomo to continue his actual constructive criticism but that's again quickly shut down when Daniel shows up and tells Jesper it all doesn't matter, the ownership doesn't care about winning anyway. Jesper's response:
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    Fvck it, you get the rarely seen tribute meme.
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    Opening night! It’s finally here! To quote Jack Hughes: LETS GO BABY!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!
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    Will be there in the restaurant section tonight. Will also be at the 10/10, 10/14, and 10/19 games. Can't believe this season is finally here. October seemed so far away the day the Devils were awarded the first pick overall... LGMFD!
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    I really don't want to take on this. But... I'm a guy with Jewish surname. No religion, with good European face... What I say, let's be truthful - with beautiful European face. Only surname. And surprise-surprise - someone's of our stupid redneks - 2-3 kids in different collectives - didn't like me just because. I didn't talk with them, not trolled them. I was ok with it - they were not smart childrens, kids are like wolfs. May be - I say MAY BE someone doesn't like pk because he has not simply character, he likes to joke on everything and someone takes to heart from a guy... like PK. Btw Gallagher looks like a nickelback fan - so I'm on PK side.
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    fvcking hell I can't wait til this off-season is over
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    Jeez. Kids today. When I was 18, I enjoyed making romesco garlic shrimp with grilled vegetables in a balsamic glaze. I'm sorry. I meant "microwaved pizza rolls." Stupid autocorrect.
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    Let. Go. Of. The. Past. They are all legends on the ice. They are not legendary coaches/management.
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    Good for them. Hope it’s just the first ring he gets in NJ...
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