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  1. My brother got this at a garage sale. Anyone seen something like this? Lol
  2. Eff'in Mets. They are just cursed.
  3. Me. Feel like its been months already.
  4. DevilMinder

    It’s Keefe

    Pando as the HC? That would have been interesting.
  5. DevilMinder

    It’s Keefe

    I am mostly positive over this news. I hope Keefe and assistant coaches implements some fundamental defense/offensive systems. And for the love of god hire a good powerplay coach too.
  6. Yeah I go to Citi field every few years because of that crappy 🚗 commute. Even the train sucks
  7. Also if you see a stream link posted in future please report it so I can remove. Thanks all
  8. Dms should be fine. I cleaned up the links they flagged, hopefully the end of it.
  9. I should clarify that the NBA submitted the complaints, but the links here were of hockey streams. The offending streaming site hosts many streams (Sports around the world). Their complaint is very broad and has thousands of links. Unfortunately I did find several sites on the list here which I removed.
  10. The NBA slammed my site with DMCA takedown notices for posted stream links (That share NHL streams as well). I am having to manually go through the hundreds of links and hope they agree we worked on it. Their suggested action was to remove njdevs from search results if Google sees those pages again. That kinda sucks for us. Anyone posting these in the future will be banned. I will attempt to warn you once but after that... Thanks.
  11. Why are we the only one with flame background are they implying we are in hell?
  12. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2024/04/25/nhl-announces-amazon-streaming-how-it-effects-new-jersey-devils-viewers-jack-hughes-timo-meier-jesper-bratt/ How it Affects Devils Viewers If you’re a United States viewer, this won’t affect how you view your Devils content. However, to our 100,000-plus readers between Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in 2023 and 2024, we figured this might pique your interest.
  13. I can't believe it, when the alert popped up I had to make sure it wasn't loading some old headline. Wow!
  14. Good work Squirtle! They were pretty active even in the last week.
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