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  1. I'm so burned out from all the missteps this season. Hopefully by the draft I can enjoy it again. Green needs to announced he's not being retained tomorrow. Same with the staff. Really hoping Nico goes off about changes needed.
  2. I made my annual sad trek over to tankathon and clicked sim. Could you imagine the NHL fandom if that happened? lol
  3. About time, should have been done weeks ago
  4. How'd everyone do with eclipse?
  5. Looking forward to the exit interviews by players at the end of the season. Maybe some real comments will be made?
  6. I'm already done watching. This season broke me, I straight up don't even care about the rest of the season. Not even sorry.
  7. My friend lives in Lebanon, his foundation got cracked in a few places. I was driving on the highway and didn't feel anything but my phone started blowing up from everyone messaging me. Crazy
  8. Mikey replacement maybe?
  9. i swear to god if Rempe hurts someone else tonight the whole team needs to go berserk on this guy for being a POS who injured other players. Who cares about suspensions at this point! MacD earn your freaking spot even if you have to mug the guy you lameO enforcer.
  10. I hope that memory recolllection cemented BB's position on the do not hire list. We don't need anymore hughes connections, buddies or siblings. This is a corporation at the end of the day and the Hughes brothers need to produce.
  11. Just so everyone is aware, Satan was quoting an old topic, nothing has changed!
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