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  1. LGD! Ill be there for work function (pray for me). Hopefully the NY/PHI fans can't talk much by the end of the game.
  2. This is why I am a repressed Mets fan, it's a freaking curse. It has to be
  3. I feel the same way, the Canadian cities should definitely get first dibs for any future expansions at this point.
  4. I had a similar experience when going there for a Devs game. Where is this place? Bam! I didn't get harassed either and had a nice walk around town with bars and dinner in full devils gear.
  5. VV looks so stiff and slow tonight, wonder if something is wrong with him
  6. What the frick? What a sick addiction, keep him locked up
  7. Amazing glove from VV, but damn a missed coverage there Severson
  8. LGD, a measuring stick kind of game, I hope the right team shows up tonight.
  9. Can any transactions like trades/ call ups be posted in it's own thread? Thanks it saves me time and also sends a notice to subscribed members of a new thread
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