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  1. Dano is just adopting nicknames for the hard to pronounce names lately
  2. Lol, tumbleweeds. Everyone really is over this season.
  3. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-new-jersey-devils-statement-regarding-american-hockey-league-franchise/c-324414846 10 year agreement. Working with Robert and his team will be an exciting opportunity as we look to build upon the passion and enthusiasm that they've created in making Utica one of the top markets in the AHL." The club will remain the Utica Comets with an unveiling of jersey designs and colors to follow at a later date. "We could not be happier for the opportunity to partner with the New Jersey Devils, an organization with a rich history not only in the
  4. I agree. An unstable poster from another forum that upset our unstable posters.
  5. Only 3 games left after tonight (Isles, isles, PHI). Soak in the moment. Did you Enjoy the ride?
  6. At this point I'm only watching to see the new kids and that there's only a handful left before the long summer
  7. LgD! Hopefully Hall doesnt unload on us like has been with everyone else lately.
  8. If only the devils played boston and philly every game.
  9. He "retired" after sharing and liking questionable sexual content on Twitter.
  10. Can't believe nobodies talking about the new Persian sensation Kevin Bahrain
  11. Njdevs was pavelfunded by Fitz and mb30. Thanks guys
  12. Did someone really throw confetti at the Rock? Lol
  13. Are there actually any goalies playing in the third period?
  14. Freaking miracle that didn't go into the net
  15. It does seem disjointed, the interviews
  16. 2 power plays in one game? Is that allowed?
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