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    Hi All, Happy holidays! Just a reminder to use the amazon referral link when you can. The extra funds always go towards the site needs. Amazon Link Thanks!
  2. Nice to dominate these bastards! What a game!
  3. Calm down everyone its Thanksgiving Eve... peace ,love and give thanks
  4. God, that instagram broke my heart man. Stay strong for your family bro
  5. Oh my god Sd, that is a nightmare. My stomach is turning from reading that, I hope your family can find peace and justice for Will.
  6. Rebooting didn't work. Looking for a steel toed boot for maximum effectiveness
  7. DevilMinder

    Server issues

    The website has been encountering issues over the last day and our webhost is looking into it. They hope to have it resolved today. THanks
  8. I made the edit, I was half annoyed at the Devils for being so vague about the injury.
  9. I know, I wish it was more robust myself. I know of at least 8 of you on here have messaged me about it. The Developers pretty much see no need for the ignore user function. The plugin I added to do this didn't work at all and that developer is AWOL.
  10. Feeling pretty good about this year, playoffs or bust baby!
  11. Happy retirement PK. Don't have athletic but I'm betting he's heading to the broadcast booth
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