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  1. 9 hours ago, MB3 said:

    today I got yelled at in a professional setting by an interior decorator for using the word “female”. apparently AFAB “a female at birth” is now the correct way of speaking.

    im as far from transphobic as you can get. my college roommate and best friend (was a groomsman in my wedding) is gay and when I hang out with him he has several trans friends that I really get along with. 

    but it feels like we’ve gone a little off the fvckin deep end here, am I wrong?

    It is becoming a minefield. A rather large portion of my professional groups have started adding  he/him she/her they/them on their email signatures to head of these kind of confrontations and cause themselves unexpected embarrassment. Thanksfully it happened the one time I guessed wrong the individual was more polite about it.

    If the person offended is in any position of power you would have been in front of HR, count your blessings.





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  2. It is (checks calendar) July 31st, I dont understand why some of you are getting so worked up and flooding my inbox with reported messages. Sterio and MB3...do we really need to do this again? Each time it gets easier for me to just add a few months.






  3. Its funny you bring that up. Last night i was talking to my cousin who is a huge NY Giants fan and he was watching one of the Superbowl championship games when I stopped by. I am a giants fan too and I just couldn't watch the game, I already know what happened why watch it again?

    I know a few people on here are religious about re-watching old games, am I the odd one here? I can't watch taped games or commemorative recaps, just can't do it. Am I the weird one here?



  4. So...Head home eh Fitz?

    1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    To that end, I believe it was after 5pm when we signed Hamilton, I recall being in the car driving home when that news hit. 


  5. With many of you about to take the summer off from hockey I thought I would post this.

    The funds for the site have dried up again. We had a few very nice donations to end and start this year which got us all the way to July.

    I have found a few hosts that are cheaper to use and I am hoping future funds (either mine or donated) will help make our money last longer. The website software is up for renewal and we are a few versions behind now. I turned ads of because they were paying literal pennies a month so it wasn't worth the hassle or screen distractions.

    Amazon is averaging 15$ a month in income but declining again, with Prime Day deals coming up please remember to use the amazon referral link when shopping (its free and I can't see who bought the items!)

    Thanks again, and let us Pray for Nemec being amazing (And the rest of this weekends future picks)

    Brad- DM


    My Venmo -

    Username @njdevs  www.venmo.com/njdevs




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  6. Now that I got over my disappointment on losing out on Slaf, I am liking this pick. I really liked him and had daydreams of him on Jack's line. I watched a bunch of highlight reels on Nemec ( there are a lot) and this kid is poised and very involved in plays.

    Nice that Tatar apparently already gave Nemec some heads up and details about NJ (From the draft floor interview)




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