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  1. Half my teams been out on IR or NA this year. A wasted year for me again
  2. Thanks for the still additional donations today, its been a long day at work so I Hope I reached out to everyone. I found a few widgets that show costs and donation drives. I will see if I can install one so the budget is out there for all to see. Thanks!
  3. Those are both hover over windows. They shouldn't be showing in full until then. Maybe your cache is acting up? I'd refresh browser files
  4. Hi All, first off thank you to the many who have donated! Between Venmo and Paypay a whopping $595 has been donated to the site. This should be good for the next 6-7 months! I will reach out to everyone individually to thank you. The costs are this: 85$ month hosting (VPS on amazon) The forum software is $70 a year for support. Domain name's 12$ $1102 ish a year Hosting is expensive because of the large database side we have (it was 4GB) the last time I looked and the memory usage means most hosts won't even allow us on a smaller shared plan.
  5. Feel better Guadana, ive heard some say if you can get vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D it helps recovery.
  6. Thanks Matt, Fitz, MB30, MD2020, DD56 and Lateralous for your donations!
  7. I added the donation links after. Thanks to the 5 of you that donated. I appreciate it!
  8. Hi all, I was prompted to look through the financials of NJDevs because Paypal dinged me twice already this year for $90/mo for hosting here. The revenue picture isn't great. This is the ad report for the last month...$2 It appears that although traffic is up almost 35% from last year the ad displays are down to only 25% of the visitors. Amazon referral bounties have dwindled to nothing (2$) for the entire year. So the short of it, can I ask you all to white-list this site from any ad blockers you have and remember to use the amazon referral link when shopping there?
  9. oh great, Zacha has to get helped off. knee injury? Fell awkward after slash
  10. Hmm, Hall and PK having some words
  11. I agree with that, very odd that they aren't doing zooms into the crowd or anything.
  12. Bing game suspended after one period. Not a good sign
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