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  1. Merry go round of goalie 2Bs today. Guess we will see but at least VV is gone.
  2. Kind of liked Miller in his limited play, more than Smith.
  3. Hopefully some more interesting goalie news happens before then or we are getting a repeat.
  4. No problem, just a pain to split all the relevant posts after the fact when its 5+ at once. If a big name reports it feel free to do an explatory topic for today
  6. Dont know why I watched this tonight.
  7. Ref got a shot right in sternum lower ribcage, im sure that hurt.
  8. Don't know if im reading into it but the facial expressions from players when Green is talking to him arent the greatest.
  9. This is why Luke should sit soon.
  10. Oh well, we knew change wasn't gonna happen in one night.
  11. I will take a deep breath, others have pointed out on twitter that Nemec was a bit banged up lately, maybe he does need a break for the stretch run.
  12. I agree, smith and Luke should be in the box not Nemec.
  13. Looks like META crashed, facebook/insta/threads all out
  14. I hate that but also like that he is loyal, it reflects down to the players too who see its a "family operation" and not some corporate what have you done for us lately type environment. Fitz has had emotions on his sleeve since day one when he had that presser about Shero getting fired, so I am not surprised he continues to be that way.
  15. Yea, twitter acting up again I guess. Ill edit
  16. https://x.com/JamesNicholsNHL/status/1765030267662589956?s=20
  17. If some changes are made immediately tomorrow it almost says "yea the rest of the coaches didn't agree with that setup.".
  18. Stay in the main threads. Thanks
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