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  1. Like the SBT says, no more! The waivers remind me of that old energy problem from science. You can't create energy only convert it and every time you do that, the quality of the energy is less potent. Picking up poor players from poor teams doesn't make them better on a good team.
  2. I agree also, Jimbo is a role player, and he rarely has the reason to perform that role. Especially if he is playing every game! Give the youth a chance to show their worth already.
  3. Man that was nerve racking! Now they are in let's see if they can find that offense before the next game lol
  4. whoa what a return drive by the Giants!
  5. Damn talk about a quick letdown. The stadium is already quiet!
  6. If you really want to feel new I can reset your posts to 0.
  7. Well here is hoping Messier quits soon because you all know Stevens will want to beat him. Looks like we got him another 2 years still.
  8. Oh right I will change the dang thing! lol. And welcome on board G14!
  9. Hehe, nice piece there Msweet lol!
  10. Did he try and trade his Coke for your Pepsi ?
  11. I am not to dissapointed, it was a hard fought game and after seeing Holik on the ice after white throwing him and then Lindros getting sat down several times by Stevens it made my night. Of course there is Gionta who was plastered to the ice all game, damn
  12. Man, first Barnaby going a little out of his way to hit Broduer and then Kasparitis lunging at Elias's head jeez!
  13. I signed it, I was 4776 and posted it on the front page. I guess in the end its like that PBS commercial, "if not us then who". Who else can carry national sports sigh.
  14. Yea I Know, I love Fassel he has to be one of the better coaches in the leauge. He accepts the reponsibility when it belongs to him. I have seen him take a Giants team that used to have locker brawls between defense and offensive units and made them somewhat cohesive. Not to mention your point, they are using what like 60% regular starters if that?
  15. Speaking of Ex-Devils, I was watching the Rangers lose their game last night and in my mind the game went like this "cool!... oh yea hes a ranger" "good job...ohh right, ranger" "goo... damnit" "come on! ohh, damnit Canadien" "thatta boy..damnit sigh"
  16. I have this sinking feeling they will lose it on the last play on a fumble or an incomplete. Hope I am wrong but, its happened before
  17. I cannot even recall the last time Lou dealt a trade with an Atlantic team. I wouldn't hold your breath, besides the Devils really don't have much scrap left for you to get heh.
  18. DevilMinder

    Adrian Foster?

    It was in this article Hockey Futures here is the blurb since you are short on time! Good article for the rest of the farm hands if you want to read!
  19. Are you defending Philly fans? They are vile and just a little to brash for most people's liking!
  20. TO be fair, word came out after this happened years ago that the Devil fan had been very drunk and was egging the crowd on.
  21. Well what do they expect? The show was on at Freaking 1 AM eastern most of the time. John Buccigross is in a contract dispute with them right now, and it appears we know why. Screw ESPN, time for another network to get NHL. ESPN Never did a good job anyway, just think of the Cup winning years on their [sarcasm]excellent[/sarcasm] coverage.
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