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  1. Speaking of Beast's holey crap Anton Kadeykin's weight is 198 pounds!
  2. The two towers should pep her up, It looks good!
  3. I have to disagree with you on Philly getting it right, they trade away a lot of their young talent before they get the chance to prove themselves. New York can't rebuild right now its to late, I don't see the fans waiting an total of ten more years to get deep into the playoffs again. But at this point, it is two seasons removed from the lockout pending and there is no real point to drastically change anything until they see what the proposed Cap does to the league.
  4. Hope Ahonen doesn't pick up any of T-bones unorthodox style lol.
  5. I heard (N)Єverson got demoted to a Bronx Highschool and some rookie got called up to write.
  6. Man, I like Dunham and he can support a team. Rangers just got a little stronger in net.
  7. Welcome back JHof, Hope this one works as well as the first part did
  8. HMO's suck, I know I deal with em daily. I am glad the hip is ok, I will think of her often and hope she has a speedy and full recovery.
  9. Only SBT is allowed to talk to himself in third person!
  10. Anyone else feel the Devils should probably be up by more then 2 goals in this game?
  11. Better close this one before the religous looneys come here again sigh.
  12. You are all pointing out good things in my opinion. [*]Length of games, to many out of conference games. I think that they should change to the MLB format, where there is only occasional meetings between out of conference teams. The rest should be intraconference, promoting rivalaries. [*]Players, I agree there is no standout player anymore. This is more because of the NHL marketing then anything, Gaborik, Heatley, Rick nash and the like are very good, but the NHL still focuses on Mario mario mario, bure mario mario. [*]Cost, way to damn much. It is not like baseball where there is 50 thousand seats to spread the costs of 10 million dollar players. The sport is pricing itself out of existence, the players have to realize this is a 3rd tier financial organization and stop asking for 10 million a year and so do the GM's. [*]One thing on the players though, it doesn't matter that some are foreign. I don't see Anna Kournikova having any recognition problems or Yao Ming the basketball giant. If they have something marketable do it!
  13. Have a good one Derek, and the Giants got a win by the grace of goodness today.
  14. I was thinking that when I read the headlines, we are short 2 forwards now. Well 1 if Guolla is back from his surgery?
  15. I knew you were going to say that for some reason SBT
  16. In chat we did the math, 33 goals at this point have come from checkers/Defensemen out of the 63 overall for the Devils. That is 52% of goal production! Crap that is bad!
  17. DevilMinder

    Bye Bye Bure?

    ESPN updated their article, apparently it is pretty bad Rangers have ordered an MRI on the knee. They state its probably season ending.
  18. Triumph is right, McGillis was actually more offensive minded then Ragnarsson. Even the philly fans have no idea why Clarke made this trade.
  19. From http://www.pittsburghlive.com. By Karen Price EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.
  20. DevilMinder

    Thanks Nhl

    No truth to the rumor that after retiring next time he will replace Campbell as league disciplinarian.
  21. DevilMinder

    Bye Bye Bure?

    I hope that isn't the beat writer for the Rangers. Damn that was a depressing read, but I liked it
  22. When I saw that I was like, Ok how come it wasn't Brodeur loses shutout since he was ultimately the victor heh.
  23. DevilMinder


    Handzus got it! Nice backhand
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