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  1. DevilMinder


    OMG penalty shot in OT
  2. DevilMinder


    Another freaking overtime for Philly!
  3. DevilMinder


    2-2 Lindros, pretty entertaining game here!
  4. DevilMinder


    2-1 Philly, man ESPN announcers are Roenick homers.
  5. DevilMinder


    1-1 Holik scores first game back. Heh
  6. DevilMinder


    One for Recchi, 1-0 PHI
  7. Is Carter(anson?) On the market?
  8. What is he gonna do? I mean he cannot make a blatant attack or the Isles will lose Peca again for awhile.
  9. In Central Jersey 93-94 was worse, I was in highschool. I still have pictures of that one, a group of my friends and I are sitting on top of a 25 foot tall snow mound from them clearing out our cul-de-sac. The snow drifts were 4-5 feet that time whew.
  10. DevilMinder

    Canucks Lose

    Well then, Lets hope the Devils start a streak for them in the opposite direction
  11. I bet the 'weakness' was physical play. There haven't been that many physical games this year. I wonder if this will hold true in the playoffs which are usually harder on the body. I am glad the Devils responded with equal amounts of force.
  12. I didn't leave it out, didn't think it was a highlight game. B)
  13. Just don't be an idiot about it and you will be fine.
  14. Jeez, the whole reason the Sharks sucked so far was because Lombardi was to tight with the money.
  15. Should be some great hockey this week. Philly is always a good game, but with the lax defense from the Devils lately it could be a high scoring affair. Then we have the Canucks winners of their last 10 games. And then ofcourse the Leafs who are always a pain in the ass to play.
  16. DevilMinder

    Sykora Who?

    Yea, might as well leave out the plus minus because the Ducks play horrible D.
  17. I have to agree with HoI on this one. If the losing team got no points we would see a full ice defensive lock. If you make it to OT and you already got the one point most teams will go for the extra point. And as we saw last night it makes for some exciting hockey!
  18. That is crazy, man I get nervous just thinking about that guy being around our AHL players.
  19. Yea it was 7, and there is finally a high scoring game and you don't see it? What the heck man.
  20. WOW, That was one hell of a OT. THe announcers were out of breath after that one! LOL
  21. I guess back to back for Daneko he is going to be sitting one night. White penalty,
  22. Holey crap, I have never heard of an agent calling out another player before. What the hell, if he is this vocal in public what the hell does he say behind closed doors?
  23. Well, before the season began I was convinced that if the supposed big 3 offensive D-men didnt step up the offense on this team would doom the Devils. Well as it turns out the checker line has saved the Devil's bacon so far and the big 3 are no where to be seen on the goal sheet (well not including tonights blunder). Defensively who can complain we are number one in goals against. The Devils backstopped by Broduer are the expected perennial powerhouse on defense. The faster game does not seem to have brought the dire end to the Devils D as many predicted in pre-season. Pat Burns has been a great coach and the only complaint I have is he needs tone down his press speeches a little. I know you want accountability but what happens when you need a motivator in the playoffs and you have used the press route all season. Here is a quick run down, don't want to review the whole team. [*]New faces, Danton never had a chance and he can thank his agent for that. [*]Friesen- Has been getting better lately, has two goals recently.Needs to get more involved around the net though. [*]Tvodovsky- He has been ok, been sliding of late and hasn't quite shown the offensive promise Lou hoped. Not quite new [*]Langenbrunner-How can you not like this guy? I realize he won't get past mid 20's goal wise but his play has been inspirational so far. [*]Nieuywendky- Uh, barely noticable anymore is this the 'flu' bug or something else? We need his presence at center or this team will falter in post-season if he is still around. Vets- [*]Madden-Copy what I said of Langenbrunner and you pretty much get the idea. [*]Gomez- Continues to have a quiet and successful season. Elias and Gomez seem to gel to great effect and then the next game they are oil and vinegar. [*]D-corp as a whole. No complaints from me really. Wish the offensive power would show up and soon because I want the Devils to know their transition game before the playoff grind starts. Overall, this has been a respectable season so far. The Devils need to start putting up more goals but they can survive with the timely goals they have gotten for twenty games so far.
  24. DevilMinder


    Jeez, now the defense doesn't even pretend to show up to the game for the backup. They just score on him lol.
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