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  1. The article states winless in 9, but they have played two games since then and were shut out both times. I can't remember the scores though. http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story...date=11/29/2002
  2. Seems I am in the minority here, I think the Devils do need his type. Even Claude Lemieux himself barely got a long with Lou Lams. Most have pointed out that his Agent seems to be talking up Danton's abilities and its having the effect of ruining Mike's chances in NJ.
  3. Maybe Lou could convince Clarke that Albelin is the solution to his problems and unload Gagne. Nah... Flyers have 3 games in hand on the Devils which is why it seems we make up no ground when they lose.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope you enjoy the holida with friends and family.
  5. Hey not bad, it is hard to give genuine remarks about each team. They seem balanced.
  6. Cablevision is still saying no to YES? Damn.
  7. He has been hot lately, right after I dropped him off my roster ofcourse! Maybe i should drop Elias and take one for the team :\
  8. Man o man, who needs a sniper we got Langenbrunner! Let's hope Madden doesn't let up because the two of them would make anyone one fear going onto the power play!
  9. I thought this was gonna be a nied tradeurite post
  10. Relax guys, I got Scott's joke sheesh. I even imagined homer doing his cuckoo dance. All hail Jaime saviour of yet another let down against a cellar team sigh.
  11. DevilMinder


    The board is alive but we have begun noticing a decline in membership and even repeat visitors. To me that is troubling, I spent a lot of time on this place and to have certain posters think they can have fun toying with other members of my site just pisses me off. I am an easy going person, as are the other administrators. I cannot stand issuing non-stop administration messages, it detracts from the hockey discussions and wastes what little time the volunteer staff has. A point has been drawn in the sand and several people have their leg in the air ready to step over it. So this is your warning. Redrum created the old board to get away from the lawlessness and meaningless discussions at NJO. Red's board was great and developed a great core of people and I wanted to build on that. I wanted new people to join for fresh points of views. We have tripled that great core group. Unfortunately some people think starting threads for the sole reason to start a fight is killing my enthusiasm for this site. I have even contemplated going to a private board and just inviting the people who can hold a decent hockey discussion. But I know all closed communities eventually die out which is why I have resisted so far. But I am getting damn tempted. Being negative after a loss or a bad event is fine, this is after all a spectator sport. But if you post 80% negative you need to get off our boards because we are just not appreciating you anymore old or new, nobody is immune to this.
  12. Wow! Could the Avs bad start be taking some of the rose coloring out of the glasses at ESPN?
  13. Yea let's give the Leafs even more of our scoring ability.
  14. this thread cracked me up. And Derek you should have clarified that df thing, I didnt know what it was either. maybe look in quotes or something is better.
  15. DevilMinder


    Brodeur is going to play the next game. Historically he always plays after a defeat to right the ship.
  16. I agree with everything Iggy said. someone needs to sit and let Berglund play. He is producing when he gets call up why the hell isn't he STAYING. Just boggles my mind! I expected a let down as well, Oilers always seem to do well at CAA. I think Burns is gonna shake up the lines again. The power play goals were nice, maybe it will loosen them up a little.
  17. Hey thanks for the heads up! Those are good deals
  18. Honestly I think everyone is either OVERreacting or UNDER reacting. The forums are like life, you will find someone you like communicating with and you will dislike contact with others. The admin here usually tries to keep the more extreme elements out of here. But the fringe posters are gonna be around because they are not breaking any rules. I understand most people don't like reading negative inclined posts or the other side of that coin puckbunnyisms. We try to keep it in the middle but events swing the momentum in either direction. After bad losses the boards are going to be negative, expect it when you come here! After a win the forums will be gushing, its a fact of life.
  19. Judging from Dafoe, not many people are interested in goalies right now. Maybe the Islanders will pick him for a swap of players Isbister and that other guy for Irbe? Osgood sure isnt earning his keep.
  20. I am looking forward to the Oilers game next because the Devils always seem to enjoy skating in the freewheeling Oilers games. That 6-5 game when Elias got banged up was a classic. The Philly game is exactly what I thought it would be a low scoring game. I didn't expect the utter sterlized game it was though. I can't believe there was no major fights. When the Devils get a tight win like this they always seem to gel a little. 8-3-0 who can complain!
  21. And last year was the first time. I would rather lose 'face' over that then the Rangers winning!
  22. Yea, I exaggerated a little. But I am sure all the GMs are aware of the effort the Niedermayer brothers put into games. He is still a solid defensemen but when he is thinking about mountain climbing during the games it shows. Not to mention he isn't leading the rush like really can.
  23. Guys, Niedermayer has almost ZERO trade value right now. He is playing poorly to start the season and Lou almost never trades players when they are at the low of their values. If there is a trade made, I bet it will be in January to jump start the offense if it continues to languish.
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