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  1. Might have something to do with not havinga decent center for most of the Game Z. Guolla didn't sound to hot tonight..
  2. Well I tried satellite but it says trying to aquire picture for 5 minutes so screw it. Good ole radio
  3. I didn't like that trade Jay, Rafalski and Elias in one trade is nuts. Especially since Holik is a putz now and half my intended offense is gone.
  4. Eh.. no, I was kind of hoping for someone with a chance at positive. Hey Derek read this, Bill from Devilsrule.com posted it.. http://mt.hockeybird.com/archives/000430.html
  5. Devils rip Blackhawks early and often
  6. email it to me devilminder@njdevs.com did you get an error also?
  7. Looks good, I can't believe I missed this post! Good work Rowdy
  8. i put it on my website, why do you ask?
  9. The Flyers have been playing well and I see this as the first real test of the Devils will to win. It will be a hard game with the way Philly is playing on their home Ice. I am worried about the size difference we have this year, it so far has not bothered the Devils but none of the games have been against the bigger teams (Toronto, Avs, Philly). The Devils record was pretty horrible against division foes last year, lets hope they improve on that!
  10. And does it matter with him anymore? I mean jeez I don't see Any of the Rangers getting into the + of the +/- stats the way their defense is. I need points, starting to hurt bad on that. Chara my defensemen is in the negative for the year and so are two of my forwards. Isbister is gonna see the waiver wire soon he has no positive points!
  11. I heard he attempted to retire a couple of times. He doesn't seem to like playing in the US leagues.
  12. Philly could offer some scoring, they have several players who can contribute 30 goals. And their defense corp is really weak. I am just throwing that out there, but most teams in the league are strong in one area Offense/Defense. I would think someone could offer to dump a forward and plug a weakness in their defense. I think Lou Lams had originally intended for Abelin to be the salary dump but nobody took him when he cleared waivers. If he gets sent back down again I doubt he would be claimed again.
  13. Well I was for a Niedermayer trade before, but I am kind of hesitant now since Zyuzin is gone. I had considered him backup if one of our Defensemen get injured. Now the Devils only have Albelin and whoever is down at the farm to step in.
  14. DevilMinder

    Game Thread

    So only 14K showed to the game(adjusting for Lou attendence math). Oh boy here come the 10 articles about the Devils moving out of state. I actually noticed last year that Madden always seems to score in blow out games. If you go back you will see that he either started or ended the scoring several times last year.
  15. Wild have picked him up! ARGH. What was Lou thinking?
  16. So this is probably just Neversons way of saying well if my trade doesn't happen then that means nobody wants Zyuzin!
  17. I looked at all the websites I could find, nobody updates their waiver wire to much. It could be true, and it might not be.
  18. DevilMinder


    I am sorry I missed this thread. But my golden rule is never ever tell someone to Shut Up. I don't appreciate that at all. If you cant handle someone's post then debate with them. Don't tell them to shut up.
  19. That is crazy, Lou could have atleast recieved a draft pick. Philly, Rangers and half the other teams would cover that at the least. If this is true Lou is losing it!
  20. Did McKay crash the net? because that would be what the Devils didn't do.
  21. or to put it short wah wah I want a salary cap.
  22. Its mostly correct, the only way fans in NJ are Devils fans is because they never watched hockey and naturally rooted for the home team when they did begin watching hockey. Then there are the converts who stopped watching various local teams while they stunk it up during the 90s and became Devil fans. The fan base should get bigger as the original Devil fans have families and instill the rightful values in their children . Plus you have the bandwagon fans during winning times who never go back to the old NY/Philly teams. A lot of Devils fans are from out of NJ who just rooted for the best team or underdogs (as in 94-95). And last, its the weather stupid!
  23. Gotta love ESPNS headliner
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