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  1. Did McKay crash the net? because that would be what the Devils didn't do.
  2. or to put it short wah wah I want a salary cap.
  3. Its mostly correct, the only way fans in NJ are Devils fans is because they never watched hockey and naturally rooted for the home team when they did begin watching hockey. Then there are the converts who stopped watching various local teams while they stunk it up during the 90s and became Devil fans. The fan base should get bigger as the original Devil fans have families and instill the rightful values in their children . Plus you have the bandwagon fans during winning times who never go back to the old NY/Philly teams. A lot of Devils fans are from out of NJ who just rooted for the best team or underdogs (as in 94-95). And last, its the weather stupid!
  4. Gotta love ESPNS headliner
  5. I think the Devils read to many of their own press clippings today. It didn't sound like they were trying to hard besides the usual people. Friesen, Madden, Danton, Gionta sounded like they were trying hard. Stevens got beat bad and I rarely heard any other defensemens names besides Tevo. Eight games played is hardly time to panic but it is curious that during the pre-season the lines were more productive and the passing much better. To me that means they are trying to hard for the perfect pass/shot. I am still non-committal on the season right now, still way to damn early. Maybe in 12 games for the quarter mark of the season.
  6. Bad enough we might have to contend with crime in Newark. I don't envy for the days of having to see the Rats in a crime ridden area as well
  7. Done. And Devils are now 6-1 and Madden is leading the team in goals! Balanced scoring is cool because Elias and Brylin also have 3 goals.
  8. Madden scores score 5-1. John Madden now leads the TEAM in goals. What the heck?
  9. try again, refresh the page hitting f-5 Nieds. For those of you on mIRC the new server is irc.linkline.com any of the standard ports will be fine.
  10. Come back to the IRC chat, I changed the servers..
  11. Niuey on the PP! Finally he gets a goal and on the PP. Sounds good!
  12. Lets hope the Devils spoil the Tampa illusions of grandeur tonight! Go Devils!
  13. Good notes Bel! How do you see the players in action, on TV or in person?
  14. DevilMinder

    Quick Humor

    Hehe, can you imagine a "club promo night", that is one night you dont hand out the prizes before the game!
  15. He shouldn't, but steering this topic back to what Mario wants. I am for it, but I think the athleticism mentioned in the article of the goalies. Not to mention they are just bigger men now will offset any gain there would have been 10 years ago.
  16. We all agree he has talent, from a business point of view the NHL needs players like him to shine to build interest. I Don't want him to retire nor do I want him injured. But his opionions as always like a grating six year old who wants the newest toy. And I will never forget his whacking of Madden after the "ace" incident. The world should have seen him for the hypocritical bastard he is.
  17. Lots of info in there, and that is quite a turn around leading the AHL in goals for excellent. Lets hope it continues and the right people produce! Games have been played without netting at the Pepsi?
  18. Rangers goals against is 33 goals now. That is an astounding 23 goals over the Devils. Holey damn! granted they have played 3 more games but that shouldnt amount to 7 goals a game. At this pace the Rangers will have 300 goals against compared to last years 258! To put this in perspective the Thrashers have better defense then the Rangers.
  19. Good points, and last year was bad. I remember Holik being around 60% and the next person Madden around 30%? Danton also seems to do good on draws
  20. DevilMinder

    Quick Humor

    since Continental is based out of newark and so is Prudential or Horizon I am sure it will be one of those three.
  21. I am glad Friesen has the desire to score more and he had that frustration in the first place. Lets see how he plays with some of the tension gone. Gomez has already been playing well in my mind especially feeding the offense. Rafalski sounded a lot better also.
  22. Hmm... Give toronto some real D (albelin,Zyuzin) and some trouble (danton) maybe they will part with him.
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