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  1. I deleted all incoming messages installing a new email program by mistake. I think I saw two messages regarding failed passwords and one about being authorized. Don something.. Sorry about that.
  2. I agree with HoI the three new forwards seem to be off to a bad start. But it is only three games, once the season picks up it should be more telling if the scoring is MIA.
  3. I hope the baby doesn't take away what little sanity PK has left because it could get scary.
  4. Facts are the enemy of truth. -Don Quixote
  5. " I remember him getting caught last year, is there a limit or stiffer penalty for multiple infractions?
  6. Check this kid out, not big but he has some rave reviews. I dumped Gratton who probably will put up some good points with Satan as a winger on his line. Stanislav
  7. Anyone have a good straight on picture of all the banners? I really want that! and did anyone else catch the Tommy Albelin profile that showed up instead of Oleg Tevodovsky, he should be insulted lol.
  8. As long as Lou is President we wont have to worry about 3rd jerseys!
  9. DevilMinder

    Zyuzin Out?

    Tevo made some good plays last night. And he was probably one of the only people connecting on his passes. Stevens did look slow and reacted slowly, maybe that groin injury was worse then he let in on.
  10. Of course not, Claude has dozens more playoff games then Danton/Jefferson. But why trade yet more youth when we already have an agitator.
  11. Did you guys even try? I was asking anyone who came by during 2nd intermission if they were from NJdevs! By 6 mins into the break we had a group of 10 or so people wasnt hard to miss us hehe.
  12. I think Stevenson needs to calm down in the games he seems to take to many penalties. But he did good in that fight.
  13. I second RDs comment on Gionta, he seemed to be rushing everything. And he still gets knocked around a lot. Whenever I follow him on the ice he seems to be on all fours a lot. The passing needs to be worked on. It is why I believe the power play is so aweful. The Devils players kept passing the pucks to teamates and the player had already vacated that spot or the pass was so damn hard it just bounced right to a defender.
  14. Just a last reminder *hands RD a pen and paper* between 232/233 and during the second intermission! I will be wearing a devils jersey I should be easy to spot. Just kidding, looking forward to see all of ya!
  15. Ok 232/233 sounds good! I will either be 5 seats over from IAM or down in row 6 with my friends season tickets seats. Don't know the exact area though. Hope to see everyone tomorrow!
  16. I am glad for the win and all. But really Maddens break out and Brodeur was the only thing that kept this from a loss. The power play was aweful! Was it only Zyuzin holding up the PP in the pre-season or something? It looked on then!
  17. yea, give me some lottery numbers first RD heh
  18. I think they went back to their old jerseys?
  19. Well it sounds like the Swedes have a better attitude about the demotions then Danton would have. I hope we see Berglund soon enough though, he was pretty good in the games he played last year. And the positive is the Rats should have a better showing this year!
  20. Now that is a nice website. I wish the Devils site was that clean. Looks good!
  21. Have fun, hopefully the road team wins. Take notes, I guess most of us will be watching on MSG at 7 as well.
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