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  1. What is their pre-season record? I tried looking everywhere. The Rats official site seems to be under construction as well..
  2. Read your PM KingDevil
  3. That indicated person was removed this morning after first coming to my attention. Topic closed.
  4. Moving to Fantasy hockey forum.
  5. What! Who do you think I am Clarke. Roberts will never by on my team! lol bad enough I had brashear
  6. I got Turco, hes not tooo bad lol. I was gonna draft another goalie but the rest aren't well known to me. I got Elias and Mogily available for a good goalie hehe
  7. I got brashear! I already showed him the door, damn what an embarassment. Damn computer.
  8. I made the levels a little different so people can get out of draft pick faster. Think I set it to 20. The rest are the same as the old board. Might move em around later I guess.
  9. I was actually gonna move helpful posts here for future users to read. Save us some trouble
  10. How long will this run? I am in class till 8, will get home 9ish. Probably will be late, I am gonna edit the auto draft. I think I saw a couple of Rangers on the list heh
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