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  1. Same here, wtf. I have a FiOS one box.
  2. Ahh, Glad All star break is over, did anyone even watch it? LgD!
  3. Thank God, I'm so bored!
  4. Hopefully nobody has breathing and energy issues once the Devs resume skating. Its getting really hard to stay interested in this herky jerky season so far.
  5. #NEWS: Nico Hischier, Sami Vatanen, and Connor Carrick have been placed on the COVID-related absence list. https://t.co/oYti5td3jd
  6. @AATJerseyBlog: The fallout from that weekend series in Buffalo continues to expand. Devils games are also apparently postponed further until at least next week. https://t.co/J7bwzfPEvW
  7. You should try Witcher3 before oblivion, I never play and it was dark and entertaining enough to keep it interesting.
  8. You are right, i added the button to mobile.
  9. Testing spoiler tag @Satans Hockey There is one, its the eyeball in the editor (top right)
  10. Part owner for krakens is becoming new amazon CEO. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/02/jeff-bezos-to-step-down-as-amazon-ceo-andy-jassy-to-take-over-in-q3.html
  11. It's the wording of the tweets and articles,makes it sound like the devils did wrong. Hopefully more information comes out soon.
  12. I hope all are okay and hope the league doesn't overreach with a severe roster penalty like draft picks. Make it a financial one.
  13. Buffalo is flipping out on the league apparently the devil's were light on being upfront with the covid-19 info
  14. Let's stop the usual inane calling out for one thread and agree we wish our players well, eh?
  15. https://www.nj.com/devils/2021/02/devils-covid-outbreak-prompts-nhl-to-postpone-upcoming-games-reports-say.html There are now 10 Devils on the NHL’s COVID-19 list: Mackenzie Blackwood, Connor Carrick, Aaron Dell, Andreas Johnsson, Janne Kuokkanen, Michael McLeod, Palmieri, Sami Vatanen, Pavel Zacha and Zajac.
  16. Going to be more than one game if it really spread through the roster.
  17. Man,the audio is still out of sync
  18. Is anyone else's audio really picking up the puck bounces off the boards ? Its so loud compared to the other audio between that at the delay it made me mute the game often.
  19. The refs sucked tonight, so many obvious cringe worthy penalties. The game was still entertaining somehow with the Devils fighting back at times. Onto the next one
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