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  1. LHughes broke that defensive triangle up so easily, he needs to be on the PP unit for now on
  2. Lets go Devils, let's show them what real speed looks like!
  3. Let's go Devils! Right this ship early
  4. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't popping up during action drawing your eye away from where the puck is, or even screening the puck
  5. From a facebook page I randomly saw
  6. Games tomorrow.. who's making the thread? @Colorado Rockies 1976 @NJDfan1711 ?
  7. What a great morning. The Devils earned that win last night fighting poor refs and Shester who was a stone wall. Feels good man
  8. Thank god PK is there, the espn broadcast would be pure blue otherwise
  9. Don't let up and don't take penalties, LETS GO DEVILS!!!!
  10. PK was basically saying refs need to let the game play out or call it evenly.
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