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  1. It's so exciting playing a team with twice your wins, guaranteed good time.
  2. Going to be strange watching NFL next year with no Big ben or Brady
  3. He probably can't see the thread since you started it.* *Made the first post when I split it to its own topic since its pretty major news.
  4. Thank god there is a long Allstar break in there to buy them some time to heal.
  5. And this news straight up had me wondering if I could take a beer lunch. Sigh. Such luck lately...
  6. My bad, was typing it quick. meant Govy..updated
  7. He looks happy to be there and with his gifts
  8. Lgd! @NJDevils: #NEWS: We have made the following transactions: ️ Jimmy Vesey has been placed in the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol. Recalled Jesper Boqvist and Marian Studenic from the taxi squad. https://t.co/Jluexo0YzL
  9. Don't say the I name three times in a row, I've seen that movie
  10. Holy crap is half the forum roster on COVID-19 Protocol or something? Get better everyone
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! I got a replica 2000 cup ring for Christmas. My Devils gifts have dwindled lately!
  12. Sorry for your loss Chimaira.
  13. At least make it entertaining, let's go Devils! Ps- COVID is taking over. The pessimistic side of me says enjoy these last few games...
  14. More likely they cut devils out of play if they do their bubble plan again.
  15. Lgd, don't let rivals walk all over you
  16. Great news, almost 2 weeks ahead of first reports. Lets go Devils!
  17. One of my managers lives next door to RZA, says hes never home.
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