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  1. Bing game suspended after one period. Not a good sign
  2. Caps look barely interested anymore. I guess we are back to the at least make it entertaining stage
  3. Wedgewood was a friggin wall at the end of this. Nice win and on national TV!
  4. This homestand basically killed the season. Seriously doubt they catch up with teams already doubling them in points.
  5. Id be happier if that wasn't the same shot that killed our captain
  6. LgD, going to listen on radio. Think my days of matinee watching are over for the season
  7. Aww man, hope Nico is okay. Those pucks to the face always have lingering effects.
  8. Bad turn over by butcher and half of Washington beats him to Blackwood. Great
  9. Ahhh, it's going to be one of these games isn't it.
  10. Sounds like all the players wore #19 jerseys pregame. Was probably overkill doing two special events at once in addition to the 1000 game honors.
  11. Wow, who is this#37 lately. Lol
  12. This really did turn out well done. Kinda shocked at the star power so far
  13. Really Ovie all alone in front on the power play?
  14. Awesome, well deserved.
  15. Holy crap! Im going to tune in just to see that now. Crazy!
  16. That was a great character win!
  17. Holy shit ratface, someone needs to cut him already
  18. Maybe it was the beard slowing him down
  19. Same here, it's one of the few cities I go visit repeatedly. That being, said screw em!
  20. Booooyaaaa! Always nice to blow out the rangers
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