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  1. MSG+. Can the Devils keep ratface off the scoresheet? Can Woods find a way to stay out of the crease? Stay tuned!
  2. Cough, cough, glad I called Mac a future goalie.
  3. Someone's going to kill ratface this year. He inspires too much hatred and familiarity is going to make it worse.
  4. All in all the kids looked better after shaking the rust off. The old players are creaky and forgot to take their vitamins I guess.
  5. I feel you, I'm really not feeling attached to the season yet. It feels all disconnected and sterile.
  6. anyone ever use Fubo tv? Been thinking it over to cut the cord because MSG is on it
  7. k Elias Pettersson Van - C k Max Domi Cls - C,LW k Aaron Ekblad Fla - D
  8. I'll take whatever is left. (Sorry I wanted the illusion of choice).
  9. https://www.totalprosports.com/2020/12/29/lindsey-vonn-pk-subban-announce-breakup-after-year-plus-engagement-pic/
  10. Merry Christmas everyone, I just realized I didn't get the holiday banner up. I didn't get anything Devils related, I guess its faded from everyone's minds with everything going on.
  11. There is going to be so much bad blood between all the teams. I bet this is a banner year for fighting.
  12. Hopefully once the season is really kicking into gear the usual 3-4 posters aren't so prominent in threads, because that is an echo chamber. I am actually surprised how active some people are with this having been such a long off-season.
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