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  1. Post more pics those of you there,see some on Twitter too
  2. I've been at MetLife for Giants games at 9 degrees. It's a windy stadium and no real wind protection, wear gloves and a hat for sure. Let's go Devils!
  3. Not bad, I was worried they were going to go with chrome lol
  4. Apparently a bunch of kids got wounded, a video showed up in my feed of one. My stomachs turning, effed up. Hope they all recover fully
  5. Someone's going to be in the doghouse if this does south.
  6. Second game in a row where we watched to the end for many I bet. It is nice to see the goalies keeping the Devils in the games. Consistent effort and above average skills should be winning the Devils more games like tonight.
  7. Hard to get invested in this season now, Devils need to get on a run but there is no sign of life.
  8. I would have PTSD from a bone break like that. Jeez.
  9. Just disgusted. Can't play to win NHL games with an echl goalie with no rebound control or glove hand.
  10. https://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/sharangovich-credits-devils-coach-with-helping-him-through-ahl Govy talking about Brylin helping him early on. Nice quick article
  11. Jeez, wtf? Even the website doesn't have any mens jerseys anymore
  12. Thats good news, not sure what Fitz can do with that little boost though but at least he isn't dragging our cap down. Still gonna be rough to replace a shutdown center with F/O skills at this stage.
  13. The Kucherov parts were embarrassing. The Allstar game is such a clown show.
  14. I am not even gonna pin this, or the game. The Nations tournament next year should be more interesting
  15. Fuck. Mikey is the one who was texting the victim for it to go away. Only player with two charges on him out of the five. Could he have been the one who brought the victim to the room then? Oh jeez.
  16. Stay at espn PK, we need you to balance out baldy
  17. Nothing has happened today or been reported, why would he delay anymore if a decision had been made I guess. Nothing official
  18. Then there is the other side of this, apparently Fitz is standing pat.
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