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  1. Someone tell McDonough NO ONE cares about who played in St Louis five years ago!
  2. What has happened to FLA defense? It has disappeared.
  3. BTW Henrique's first NHL goal was against PHL with Bobrovski in goal.
  4. Need FL to put NYR on the golf course tonight and give me back my wife. She is the Rangers fan and actually got me into watching hockey. That was on a 14" B&W tv in the 70s. I never saw the Devils play until the 94 ECF.; since we didnt spring for extra channels on cable. By 1999, when our sons were out of college I talked her into letting me get a partial Devils plan- weekend games. Accidentally wound up watching the best team in hockey' s five year run at the SC. God bless her.
  5. Are the toy rats worse than the (one time live) octopi in Detroit?
  6. Or for that matter Messier. His post 3rd period comments were almost comically incoherent.
  7. I am waiting for technology to allow viewers to mute specific voices like Ferraro. Am I too hopeful?
  8. Maurice's response "Nobody's been arrested yet." will outlast this series in playoff history.
  9. Great call by the official who waved off the goal immediately.
  10. Mostly! LOL. Nice pk at the end of 1st
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