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  1. Thanks for filling out the survey (or even letting me know that you would have if you could) Don, thanks for the comment... some of the products that we are targeting for use with our product are irons, hair straighteners, etc.
  2. I just tried to search to see a picture of the new jerseys... and realized that I couldn't explain myself to google "devils new jersey"
  3. eppitek

    Mike broduer

    plus its a different name martin brodEUr vs mike brodUEr
  4. Here is the condition of the pick:
  5. awesome awesome move by lou... i wonder if this will have some influence on the mogilny decision... i mean i know it shouldn't but i just think it will... also.. i was searching through some news articles and 24 hours ago... this article was posted... http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/6017546 i found it funny that the first lines read..
  6. imagine lou got out of it by showing malakhov provided an invalid birthday on his paperwork and his actual birth certificate proves that he is actually 34 on a more realistic note, if lou was not relatively sure that he could get rid of at least mogilny's salary, then he would not have waited this long... there is no way... unless this is the same lou that signed the m&m contracts, there must be some loophole, maybe even with malakhov there (possibly that he did not want other teams to exploit this season also?) or maybe that is just wishful thinking...
  7. thanks for pointing this out as bruins said, its not my site... i just pointed out that a site launched regarding hockey on one of the more popular web 2.0 sites on the internet i was just trying to be helpful and everyone here flips out...
  8. Digg Hockey This is pretty cool... it just launched within the past hour so its not that filled with news right now, but it could provide for a decent place to get some news regarding hockey...
  9. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Soccer/WorldCup/...1676357-ap.html From the article... Players blamed Materazzi for making sure that Zidane ended his sterling career under a cloud. "When I see this, I want to smash his face," France defender William Gallas said. -- Wow I am shocked that the French are blaming the Italians for what happened... and for clarification that French quote is talking about Materazzi...
  10. I think you nailed it here. Faster + A puck moving d-man (like Nieds). I know this is a lot, but if we had nieds + 1 more decent consistent (not necessarily top of line) scoring forward we would have gone a lot further, but that is all the past (especially with the salary cap we now have to deal with).
  11. thanks for the great outlet for talking devils... i can say i was walking in circles after the loss.. but while i was upset.. i just am happy about all of the things we acomplished this year... here's to a great offseason and some clutch signings (and a salary cap increase)
  12. let's go devils!!! they must come out with the same passion as game 4 period 1 and hold it b/c carolina is going to be tough out there tonight (*if possible, edit the title of the thread... it says carolina @ nj)
  13. call me crazy... but despite everything... i didnt totally think they would win tonight.. but i have an odd feeling that we can win the next 4... i dont know whyy.. logic tells me no... but its just i really think we will win these next 4....
  14. i think everyone needs a little koolaid right now
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