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  1. Sooo if I want $10 dollar seats for tomorrows game what time would I have to get there to have a legit shot at getting said tickets?
  2. Please change the intro back to this or something close to it. Intro starts @ 1:14
  3. It did seem like everyone was all lovey-dovey the last few episodes Now everyone is starting to bicker and battle eachother :angry2:
  4. Yeah I saw that, but I didn't like the show it stood still as far as the plot goes. I like the ones that have crazy stuff happening and things are revealed. I wanna see a full on battle between the Losties and the Others. And I hope the rumors that they are gonna kill off Ana Lucia are true because I can't stand her. The next episode looks good I can't wait to see what happens when the clock runs down without hitting the button!
  5. He would probably shyte himself lol
  6. I think Arnott had some back trouble and was for a few games and thats when everything like sorta fell apart. I would love to have him back he's a helluva power forward. Get rid of Kozlov and put Arnott in there that would be sweet.
  7. Soooooooooooooo did this guy fall of the face of the earth or what? It says published early 2005 and obviously it's not for sale yet. Whats the deal?
  8. It sucks that we have to wait till next week for a new episode. However it works out for us Devils fans because of the game tomorrow night. Which is nice.
  9. What about On the Border?
  10. The players on his team looked as though they weren't sure if it had gone in or not and he may have been skating to his bench to celebrate.
  11. I think I was about 9 years old and I had just started playing hockey and my neighbor who had been an avid Devs fan for a long time turned me onto this team who was in the Stanley Cup playoffs at the time... Now I had just started playing hockey and had no idea what the Stanley Cup even was but I saw Claude Lemieux fly down the ice and I was hooked... My family was visiting family in tennessee and I watched game 4 in the hotel room. I threw my devils hat in the air in celebration! I didn't really know what they won but I knew it was good! Of course I spent 5 years after that watching disappointing season after season until 99/00. I remember my dad and I couldn't watch the game in the same room because it was so intense we were yelling at eachother so I was across the hall watching the 2nd OT and when that goal was scored we ran out of our rooms and started screamin and yellin it was nuts! And now in present day my gf of three years (not a devils or a hockey fan before she met me) was complaining that she couldn't watch the game tonight because she is at school in connecticut and its an away game. I love it. I love the Devils always have always will. DEVILS RULE!
  12. Theres a bc sports collectables at the mall near me with a stick signed by Stevens for $99.99
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