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  1. Hey, CRASHER, and everybody else that remembers me here...... Surprise!!! Just figured i'd drop by here in this thread. How is everybody doing here? My good friend LOTCB linked me his post about the idea of trading Marty Brodeur for Backstrom on the Capitals. I was looking over that thread, and decided to take a peak in here, where I used to post quite often. Anyway..... i've been posting on a Rangers forum, and the Rangers section of the HFBoards lately or since i've been gone from here. (yeah, imagine that? A Rangers fan posting on a Rangers board instead ) And in the Wrestling section on the Rangers board I go to, where half of my posts are on that board, I posted a lot of stuff concerning TNA. I hope TNA succeeds and all and gets bigger, and grows, because wrestling needs competition (even though I think wrestling is a dead business thanks to the WWE, and that everyone that used to watch now watch MMA, or the UFC). Here's something I posted about Homicide (TNA wrestler) being interviewed on sirius radio. It looks like that the atmosphere in TNA and how things are being run is just like how the atmosphere and how things were run in WCW. No one there knew who the boss was either for years. This was what one of my worries with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan coming in were. I sincerely hope that Homicide isn't burried, released, or fired now because whenever a Wrestler in the wrestling business speaks his mind, that's what happens. Also heard that Bubba The Love Sponge was fire, or terminated, or whatever. Thank god! Anyway, hope all is well here. Good to see some familiar faces still posting here. This place looks like it's changed a little.
  2. So even though I think the Rangers should've lost last night, but they won, can't really complain about that, I go over to the Rangers Report blog today and find some quote from Tom Renney on Petr Prucha, who played great last night. Anyway, I can't even enjoy the win because of this. Here's the quote on Petr Prucha by Tom Renney..... Some quotes from an AP article:
  3. I'm so glad you brought up the regulation wins. The Rangers only have 1 regulation win since November 24th, which came against Anaheim. But hey, playing for the shootout is good. :-\ The best Defense is a good Offense.
  4. Hey, Colorado Rockies, i'm good. I could be better though if the Rangers were playing better. You? I agree about the over spending, but, Gomez and Drury were the right moves, as they needed to go in a different direction, or North American style and get away from the European style. Play a North/South game, instead of a East/West. I could'nt stand watching Michael "Kazoo" Nylander make all those figure 8's going into the zone. I just think Tom Renney is holding this team's offense back with his system and the defensive 1-4.
  5. It would certainly be interesting.
  6. Hmmmmmmmmm..... Good question. I'm not really sure right now. But if they don't pick it up soon, like starting tomorrow against the Islanders, I think they'll fall from either the 4-6 spot. I'm fearing tomorrow actually as I will be there. Maybe if they get shutout by the Islanders, or just lose, maybe there would be some changes then. You would think they would. If this was any other team, changes would've been made by now.
  7. I just like to tell it like it is. This way if the Rangers get knocked out in the playoffs, I won't be as surprised. Still heart broken though. Has anyone seen what the Rangers winning percentage is? That's their REAL record.
  8. Well it's not his fault if someone overrates him. As Sandis Ozolinsh once said after a game 3 loss to the Devils when he was on the Rangers in 2006 after pinching in the first minute of the game and sucking the life out of the Garden..... "What can ya do?" Figured you Devils fans would get a kick out of that quote I just used if anyone remembers it. Seriously though, I don't know why people overrate players. He's no King.... yet, and he's certainly no queen. I understand it's to just piss Rangers fans off though. The Queen part. What is it? Queen Helen you people say? At least that's what my Devils friend say's when he tries to get under my skin. Even though I know he's kidding around. It's all good though. It's a part of the rivalry. I say good on the Devils and Rangers for actually being relevant again when they play each other.
  9. Btw, if anyone was wondering, I don't HATE Tom Renney. I think he's a good coach for a team that's rebuilding and young. I don't think he's a good coach for veterans. He's a nice guy, but I just feel it's Roger Neilson all over again. Like I said before, he's good enough to get them back to respectability, and the playoffs, but not good enough to take them to the next level. I'm beginning to not like him though. Well i'm in the middle of that process now or have been since last year. But I don't HATE him. Just wanted to clear that up. I just don't feel he's the coach for this team anymore.
  10. Actually I know plenty of Rangers fans, mostly the 400 sections where I sit for games that did complain because they knew that that style of play would'nt get it done for us in the playoffs. IMO and alot of others opinions, Renney's system is too defensive minded. Heh, I guess we just disagree about Renney. (most Devils fans) The Rangers ARE NOT the Devils, as much as Renney would like them to be. Only two teams have perfected that style of play. The old Canadiens teams, and the New Jersey Devils from 1995-2004. I personally cannot stand that style of play. But don't get me wrong, if the Rangers are gonna play that style, at least do it right, or at least do it partly right. I would'nt care if the Rangers played a more offensive style while playing the defensive style. At least parts of it. The Rangers are a very Vanilla team now. They're so predictable. I mean slag him all you want, but at least when Avery was here, you didn't know was gonna happen. He played like he actually gave a crap, and it rubbed off on everyone else. He played like he hated losing. The only other Ranger now that hates losing even more is Henrik Lundqvist. Do Rangers fans overrate him? Yes. But that doesn't make him overrated overall if only one fanbase is doing so. Also that "King" term wasn't even coined by Rangers fans. It came from the New York Papers the day after the Gold Medal win. Where he put on some of the best damn goaltending displays in that championship game and for most of the tournament. You can't fault Rangers fans for using that term. We're just happy that we finally had a new goaltender that we can cheer for. Once that term was on the headline of the papers though, Rangers fans picked up on it. Anyway, point is, a guy like Lundqvist can play for my team any day of the week. Because he HATES losing as he's shown many times. Also, watch the Rangers on a game to game basis, if you can, you'll see that Renney's system doesn't cut it. Playing for shootouts is just so ridiculous IMO. It creates an illusion that they're better than they really are.
  11. HA! Don Maloney was not so good too also. Maloney was responsible for taking Stool Speciman over Zach Parise. And he also took Al Montoya. So Yeah... The funniest thing about that draft was that draft prefview the Rangers aired on MSG at the time. And all they or Don Maloney were doing was hyping up Parise like they were gonna take him. Then when the draft day comes they took Stool Speciman. (Hugh Jessiman) You can't make this sh!t up!!!
  12. Good post and response, Daniel. I guess we'll just agree to disagree on Renney. And yes, I do agree Sather has to go. But he basically has a job for life. Dolan does not care enough to fire him. Glen Sather has rode Gretzky's coatails long enough. The game has passed him by. Glen Sather has never really addressed their needs anyway. But he wont be fired. He'll probably just step down one of these day's :-\
  13. No worries here. I'm not here to talk trash. Just talk Hockey. And I always thought HELL was for anything to be talked about. I know you were kidding though. I'm just saying.
  14. Rangers have a long history of not using players right. He was good enough last year for the All Star team IMO. They're just stupid.
  15. Actually I love how the Devils have been playing this year or lately. More attack IMO. Maybe I Haven't seen them enough, But lately, they have been attacking. And I really liked the idea of 5 fowards out there for their PP. Plus you have a coach in Sutter. There's no way a lunatic (in a good way) like that would put up with poor play or players not performing. Because you know he'd sit them out if they were.
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