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  1. "The 'fan' is a telephone worker, a transit worker, a power-company worker, a steelworker, a teacher, whatever. He has never given up the right to strike and often does [yes, I know this is really a lockout]. When he does, the public is inconvenienced and sometimes the public health and safety are threatened. When a ballplayer strikes, the effect upon the public health and safety is nil. Nor is public convenience disturbed, for that matter. Yet the ballplayer and the owner are called upon to each give up their individual bargaining rights because the 'fan' wants baseball and 'is entitled to get it.'" What do you think of this quote? Do you think that we are really "entitled" to hockey?
  2. I don't like the idea of "borrowing trouble" -- that is, building up fear and anxiety over the unknown future. I think that hockey fans are borrowing trouble over a lockout that -- you know? -- might never happen. I don't think either Gary Bettman or Bob Goodenow are fools. They know that the NHL is struggling for an audience. They know that a prolonged work stoppage is the WORST thing that can happen to the league. All this talk of worst-case scenarios may be shock tactics, a way to get the other side to think of what they might be losing. Remember back in 2002, when baseball threatened to go on strike? At the 11th hour, the two sides got together and worked their differences out. Sept. 15 is more than three months away. Anything can happen. Besides, it's more fun to be an optimist!
  3. I don't know about any of the other Devils, but to me sex with Jamie means snuggling in an eggshell-white bedroom early in the morning, wrapped in a fluffy white comforter, a gentle playful union with not a hint of darkness. And then afterwards, the kids knock on the door. But Jamie and "in the butt" sex? Uh...I don't think you guys want to know!
  4. Those were lucky girls! Thanks for sharing this, ESB. But no one asked if he was a devil or angel?
  5. Ask him if he's a devil...or angel!
  6. ...the "New Yorker", March 15, 2004. There's a story on page 66 about Igor going to see the movie "Miracle". His comments at the end were interesting: "I wish the guys in Hollywood had spent more time, maybe even just five minutes, to show the Russian side of the story. They should have showed a little bit of what happened inside the Soviet camp. But I know American movies are always like that." Do you agree? Warning: There's a guy in a wedding dress on the cover!
  7. Maybe it was just the taciturn Minnesotan in him...
  8. Hmmm...I'm not sure that Derian would want to go out to sea. His skin is so fair...
  9. Why? I have heard that Jamie can be shy and standoffish in fan situations.
  10. http://starrystarrynights.slashcity.net/bobblederi2.jpg http://starrystarrynights.slashcity.net/bobblederi3.jpg http://starrystarrynights.slashcity.net/bobblederi4.jpg http://starrystarrynights.slashcity.net/bobblederi5.jpg http://starrystarrynights.slashcity.net/bobblederi6.jpg
  11. T.J. Simers is the most hockey-phobic writer on the Times, and I normally don't like him, but I still think he made an important point this time. And I don't really dislike Brooks, though I wish he'd chosen Derian Hatcher to be on the 2002 Olympic Team.
  12. A Fair-at-All-Costs Coach? That Would Be a Miracle T.J. Simers February 10, 2004 It's a hockey movie, which ordinarily would make it the worst kind, but knowing ahead of time it didn't end in a tie suggested "Miracle" was going to deliver a satisfying payoff. In fact, the Disney account of the U.S. hockey team's gold-medal victory in the 1980 Olympics was not only uplifting, as you might expect, but entertaining and loaded with the kind of first-rate hockey action you'd expect to see
  13. It's the current one...the one with "Pet of the Year" across the top. ... Now who's going to buy it???
  14. ...the story about Scott Gomez in the latest issue of Penthouse. I wasn't about to spend that much for Scott...now, if it was Jamie, I definitely would! (But I'd like him to be the centerfold, too! )
  15. Hey, Nieuwy...this is what Mike Cammalleri looks like: http://www.lakings.com/team/player_detail.asp?id=127
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