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  1. titans04

    It’s Keefe

    Time will tell, hoping for the best!
  2. Ugh when it comes to the coaching situation imo. When it comes to the 10th pick I would deal it for a player/goalie that would help the team immediately. There's been enough kicking the can down the road as the years go by. Maybe not the right words because it sounds harsh, but I would look to get someone who's going to contribute right away rather than burning another year or two while they hopefully develop. We're not talking top 2 here. I'm pretty sure the odds are at 10 it's a players who's not a given to even start at the NHL level if developed properly.
  3. He wasn't hot when it came to the locker room here for sure. Not sure we need a relax guy. I could be wrong.
  4. IF they didn't I think we have bigger problems. If they did and lost out that's one thing. If they had no interest they made a terrible mistake imo.
  5. More coaching than we've seen in the last few years in under a minute.
  6. kind of the first thing I thought of and the only thing I actually care about too.
  7. Thanks DM for continuing to do all the hard work to keep this place up and running, it's appreciated.
  8. I really hope so but think Toronto may do whatever they can to grab him. Just ugh. Far from ideal imo.
  9. Can't see Rod leaving but you never know. The tie to Seattle would be pretty significant I would think would be the first hurdle. On Cooper I'm confused about all the stuff going around today. I think the only way he leaves TB is on his timeline and choice, very unfortunate. My preference would be 1- Cooper 2- Rod 3-Sullivan Dropping off a cliff - The Rest of the field
  10. pretty nasty with complete sh!t calls/non calls both ways. Caps don't have a prayer if they're gonna keep giving up shortys.
  11. Obviously you're welcome to your opinion and odds are after all the dead seaons you will eventually, well maybe anyway be right and we maybe a real contender. The track record speaks for itself and Fitz letting Ruff hang around and not having a goalie are real. Sure it's a negative that we've won a single round in ~ 10 years. For those that want to continue to have more patience that's fantastic but it doesn't make you a better fan. You want to watch seasons fly by while kids develop, great. We've only done that now for years, 7 if you want to go back to Bratt and Nico. I also think you're choosing to ignore the other part, the list of pieces, the ones not on the "they can leave their stuff in NJ". I bet most of them are back. that's a good thing? Nobody that takes the time and comes here wants to see them fail. If you're banking on the glass is half full, great. I don't think Fitz deserves the benefit of the doubt. I think the organization is tone def at best or don't see it as anything more than a business with the 9% increase in ST prices. Honestly those people are the real fans to burn their money year after year. I'd love crow hot or cold. In the meantime it's the last thing I need to worry about.
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