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  1. is offically dating a college graduate...congrats baby!

  2. ohhh man i miss the swamp and my season tickets...and you! <---bobby holik lol never gets old
  3. So I know I suck at keeping up with my posts on here for like the past 3 years, so if anyone wants to come punch me in the face, or buy me a beer. no idea where i'm sitting yet though lol
  4. here's something fun, when i posted "1,000 win for my boys, let's go devil's!" on my facebook page, one of my ranger fan friend's best responce was "oh did you mix up win record with attendance?" HAHAHAHAHAHA...last arena buddy...got anything else? aren't ranger fans just precious?
  5. hell of a game, it was good to see them start playing like a team. washington scared the crap out of me in the start of the game
  6. i still hate gome, but again i didn't like him much when he was a devil either
  7. i'm a cdt, certified dog trainer, i work for best friend's dog training. it's the most well known and successful dog training business on long island
  8. i have a picture of the hoes lane sign! i was in nj with some friends and we saw it and almost died laughing
  9. i love how every night we have a pre-season game i have to teach an hour group class 30 mins away from my house, 30 minutes after the game starts so by the time i get home i get to watch the last 3 minutes of the game if there were plenty of stoppages!!! btw...love the isles pics hilarious, i think we all know how i feel about the isles...
  10. wow, that's pretty awesome...makes me proud t be back with you guys.
  11. haha allright! i'm back...to all those who asked who i am, bitch, i'm gordie i missed my catch phrase lol see you in hell! the forum that is
  12. I miss everyone...anyone miss me? If so...consider me back!
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