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  1. My best in person game.
  2. Just picked up an Adidas White Retro jersey from TJ Maxx for $16.99
  3. Anyone have the video clip with the young kid who was really excited about a Blake Coleman goal?
  4. The negative to that is if they discover you don't need to be physically present to do your job they'll be able to replace you with someone cheaper much easier.
  5. andy

    Fantasy Football

    When is the draft?
  6. I agree with you except for that last part. I'd only root for Colorado if they were playing the Rangers, Flyers or Penguins.
  7. Lol. I actually became a Devils fan because my cousin annoyed me so when I started following hockey I picked the Devils to go against her.
  8. No one is going out to buy a Barzal jersey. Sometimes we even sit shoulder to shoulder with Rangers fans at family gatherings. It's just too shocking. I'm from NJ. NY is not a rival city to me, it's where a hockey team that I hate plays but it's where other teams that I root for are.
  9. My point is that NY isn't a rival city for me in other sports. There isn't a Jersey baseball or basketball team. I'm a Mets fan & have become a Knicks fan & still remember my daughter when she was little cheering for the Islanders "lets go Mets colors, lets go!"
  10. Every other team I root for is from NY or named NY. 2 of them also wear blue and orange.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing the Islanders win. Once the Devils are eliminated I'll pick someone to root for or I can't watch. I've been watching a lot of the Western Conference playoffs and pick a team for each series.
  12. One of the 2 worst endings to a game I've ever been to. Game 5 of the 2015 WS is right there.
  13. I like the overall design better than the current jersey. I just don't like the green at all.
  14. I'll never get tired of that clip. Best game I've ever been to, I was in the lowers on the other end of the ice. Had no idea who scored.
  15. andy

    Playoff Beards

    I started my Playoff beard on Sunday. Hope it's around for a long time.
  16. They're in because they took Nico instead of Nolan.
  17. Someone from the Western Conference.
  18. That was an amazing play, reading his article in the Players Tribune just shows how much extra work he put into being a great player.
  19. For some reason the road jersey looks worse to me, but I wish they'd go back to home whites.
  20. It was a lot easier for me to get home from CAA, I miss tailgating.
  21. What do the Devils have against weekend day games?
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