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  1. 7 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    When life eventually returns to "normal", it will be interesting to see how many former daily commuters who were forced to work from home (and able to do so effectively and with no real consequences to their performance) will then insist that they should be able to do it either full- or part-time from that point on.  My brother works for Citigroup in NYC, and he said that both he and many of his colleagues were definitely thinking about that possibility once it was announced that they would be working from home for the foreseeable future...if they could later parlay that into "We really don't need to show up every friggin' day of the work week!"  

    Though the current traffic volume will obviously blow back up here in NJ in time, there's a part of me that wonders if it will only be 85 - 90% of the pre-corona volume.  Or even a little less.  

    The negative to that is if they discover you don't need to be physically present to do your job they'll be able to replace you with someone cheaper much easier.

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  2. 40 minutes ago, thecoffeecake said:

    I fvcking can't stand the offsides challenge rule, the worst rule in hockey by a mile. Calling a goal off because someone was millimeters offsides on the other side of the play, getting off the ice, is the worst application of offsides I've ever seen. That is totally beyond the scope of the point of the rule. Tell the genius who first slapped a blue line on the ice and came up with the offsides concept about what just happened, they'd probably vomit.

    Now I want the Avs to win the cup. 

    I agree with you except for that last part.  I'd only root for Colorado if they were playing the Rangers, Flyers or Penguins.

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  3. Just now, mfitz804 said:

    I was on your side right up to this moment. 

    Lol.  I actually became a Devils fan because my cousin annoyed me so when I started following hockey I picked the Devils to go against her.

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  4. 4 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    That's fine, you get to do whatever you want. Buy a Barzal jersey and jump on the bandwagon. You have all the right in the world. But new york is a rival city to our team and our fan base at large. The only redeeming qualities of any new york fan base is that some of you guys (devils fans and jersey folks) join them sometimes. You guys are the exception. If jersey had 4 teams, new york would be a universally hated sports market. Ii'm not going to be more sympathetic to those animals because we happen to only have one. I know plenty of jersey fans that have new york teams they support, but hate all the others on principle because they're new york teams. I certainly don't know any that feel any special kinship to the new york sports scene because they are Mets or giants fans, like yiou seem to be expressing. But you get to feel however you want about anything. 

    I don't understand how you guys sit shoulder to shoulder with rangers fans at Knicks and Mets games, quite honestly. But we're in a difficult position as people from Jersey. We have to do it. I know most of you feel the same way about philly, and I get it. I fully support everyone's hatred of philly teams. Some of you have taken the high road and said devils and out of market teams only, because fvck new york and philly. Hats off. 

    The islanders can be a bit of an exception, because they're a LI team. I don't hold quite the same resentment for that reason, but it still says NY. On principle, I'll always want nothing but failure for NY teams. If I supported one or two, I'd still hate the rest. 

    That's my poorly constructed take after losing 3 other drafts of this. You get to disagree and go to the isles parade if you want, no one's stopping anyone. 

    No one is going out to buy a Barzal jersey.  

    Sometimes we even sit shoulder to shoulder with Rangers fans at family gatherings.  It's just too shocking. 

    I'm from NJ.  NY is not a rival city to me, it's where a hockey team that I hate plays but it's where other teams that I root for are.  

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  5. On 4/22/2019 at 9:36 PM, thecoffeecake said:

    That's nice, but I don't quite understand your point. Are you telling me you're an Isles fan? Every other team I root for is in Philly, I still think Devils fans should cheer against Philly teams as a general rule. It's a rival city. You wanna support New York on your time, that's fine, but it's a rival city. 

    My point is that NY isn't a rival city for me in other sports.  There isn't a Jersey baseball or basketball team.  I'm a Mets fan & have become a Knicks fan & still remember my daughter when she was little cheering for the Islanders "lets go Mets colors, lets go!"    

  6. 9 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    I don't hate the islanders brand, like I don't see the logo and want to vomit, but it's a new york team. For that simple reason, I hate them, like all Devils fans should. We're from New Jersey. 

    Every other team I root for is from NY or named NY.  2 of them also wear blue and orange.

  7. I wouldn't mind seeing the Islanders win.  Once the Devils are eliminated I'll pick someone to root for or I can't watch.  I've been watching a lot of the Western Conference playoffs and pick a team for each series.

  8. 8 hours ago, Kinkyisth3b3st said:

    I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever watch that. I was in section 230, row 2, seat 7. My season seats. I don’t remember what the goals looked like; I remember the game tying goal was after 5 different Devils had chances to clear the puck and couldn’t, and then I remember the game winner was especially soft.

    I have never felt a bigger gut punch from a sporting event. Ever. I fvcking loathe Carolina because of 2009.

    One of the 2 worst endings to a game I've ever been to.  Game 5 of the 2015 WS is right there.

  9. 56 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

    I like those much better than the current Adidas. Been wanting a Nico so this might be a way to get one in a jersey I actually like. Wonder if the GI’s of these will be more expensive because of how infrequently they’ll be wearing them? 

    I like the overall design better than the current jersey.  I just don't like the green at all.

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  10. On 2/23/2018 at 8:05 PM, Daniel said:

    This one has always been my favorite.

    A close second.

    Otherwise, my earliest memory of him, which might be wrong was about how he was in Lemaire’s doghouse.  So sometimes you just can’t give up on people, and GMs probably should not listen to my talent evaluations.

    Oh, and I went to college in Philly.  One sports radio show host would always talk about how Elias was a Flyer killer and he hated Elias, the Devils and all Devils fans.  Feels good to be appreciated.

    That was an amazing play, reading his article in the Players Tribune just shows how much extra work he put into being a great player.

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