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  1. Any other Office fans immediately think of this scene... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nuq7XPfjZc
  2. I agree with this. Let's be honest for a second, we keep saying Brunner is this player with all these skills, but if those don't translate into legitimate scoring opportunities...what's the point? It's like having a flashy car sitting in your garage without an engine. Tootoo may be a downgrade skill wise but at least he gives you the ability to create some grit plays. And I'm not under the notion that we need grit, but if you want to change the dynamic for a game this makes the most sense. Also, maybe this is a message to Brunner that "yeah, your legs look great, but how about a little finish"
  3. I haven't posted in about 3 years, so this should show you how optimistic I am about this year. LETS GO DEVILS!!
  4. optimum online in NYC does anyone know the channel?? can't find this game

  5. I need to regain my pride after last years debacle. Count me in.
  6. Don't even mention that guys name.
  7. just got back from the hambo. great time but only cashed 1 ticket

  8. I'm all about heading to AC, so I don't mind this move at all.
  9. The NHL all-star game is unwatchable.
  10. I'm in. I hate Roties. for baseball it is annoying to me. Head to Head Total Points is the way. Specific stats make it rought sometimes as well. Just my two cents but i'm in regardless.
  11. Rinne, C. Mason, and Brian Elliot all on the block. Looking for DMan.
  12. I have no words. When did we become the Hurricanes and the Leafs become us?
  13. Walter looks like his has cinderblocks attached to his skates.
  14. Looks like Fraser just banged up his hand a bit.
  15. Peters in for Pikka is a mistake. Fourth line has been playing real well as a unit no need to put the meat noggin in the lineup and screw things up.
  16. So Texas vs. Texas Tech womens basketball anyone? Let's be serious.
  17. Pavelski package took some thought but I needed another netminder and unloading a RW helps me be more flexible. I continue to also look for a high point DMAN any one of my RW's are still available.
  18. Missing the first 5 rounds of the draft really killed me as my pre-draft rankings were done with thought of me being back by the 2nd; not the draft I expected to say the least. I have a ton of depth at the RW position and would be willing to part with pretty much any piece for help at the G or D position. My RW situation is currently: Erat Pavelski(also C) Bertuzzi (also LW) Byfuglein Kovalev Horton (also C) I've solidifed my C position with Fisher getting me points on the FW end, and with Horton and Pavelski being drafted as mainly C options they are both now expendable. Again, I need serious
  19. Our 4th line really stood out to me that period I thought they played very well.
  20. Fowler or Hall? would like to formally issue a statement saying they are in search of a #1 goaltender. This is a rebuilding year for the franchise but as an organization we owe it to our fans to continue to put the best possible product on the ice. Need a bon-a-fide #1 Tradeable assests include: Chris Mason (I am looking to ship him and another higher level player for a legit #1 and a lower level player) Dustin Bust-a-move Joe Pavelski Alex Kovalev Todd Bertuzzi
  21. At the 2:15 mark of the video he's the mullet that get dropped like a sack of potatoes
  22. Simple mechanics errors taking place to keep this arguement going. If the questions is: Did a similar event take place in a game between Philly and Ottawa in 2004 the answer is YES. If the question is: Was the game suspended due to penalties the answer is NO. We all good now, because multiplication tables are next.
  23. Ty Conklin is the quintessential back-up goalie.
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