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  1. I thought Zajac was finished after last season but he has been excellent to begin this season.  The team has really, really needed him too - hopefully they can cut back on his ice time when Nico returns.

    Best game of the season so far, there were definitely problems but they outplayed the Islanders, and what a great night for Wedgewood too, good for him.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

    one reason - money.

    the devils can also offer term which looks like all this guy wants.

    with that said, i am unclear on if you can only protect one goalie or you must make available one goalie for expansion. so if the devils sign lehner lets say to 3/15 and give him an NMC (which based on his last couple years, i'd bet he'd insist on), does that mean they have to expose blackwood?

    Why would the Devils give Lehner term?  They have Blackwood.  And yes, they can only protect 1 goalie for expansion, so it would mean exposing Blackwood or Lehner.

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  3. Studenic was also drafted in the 5th, and Rykov - the Devils have missed a lot of 5ths over the last few years with Lou, they traded them in 2010, 2013, 2015. 

    I don't particularly like the Simmonds trade, but on the other hand, the Devils have some RWs that they should get some time for here.  Joey Anderson has played very well since his recall, Merkley too.  

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  4. 8 minutes ago, sundstrom said:

    @Triumph is like a ghost and pops up with the perfect image. Bravo good sir. You just needed the "There's no Coleman here" to really drive it home (although of course i got it).

    it was really just for you - can't expect everyone to understand a throwaway line from a 37 year old movie.  

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  5. This is the first game I've seen since the Christmas break - glad I wasn't a jinx.  Solid game against a decent team.  Devils played them even and got a bounce.  Blackwood was great.

    I still don't like the R-R/L-L pairings.  Let's see less of that in 2020, please.

    Glad the broadcast highlighted Gusev's insane fake mishandle of the puck on the PP - I was pretty sure live that that was deliberate and had to go back to check.  Sure enough.  A bit ballsy to do it while up 1 in the 3rd period.

    The Islanders seem to have a ton of plugs.  I don't know how they have won so many games.

  6. Before this game, I wanted the Devils to get 30 shots on goal if they were ahead most of the game and 35 if they were behind - they're playing the most porous defense in the league.  They were ahead most of the game and got 44.  Huge performance.  One to build on, I hope - they're not going to score 7 goals in a game for the rest of the season, probably, but this at least shows that they can be good against bad teams, now the challenge is to be okay against good teams.

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  7. They didn't play all that great but they didn't play poorly, either.  Huge blown coverage on the only goal they gave up.  Anaheim was tired as they played last night.  

    Devils are making teams make mistakes with their speed.  That's good.  

    Blackwood is making saves, that is also good, as he wasn't doing this early in the season.

    The ice at Prudential Center is just awful.  That should be the biggest offseason investment if possible - some way to improve the ice.  A speed team like this should not be playing on ice this bad.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, titans04 said:

    Dude- Simmonds is neither here nor there. He's placeholder on a garbage team who will be long forgotten before things turn around. And whatever we get for him will more than likely be a AHL'er. The odds of that moving the NHL clubs needle his against the odds. For every 2nd and 3rd round picks that turn into successful NHL plays there are hundreds that don't. Frankly if you want to dig deeper how many have we successfully groomed through affiliated AHL teams over the years? I bet it's a really small %.

    Or we can pretend we'll get something for Wayne that will immediately improve the big club.

    I mean, you made a statement that was incorrect - most players dealt at the deadline are traded for picks, not prospects - and are now digging deeper by moving the goalposts.  How in the world are there 'hundreds' of 2nd and 3rd round picks that are unsuccessful versus each one that is?  That too is ridiculous, and you can just pick a year and find even in the most dismal seasons that there are at least 2 or 3 players from each of those round that make a fine NHL career.  So yes, there are 8-10 unsuccessful picks for each successful one, but Simmonds was signed for zero risk this off-season.

  9. 18 minutes ago, titans04 said:

    He could maybe bring back a middle of the road guy for Binghamton at the deadline and we would probably need to retain salary.

    The Devils will likely retain salary on Simmonds but 'a middle of the road guy for Binghamton' - I doubt very much that will be the return for him.  2nd or 3rd round pick depending on how the rest of his season goes.

  10. 6 minutes ago, NLinfante said:

    NJ does not have a second (Subban trade) or a third (Gusev trade) this year, so having the two first round picks is pretty solid work by Ray, even if the rest of the return is spotty at this point.

    If Hall resigns or if the Yotes win a round, the extra third in 2021 goes up.

    EDIT - people already made the dumb point I did.

  11. On 12/3/2019 at 7:42 AM, Devilsfan118 said:

    I'm not going to do a deep dive here (and I'm not asking anyone else to) but it just blows my mind that we're still this bad after so many years of being absolute trash. Coaching is the primary problem, probably, but looking at this roster..

    Outside of the two 1OA's there really isn't a ton of talent throughout this roster. Not having a blue chip prospect on D is more or less inexcusable in my opinion after tanking for the better part of a decade. Maybe Smith finally sticks next year, but I'm not going to count him as a blue-chip just yet.

    It's been said a thousand times on this forum that nothing is guaranteed with tanking, but you look at a team like Colorado right now.. that's an exciting team with a ton of talent on the roster that still has a ton of growing to do. 

    My faith in Shero is... Let's say, I'm starting to develop some doubts.

    I know this was asked before Hynes was fired, but you have to go through the league and see where players come from to realize just how little the Devils are going to end up having from the final 4 drafts that Conte was presiding over, and these are drafts where I mostly think he did okay - part of it was that he was working without picks almost every year.  I did this breakdown on HF a month ago so I still have everything handy, here's the list of players/assets the Devils have as a result of drafting and trades from the various draft years:

    2002:  Greene*

    2004:  Zajac

    2008:  Vatanen (via Henrique+3rd+UFA)

    2009:  Zetterlund (via Eric Gelinas)

    2010:  Schmid (via Scott Wedgewood)

    2011:  Hall (via Larsson), Coleman

    2012:  Severson

    2013:  Wood, Schneider

    2014:  Hayden

    2015:  Zacha, Blackwood, Palmieri (via 2nd+3rd round pick), Seney

    2016: [Beau Bennett]

    * - would've been draft-eligible that year

    [] - player was acquired with draft pick acquired by previous regime, is no longer with organization

    In a year the Devils missed the playoffs (2013), they have a 3rd/4th line forward and awful goalie to show for it now.  What do you think good teams now have from the 2013 draft - a draft, which by the way, was not all that special - but has still produced several solid NHLers?  2014 was also not special, but it was also a year the Devils missed the playoffs - they've got John Hayden to show for it 5 years later.  Knowing what we know now, a GM would have to have stolen a good goalie or signed one UFA to make this into a good team, and that's with the excellent trades for Hall and Palmieri.

    Not counting Ty Smith as a blue-chip prospect is just changing the definitions of words.  Name 5 D currently playing outside the NHL who are property of an NHL team who you'd rather have.  You might be able to do this - naming 10 is likely not possible.  He is a blue-chip prospect.  He would be the best D prospect in the system of more than half the teams around the league.  That doesn't mean he's going to be an NHL star or NHL regular - plenty of blue-chip prospects have failed to become NHLers.  'Waiting to see more' just means waiting until he isn't a prospect anymore.

    This team should be better than it is.  The coaching staff has failed to get the best out of anyone in the early stages of this season.  There's been some trades that haven't worked out - Bennett, Mueller, probably Gusev, possibly Subban, and Johansson was largely a wash.  McLeod probably won't play in the NHL much or well.  Still, there is a lot of hope for the future, and while the NHL standings don't reflect it enough, there's been some massive upgrades.

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  12. 52 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    This is really stupid.  You’re basically saying they should have tried to out tank the Leafs and maybe have gotten a shot at Matthews.  Because otherwise, it’s highly debatable whether they’re getting a player in that draft who is better than Nico.

    And of course, even without a tank they could have drafted someone who would be their best defenseman right now and still have ended up with Nico unless we’re doing the whole butterfly effect thing.  And just to be clear, I’m not eating Castron’s lunch for going with McLeod over McAvoy or Chycrun.  It happens, I get it.  But I just don’t get this organic necessity some people have to say absolutely nothing is Ray Shero’s fault to the point that they’re actually denying that the goal for the rest of the season is to tank.

    I'm absolutely not saying that.  Where the fvck would you think that I am saying that?  What in the world would make you think that that post was saying 'The Devils should've tried to out tank the Leafs?'  How can you possibly interpret my post to say that?

    And then you strawman into trying to talk about tanking again - all right, I'm done.  Not responding to anything you say here or on HFboards.

  13. 7 minutes ago, Antiquated Colorado Rockie said:

    I don't think it's another rebuild either but at some point you do have to win. It's year 5. I'm a Shero guy and I don't want him fired as of now but at some point you have to win and not just say, 'well we were really bad x years ago when I started' , 'well we were really bad x+1 years ago when I started'. 'Well, . . . .

    What has delayed the rebuild is that the first two first round picks were Zacha and McLeod and a very mediocre coach hire.

    I hate responding in this thread, but 2015 is the big goof-up.  2016, McLeod, yeah, he's not going to be an average NHLer, or anything close probably - does anything from that draft picked after him really move the needle?  I like Chycrun and McAvoy, neither are stars, and nothing else from that 1st round is really exploding yet.  The real problem is 2016 was them picking 11th with the team they had.

  14. Just now, Daniel said:

    Answer these two questions.  Are the Devils a very bad team right now?  And will every personnel move that Shero makes from now to the end of the season result in the Devils being a worse team right now?

    I don't think the Devils are a very bad team right now - I think they've gotten very poor results and have very bad goaltending, and if they don't improve, they will continue to be bad.  I think the offense should be better than it has been, that's the major place the team must improve.  

    I certainly don't think every personnel move that Shero makes from now until the end of the season will result in the Devils being a worse team this season.  They might pick up someone on waivers who can help augment their depth.  They might call up someone from Binghamton who ends up outplaying a regular.  These are moves that Shero has made in past seasons when the Devils have been bad and he will make them again, if the opportunity presents itself.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    This has been an awful team since last season.  They have lost significantly more games than they have won, and have scored significantly fewer goals than they've allowed.  I'm not betting on Blackwood and Domingue all the sudden putting up a .920 save percentage and I'm not betting on Nassradine turning into Scotty Bowman all the sudden.  You add that to the fact that the team's best player is getting traded for things that will not immediately help the team and probably very soon, what you have is a team that is going to get worse than it already is.  It's basically a syllogism and moving the goal posts to say they didn't make me the goalie doesn't change that.

    I'm the one moving the goalposts?  Tanking has a very obvious definition.  It is deliberately making the team worse in order to lose games.  That's not why the Devils will be trading away their UFAs.  They will be trading them in order to recoup value so as to not lose them for nothing.  You know, like just about every team who is clearly out of the playoffs does, every year.  Tank moves are deliberately holding players out of the lineup who might help it, trading a good goalie for a worse one, and so on.  They are comparatively rare in hockey, but they have happened.

  16. 1 minute ago, SterioDesign said:

    The whole trading thing has nothing to do with Lou or Ray, it's about the approach. I've been vocal and criticizing both of them for risking going in the season without trading them if they didn't re-sign already. 

    The Devils would have been better off long-term trading Parise and they will be better off trading Hall cause clearly he does not plan on re-signing here. You don't want to lose a guy like this for nothing.

    You want us to keep Hall even if he has no intention of staying? How is trading a guy who wants to leave = tanking?

    We're not contenders this year, there's literally no point in holding on to a guy like hall when we can get assets for the future.

    It's tanking when you just make up definitions of words to suit your argument and then get mad at everyone for not just accepting your new definition.

    Teams out of the playoffs trade players to teams in the playoffs every year.  Hell, Ottawa didn't have a first round pick of their own last season so they had huge incentive at least from a PR standpoint to finish out of the cellar and yet they didn't manage to.

  17. 3 hours ago, Daniel said:

    Right now the Devils are the second worst team in the league where it matters, so just stop with whatever fake numbers you want to throw in there to say they actually aren't a bad team.  From all indications, a Taylor Hall trade could happen very soon.  Sami Vatanen will likely be traded along with virtually everyone else on an expiring contract.  And their interim coach is a guy who has no head coaching experience who is pretty much attached at the hip to and a clone of the guy you just fired. 

    Here on planet Earth we call an already very bad team that is trading away its best players for assets that will not immediately help the team and not meaningfully addressing a terrible coaching situation tanking, because that's what's happening. 

    You cannot help yourself from projecting what you believe on to literally everybody else.  The Devils are not tanking.  They didn't call up Schneider and demote Blackwood.  They haven't traded all of those guys away yet - they probably will, but it wouldn't shock me if they made offers to Simmonds and Vatanen to stay, depending on how the rest of the season goes.  They didn't hire Nasreddine in order to tank - they could've just kept Hynes for that, if they wanted to.  Nasreddine's mandate will not be to deliberately lose games - they could've just hired Horacek or Noel if they wanted to do that, two guys who won't be head coaches again and probably don't want to be.  Instructing the coach to lose -that is tanking.  You tank when your team is DELIBERATELY TRYING TO LOSE GAMES.  THAT IS THE DEFINITION.  You don't just get to change the definitions of things because you don't like how things are going.  When the Devils call up Schneider and he's posting an .870 in Binghamton, I'll agree, that's what they're doing.  Until then, they're going to try to win.

    They've been a bad team for the first 25 games.  If they get some goaltending and the offense can pick up, they may be an okay team for the next 25.

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  18. The Devils aren't tanking the rest of the season.  Jesus christ.  

    Anyway, some metrics have Subban as atrocious and some have him as just fine.  I don't particularly care for points as a measure of anything - Subban's been unlucky by points, that much should be obvious.  He's also been unlucky by goals - the Devils are shooting 5.36% with him on the ice, 9.5% with him off the ice.  This has a little to do with him but not very much.

    Subban's managed to keep R-R pairings afloat territorially, that's usually a pretty good sign.  I don't know why they're insisting on going R-R with Subban - he's not an offensive dynamo anymore.  If anything, his strength is now defense - they should be putting a lefty with him.  He's made some positioning mistakes, as have all the D.  I don't think he's washed up by any means, but he's obviously not the great defenseman he once was.

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