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  1. Permanent LTIR only works if the player is ready to retire. I don't think Cory Schneider is ready to do that.
  2. Schneider didn't look done at the end of last season. And buying him out would've stuck a lot of money on the Devils' cap for 6 years. So I get that decision, and he still might recover, but they can't have stretches like this. Granted I don't even think Cory was that bad last night - lot of tipped pucks that ended up top corner - but he just hasn't been good this season yet, at all. Devils goalies have an even strength save percentage of .813 when the Devils have a lead. And that's the problem with discussing this season. The Devils skaters have had sh!tty games to start the year. They've been bad against Philadelphia and Boston and Buffalo. That Florida game sucked as well - the Devils came out with nothing in the 3rd period. That cannot happen. Last night was probably the first game where I thought 'Oh, right, this team has talent and is good and can put pressure on good teams and make them make mistakes'. But the goaltending lets them down.
  3. They all count. No, the Devils probably won't make the playoffs, but I do think they will give us something to cheer for by season's end and no I'm not talking about another #1 overall pick.
  4. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    I mean, again, tonight is not the night for this. Yes, they blew a multi-goal lead. They were dominating the game while they blew that lead. When Tampa scored to make it 5-4, they didn't sag back. They got several high-quality chances and had several good shifts in Tampa's end. PK's stick breaks and they end up giving up a goal that goes in off Hall's skate and stick - it was Tampa's next chance to score and they did. What can you do about that? What is the coach supposed to do? Tell the players to hang back and just allow Tampa in their zone? What is the cure for that?
  5. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    There are no new guys on this forum, it's the same 30 people and mfitz. So okay, one new guy. And you guys have mostly lost your collective minds with the losing this franchise has done over the last few years. I mean, in truth, it was always insane - it's a fan forum and people overreact to wins and losses, that's what they do. But if you're going to say something as ill thought out as 'this is the most embarrassing franchise in pro sports' - then yes, I am going to call it out, because it is ridiculous. The Devils have lost a lot of games the last few years. But they are trying to win. There's 10 franchises in sports that aren't even trying. There's 10 franchises owned by absentee or incompetent owners. The Washington football team. The Dolphins. The Knicks. The Marlins. That's four off the top of my head - teams that are incompetently run that are sticking with incompetence. Teams that just have no realistic chance of long-term success. I'd throw the Raiders in there too though they might be doing well this season. This team is going through a rough stretch but they have the talent to win some games. They might have to get rid of the coach to win. But tonight is not one of the nights where anyone should complain about the coach. The Devils worked a team that had over 100 points last season. They couldn't get the goaltending. They might need help there by season's end.
  6. Teams find ways to lose until they don't. The goaltending has to be fixed - they're not going to win games when the opposition is scoring on 15-20% of their shots. So either one of these guys figures it out or Shero gets someone who can play.
  7. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    You said this when the Devils didn't get Jacob Trouba and the team went out and got PK Subban as well as Simmonds and Gusev. You thought the Devils were going to keep sitting out and keep adding talent through the draft. In other words, you don't know what you're talking about.
  8. They dominated the game at 5-4 and one chance goes into the goddamn net off Taylor Hall. If they play like this in the future, they will win games.
  9. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    Come on, let's hear someone with more hyperbole. Maybe hoping for the team's plane to crash? Or the arena to collapse? Digging up John McMullen's corpse to spit on it? Someone's gotta have a topper for 'I don't care if the franchise moves' and 'This is the most embarrassing organization in sports'
  10. Schneider wasn't that bad today but his overall body of work this season sucks. Lot of shots picked corners tonight and it's impossible to get everything - that Killorn shot is the really weak goal, other than that it's a lot of tips that hit corners or very strong chances. That said, the rebound on Goal 7 was awful and that's what had everyone running around. Blaming Hynes for this game is just a pure lack of understanding of this game. The Devils absolutely worked the Lightning tonight. The coach can't stop the puck.
  11. Larsson doesn't skate well enough to be involved in offense. What Stevens got rid of was Larsson's tendency to wait as long as possible to make the breakout pass, something which was probably relatively successful but which led to him getting constantly caved in by opposing forwards. His body took lots of abuse for the first 3 years he was in the league - it would not surprise me if he is a 60 games a year guy from here on out just because of that.
  12. This sh!t has to go. Moreover, Severson under Stevens played 19 games, 1 goal, 4 assists, 5 points, -9, 19 shots. It's pretty much the worst stretch of his career. But yes, Stevens coaching lifted up his game.
  13. It's not about bans - this site has never been about banning people. It's just about running a more polite site. I've certainly used the censored curses on here plenty but I just wouldn't do it on a post asking for things to be more PG13. (I'm not a mod and would like that to be removed from my profile)
  14. to be fair, while i agree with this statement, it was also requested to keep it PG-13, which I guess this technically does but not really.
  15. I don't know how Nico Hischier is 'unproven'. Anyway that's the only way you ever get any value is by betting on players who might be better than their results have shown so far. The Devils are almost certain to not recoup full value on a Taylor Hall contract even though he's much more proven, because most teams are aware of what his value should be, and are willing to pay him for too long to produce those results.
  16. Have some self-awareness - you and CR76 and the rest high-fived each other for slamming him. 'I miss him'. Pathetic.
  17. Yeah, I agree they were harder on pucks tonight, but I think their game against Edmonton was better. Although I will say I liked the penalty kill when I saw it, which was pretty frequently. As for Simmonds, he is not big. He is taller than the average NHLer, but he weighs 185, which isn't tiny but is certainly below the average.
  18. The Devils goals were as follows - A shot off the mask that somehow went in five-hole A goal off a faceoff rebound A goal off a player's ass A goal that basically came as the result of a defender's stick breaking in the middle of play An empty-netter I know the Devils got chances they didn't convert on, but they definitely got plenty of breaks on the offensive end.
  19. Didn't get to watch all of this one with the Yankees on, but I didn't get the sense that the Devils played all that well. They just got some breaks and Blackwood played well. There seemed to be more attention to detail, but then breakdowns like goal #1 where Hughes is skating around covering nothing.
  20. PK Subban does not have no idea how to clear the crease. He got outpositioned on that 6th goal but it didn't help that there were 2 Panthers and Severson was off covering nothing.
  21. I'm not suggesting that, which is why this discussion is so asinine. I'm saying the coaching staff didn't put players in a position to succeed and that that is bad. I'm being told that coaching is the problem with the team.
  22. I doubt you can define either analytics or a cargo cult. But it's fun to talk about like that, certainly. R-R pairings were a big reason why things went so poorly today in the D zone. It's playing players in positions they are not comfortable in and they have to make a lot of quick reads from a different part of the ice. Carrick is not used to defending a shooter coming in from that side as Connolly was.
  23. Again, you're talking without knowledge. Teams go L-L. Teams rarely go R-R, and the results of R-R pairings have been historically worse than L-L pairings.
  24. Repeatedly blowing leads is an issue of having R-R pairs in that that makes your team worse. It makes them worse offensively and defensively. That's the point I'm trying to make. Just yelling about 'it's the coaches' doesn't say anything. Part of it is the situations they're putting the players in. They had R-R pairs on the PK today also.
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