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    Fire Hynes

    There is absolutely no way you will hold to this. Like, why even say something so obviously false?
  2. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    That classic coach's loss where the starting goalie leaves due to injury.
  3. The Devils just went through a season where they had a 19 year old from Sweden who had not played in a long professional season before. Jesper Bratt was basically done by the All-Star break in 2017-18 - he was totally ineffective down the stretch run. The idea of load management for Boqvist - letting him ease into the NHL, even though he is almost certainly better than some of the players they are dressing now - is a good one. He's 20 and he's used to playing an SHL schedule - 51 games last season with much lighter travel than the NHL. He will get his games.
  4. The Devils expected Smith to win a spot in training camp. They didn't not keep him in order to protect Rooney and Hayden - they wanted him to win a spot and if he had, one of those guys would've been waived. The fact that Friedman's now reporting that the Devils want to trade for a defenseman means they expected Smith to win a spot in camp and he didn't. The fact that the Devils were able to reverse their expectations once Smith didn't do the things necessary is a sign of good management - bad management would've just stuck with the prior assumption and hoped he would work his way out of the troubles he was having - bad management hopes things are true because they want them to be true. They also get the added benefit of not starting Ty Smith's contract this year, something which will help them in 2022-23 if Smith is even a decent NHLer.
  5. The access to preseason numbers has really denigrated the quality of conversation about these matters - 3 or 4 preseason games means nothing. Rooney is probably a territorial drag, but his role is to sit in the press box and work real hard in practice. He shouldn't play more than 40 games, and he shouldn't play more than a few shifts above the 4th line all season long. As long as the Devils recognize what this guy is, there shouldn't be any issues. You could try to build an NHL roster without these players but it would be tough - a 13th forward should be, almost definitionally, not a player who should be playing in the league regularly.
  6. I saw this, it happened with about 5 minutes left; he went off favoring one side and didn't come back, but odds are it's nothing.
  7. So glad for preseason to be over. Devils didn't play great but Cory did and they got some real huge chances - Columbus's only real big chance was that early breakaway from Atkinson. Devils had a 3 on 0 and another breakaway besides.
  8. Lack of urgency may be the fear of making a mistake and not laziness. If you read anything at all about Smith, his commitment to the game seems pretty total.
  9. NHL player visas do not typically take a week or more to obtain. Otherwise we would see European players miss a week when they are traded from Canadian to American teams but that does not happen.
  10. This is customary for players who are not on signed contracts.
  11. I don't think a lot needs to be said about Hughes, who has an incredible sense of where pucks should be going. Simmonds and Hall both looked rusty at times. Would've been nice if Simmonds could've avoided fighting one of the Rangers' AHL crew but so be it, he made it through the game. McLeod's goal was obviously lucky and he didn't have a great game otherwise. He does look better than last season so far, goals aside. Jacobs didn't look like an NHL player tonight. Blackwood looked decent, although he didn't appear to be tracking the puck great.
  12. Gusev is world-class at deceiving a defense/goalie about his intentions. His other skills might not all translate to the NHL, but his pass to Hischier tonight was something that only a handful of guys in this league can pull off regularly. He got me twice in the game against Boston too. Defenders will figure this out eventually but it will still give him time and space to shoot instead of pass.
  13. The Devils stopped using Rock n Roll Part 2 somewhere in the mid 00s decade - here's a youtube video of them using Ole in 2007: But yeah here's the You Suck from 2006: I didn't see many games in 2004 and Youtube wasn't around. But yeah I would've said 2008-09 as the real peak of awareness of You Suck but it did come earlier.
  14. You suck is not 20-25 years old, c'mon now. It's 10 years old. And it sucks. It's a tradition 'stolen' from hockey hotbed Nashville (and maybe some college teams or something).
  15. It's a preseason hockey game. The audience for that is tiny.
  16. It costs money to pay everyone involved with producing a hockey broadcast. It may be cheaper to have nothing on instead of the game.
  17. He's wearing the number he will wear in Binghamton. And he might make the team if there's multiple injuries on D.
  18. I mean, yeah, Zacha probably doesn't finish out this contract with the Devils, but that's in part because players get traded all the time. Looking at the 2010 draft, only 7 players are still with the team that drafted them, but I would count 21 of them as locks to make an NHL roster this coming season. 2011 has been more stable - 8 players are still with their drafting team and only 20 of them are locks to make an NHL roster. 2012: 12 picks still with their drafting team, 19 NHL locks. You can basically see the trend - if you're not a star or even if you are, it's pretty easy for another team to value a former 1st round pick higher and want to make a deal.
  19. Gretzky was traded because his owner was broke. It's not clear whether he would've been dealt if he hadn't been - she made an easy scapegoat though.
  20. Luongo played 19 seasons and got to the semifinals once. He played in the playoffs only 7 seasons. This is going to be more normal as more teams enter the league without expanding the number of teams who make the playoffs.
  21. Luongo is a Hall of Fame goalie who played for a Hall of Shame franchise. He did everything he could.
  22. I had wondered why he decided to break his silence with the NHL network and that's probably why. He could ask them not to ask him about Taylor Hall and they would oblige.
  23. These NHL reporters don't really speculate on salary/AAV stuff like this very often, so this makes me think that this is leaked from the Devils front office. I think it would be huge to get Butcher at that kind of number but I could see why he might resist - he'd be 30 when the deal is over and it might be hard to get another long-term deal after that, depending on how his career goes.
  24. Above the 75th percentile, which is where Zacha was last season, is relatively high, but that was a fun goalpost switch. I mean, I know it's something I said, but then I also clarified. This discussion started with you taking issue with the article posted and claiming that 'goals' and 'assists' means he sucks. Well, when it comes to being short-handed, he doesn't suck at that. Zacha is an excellent penalty killer both offensively and defensively. I'd bet on him having 3 or more points short handed if he gets the same amount of PK time next season. Offense on the PK being what it is - largely controlled by randomness - it's hard to expect much more.
  25. I'm sure you knew that the league leader had 9 before you started spouting off about what is and isn't a relatively high level of offense. 3 points shorthanded in a season is a lot. It's above the 50th percentile for sure - in points/60, it's just short of the 80th percentile. Which is ... relatively high. It's more than 75% of the forwards who killed penalties. Relatively high.
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