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  1. ** Double Post ** Deleted (sorry)
  2. Whether it's age, injury, or lack of interest; some of our forwards just seem a step slow. Elias and Langs in particular just keep getting beat in our zone, the neutral zone - hell, they aren't even getting to rebounds like the used to. It's hard to watch - almost like "Old Yeller". It's fun at times, but really sad because you know the end is coming for something that you loved for a long time.
  3. Gosh, I hope not... I don't think that Marty would make a good GM. He seems like a good student of the game, but I am not sure he has the right personality. I see Stevens as a more likely candidate, but who knows. I'd rather see Marty be involved with the NHLPA and/or league offices. Marty has a deep respect of the game, and other players in the league. He'd be my choice for that type of work.
  4. Associated Press "GENEVA -- NHL veteran Richard Park has signed a three-year contract with Swiss club Geneva-Servette." Richard Park is a good player, I was surprised to read this at first. Upon later reflection, I think this is just another example of an above-average player not getting paid what he is worth and going elsewhere to play / earn a living. The NHL should be trying to keep guys like this in the league... Too bad for the Islanders. Full Article
  5. A small token from my wife and I (girlgeek is my wife). Thanks for being here - she thanks you as well since she'd bear the brunt of my rants when the lose if it weren't for this place.
  6. Great topic! From a rules stand point, I would do what ever I could to reduce the number of whistles. Here are a few ideas: 1) Eliminate the red line (center ice line) - This would eliminate half of the icings, and allow teams to try more stretch passes. 2) Make both blue lines wider. Since you can't make the ice surface wider because the rinks can't grow (and teams won't give up premium seats), you can make the zones "feel" bigger by making the blue line wider (maybe 2 - 3 feet wide). This has the effect of making every zone larger, and gives teams a bit more room to maneuver. 3) Implemen
  7. It's been the same for nearly 2 months now... I have been tuning in only once per week to avoid ruining EVERY day of my week... It doesn't sound like today is going to be any better !
  8. I disagree with the TV analysis above. The NHL is not like the NFL, NBA, or MLB teams. TV doesn't mean much to their overall budget. The way NHL franchises make money are thus: 1) Gate / Ticket Revenue 2) Merchandise and such 3) Parking TV revenue for teams based in New York is an anomoly compared to the rest of the league. The National TV contract for the NHL only generated a few million dollars in revenue for each team. Local TV can be much less than that in most cities. The NHL is not like the Yankees (where the local TV rights is bigger money than the annual attendance) The NHL franch
  9. Okay Manta, did you watch the last two episodes of Breaking Bad? What did you think? That was some intense sh!t!
  10. Stevie deserves this, he's a great hockey mind and a class act. Ken Holland and Jim Mill weren't going anywhere in Detroit, and Stevie has bone fide GM potential. This is a great move for all parties I think.
  11. I wish more of my co-workers would watch this show. It's torture not having many people to talk to in person about this. I'm normally not a huge sci-fi person, but I fell in love with Battlestar Galactica's series. Did you ever watch it? If you are a big fan of character analysis - that is a great one to watch. It shows the darkest of dark sides of "good" people when they are stressed. It's about redemption, love, and in the end hope. If youlike attractive females, this show has several to choose from as well. (Not the only reason to watch though, promise.)
  12. Please, Please watch Damages in order. It's very important to do so, and will increase your satisfaction in the show series. Since you seem to enjoy character-centric TV, have you checked out Dexter? I know it's on pay-tv, but you can see all of the back episodes on Hulu and/or Netflix. It's definitely worth watching all the way though. As for the last episode of 'Bad, I loved it. I suppose I should be respectful of everyone else in here and not talk about my thoughts on what happens next, but it was really (REALLY) cool that the writers played us like they did. No one could have forsee
  13. I totally forgot about Ecko - he was great... Share a lot of the same feelings for Lost that you just expressed. So much of some of the episodes was just a distraction. It could have been (should have been?) 4 seasons max. I am not saying that Dharma and the numbers and such consumed my, but considering it was all of season 1 and much of season 2, it left a lot of people feeling cheated. You're so right about Rose's character. It would be neat to have lunch with Rose's actress and see what she feels about her and Bernard's role. I definitely agree - the "corking" situation was lame ne
  14. It's an odd collection, that's for sure. Picked out a few nice cover songs. 1) Drop It Like It's Hot - Snoop Dogg 2) Devil Inside - INXS 3) Ballad of a Thin Man - Bob Dylan 4) Pictures of You - The Cure 5) Diamonds On The Inside - Ben Harper 6) Whammer Jammer - J Geils Band 7) The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles 8) Should I Stay or Should I Go - Sex Pistols 9) Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth - Marilyn Manson 10) God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies 11) Jungle Gym - Jack Johnson Feat. G. Love 12) Back In Black - AC/DC Back in Black 13) Puttin On the Ritz - They Mi
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