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  1. I remember the exact moment I started "pulling" for the Devils. 93-94 Rangers series when they got hosed with a no call by the refs... Marty gets tackled by Jeff BeukaBUM (I think), and Matteau scores a tap in (I think)... Anyway, who couldn't love the heart both teams showed in that series. Rangers won it, but I knew from watching the Devils that they were going to be worth following. From then on, there were a lot of parallels in my life and NJ's team. A guy on my team was drafted in later rounds by NJ, Dan Dorian went to WMU, in '95 I was in "heaven" - pun intended, following the Devils all year long only to be treated to a cup series beating my favorite team and the hometown idiots (I live in Detroit). Besides that, I was always intrigued by their green pants - WTF was that all about?
  2. Hi - I love the site, it's hard to get news on the Devils living in the "D". Thank God I have satellite, I don't know what I'd do with out Chico and Doc. The Wings' announcers are pretty bad. I'm 31, played hockey all my life in Michigan. Played a little in college - went to WMU with a Devils draft pick (Darryl Andrews). Started following the Devils in college because of Darryl and some of the other ties between WMU and NJ (anyone remember Dan Dorian)? I love their style of play, and think they are one of the more professional organizations in sports. It's been hard being a Dev's fan in Detroit because the fans here are so arrogant, and somewhat ignorant of the rest of the league. I don't have a "headshot", but here's a picture of me and Marty at Joe Louis this year. Bad picture of both of us. Anyway, I'm happy to have finally found a place to roam. Thanks for putting the site together. Sincerely, Jason
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