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  1. Yes, but I'm sure that Lucifer's Dog will find some fault with this.
  2. I was looking at Gamecast on ESPN... It's so obvious what the Devils need to work on: NYR had 51 total shots, and 16 of them came from their defense. NJD had 45 total shots, and 7 of them came from our Defense. It's games like this that make you wonder why those guys can't more involved. Yes, Paul Martin is out - but we aren't going to win games with that kind of style. I sure hope we can get them more involved as time goes on.
  3. What a great game so far. I can't wait to see the look on Avery's face when the Devils score early in OT! I can't believe that the Queen played this well. I haven't seen him on his angles this way in a long while... Both goalies were super sharp. Marty looks so confident lately, I love it.
  4. I was in Chicago, they did not elevate the seats on the floor. It was similar to concert seating. It's strange, but the most expensive tickets are in the upper areas of the lower bowl. In fact, the farther from the ice the more expensive the ticket because they were higher. Peculiar, I know. The sight lines were quite poor for many, but they had some very large TV screens. The atmosphere was great!
  5. NHL Network had an update tonight during their summary of the early games. They interviewed the NHL's head ice specialist, Dan Craig, and he was saying how great the weather was. There was about 5 minutes of footage on how they prep the field. It was interesting, they hand place these white plastic honey-comb floor boards so they can drive the fork trucks and lay the ice right on the field. It does not look like the condition of the field is an issue in anyway for the NHL based on how they prep to lay the ice. The league officials were quoted as saying that if the weather holds (and it's forecast to be perfect) that they could be skating in 8 days. That is 2 days ahead of schedule I believe. Here's more information: NHL Updates
  6. There are only three goaltender records that I feel are truly untouchable - Patrick Roy's play-off wins record (what is it, 151 or something?), and Glen Hall's consecutive games completed (never pulled, never hurt, never missed planned start 502 times, 1955 to 1966), and most shut outs in a season (22 by George Hainsworth). Just about every other record seems like it would be possible to break if the player was around long enough with the right teams. Marty would have to make a mirror image of his career for another 8 years or so in order to pass Roy's playoff wins record. I hope he does it - but that's still an amazing record to me. Glen Hall's record is something from another era, as is Hainsworth's. Marty may have set some records that are equally untouchable - whatever his 30, 35, and 40 win seasons tally ends up being at the end of his career is going to be huge. His consecutive streaks on 30+ win seasons is also daunting. Playoff shut outs, career shut outs, etc will be really tough to get. Here's two other random records that are amazing: Grant Fuhr 14 pts in one season as a goalie Tom Barasso 48 pts in a career as a goalie
  7. Really? Did you have to post that here? Give it a rest all ready. Chico and Stan are paid to be homers, every network in every city has one. I grew up in Detroit, no one is as bad as Mickey Redmond and Ray Lane. I think Chico is a nice addition to Doc's commentary. Why are you so negative - about everything?
  8. Of course a shut-out is a goalie stat. I wasn't implying it wasn't. The Jennings Trophy is the team award, but still it takes 23 players most nights.
  9. How has he proved himself anything other than a franchise goalie? I would suggest he has yet to prove he can win on the biggest stage. Games like tonight, later this year in the olympics, etc. Here's a good example - Cam Ward. He had to endure all of the comments about playing on the big stage, playing in front of his hero (Marty), etc, etc. He kept winning and now he has a (well had before this year) a good legacy. I would not put Miller in the same category as Ward (yet).
  10. Congrats to Marty and the Devils! He probably had more deserving games ruined by bad breaks (ala Colin White), but this was a quality win / shut-out.Probably not his best work, but he kept himself out of trouble for the most part - and that's the sign of a truly great goalie. He was rarely out of position, and put pucks in places that wouldn't lead to 2 and 3 tries. D played great as well protecting the front of the net. Shut outs are a team stat, maybe I'm in the minority, but it's true. Most shut outs are not 60 save nights, they are a team commitment to winning hockey - like tonight. Goalie makes a few unbelievable saves and that's the difference between a 3 or 4 to 1 win and a shut-out. Not taking anything from Marty, either. He's one of the greatest to ever play. This is a great moment for the team, I'm really proud as a fan for nights like tonight. Btw - anyone else embarrassed by the blubbering love-affair over the Devils on Versus tonight? It was cool for a bit, but they missed a great opportunity to talk about Miller (a rising star) and his career vs Marty's at this point. Buffalo is building a franchise around him, and they barely talked about it.
  11. Go Devil's - let's show those Red Necks how it's done. BTW - My cousin lives in Nashville, I say Red Necks with all the love and respect it deserves.
  12. Yes... I do. I wouldn't joke about something like that. James' Dad's last name is Wisnewski, but his mom has a different last name. I've known the family for a long time - more his mom and sisters. Awesome family, every one of them. James is really level headed, and works really hard. Hell of a golfer, too. Btw - I wasn't bragging about knowing him - I threw that in there to try and answer the guys questions about the olympics. James just got his letter for training camp, I know final selections won't happen until after December practices. He asked if Marty would be named the starter early, and I was trying to point out that GMs really don't have a lock on their teams until after December's meetings.
  13. I don't know what the vegas odds are for the starting goalie for Canada. Bsaed on what happened to Marty in his first Olympics (Roy played instead of Marty - who was clearly the better player), I would hope that Marty is the favorite (favourite as they say in Canada). I doubt that the GMs are going to say anything until they have to. The letters went out pretty recently for the USA team camp. My friend James Wisnewski got one from Team USA (big surprise for him), he has to report in December where they will make final cuts. I assume Canada is the same, and would make an announcement at the same time as to the starting goalies.
  14. Some Devils mentioned in this article, including a major compliment about Parise. Check out the column on the right side about mid-way down in his "top five teams" comment. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/notebook?page=buccigross/091117
  15. +1 for accuracy... None of us could remember the guy's name who Mike credited with seeing do it... we all thought he was a k-wing, but it must have been a viper. Thanks for the added info - that was great! Mike deserves a lot of credit for the venue of his shot, NCAA tournament was no small stage for that kind of move. All of the other games were regular season or minor league stuff.
  16. Mike Legg copied that from a Kalamazoo K-Wing in the old IHL... I was at the game when he scored it. Later that year I ran into him at another tournament and we asked him what made him do it, he said he had nothing to lose and he had been practicing it since he saw it on sports-center. His was on a Power-play, and Red Barensen was pissed at him for trying it. I'm not correcting you to be a dick - I just happen to hate UofM, and they did not coin that gay-ass move. Mike's a nice guy, but 'M' blows and has little to do with inventing that trick. Other posters are right, that's a gimmick play, but last I checked there were no rooms for video clips or pictures on the score sheet.
  17. Pittsburgh visited the White House today... I wonder if the teleprompter made an appearance with the Cup as well? http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=4463680
  18. There are many other places to put a team other than Seattle. Kansas City, for example, is probably more ready that Seattle, they have a brand new arena (world-class), a large population, and have had professional hockey in the past. The local population has all ready expressed interest as well. Some other cities that could work are Las Vegas (they recently hosted the awards banquet - this seemed coincidental), Houston, or even Salt Lake City. I am not a franchise attorney, but I listen to the NHL network on XM Radio and I recently heard an attorney interviewed. He brought up some interesting points concerning bankruptcies and franchise law. I know there is a big difference in McDonald's restaurants and hockey teams, but some of the principles are the same when a franchise owner goes bankrupt. The league (or home office) has a lot to say where the franchise is relocated if a new owner is not identified in the original location. I support Gary, the league should be able to step in and decide what is best for the league - not the richest person who aspires to own a team. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Does anyone know how much debt is up for settlement in the bankruptcy court? If the NHL's offer covers the outstanding debt, then it may not matter if there are other (better) offers...
  19. Draper calling a guy classless? Sour Grapes is more like it in my opinion... Anyway. Last year the Penguins patiently waited till the Red Wings were good and ready to lineup for the handshake. Why is everyone still debating this meaningless moment? Draper should have just kept his mouth shut, and Lidstrom should have waited as long as it took (if he is such a classy captain, he would have). This is all so juvenile. Check the video on NHL.com... Lidstrom and a few others just decided to get off the ice, he (and a few others) didn't wait 2 minutes before they turned tail and started heading off the ice. On the same footage there's Crosby shaking Zetterberg's hand and a few others. Draper needs to retire all ready - what a douche.
  20. where are the devils from january and february? Why can't we EVER match a team's intensity? This is painful to watch. Lot's of time though if we can step it up...
  21. Yeah, what's the prognosis for getting Sal and Langs back? Are we in any position to be hopeful, or is it just a pipe-dream? Personally, I don't see how you can take Greener out of the line up after tonight. If anything, yank that douche bag Havelid for Sal before you take Greene. Thoughts?
  22. Sanford and Son.... "It's the big one... Get my Nitro pills!"
  23. "Spring" is in the air... or should I say, playoffs are in the air. Everyone is a little crazy. I just hate people laying so much venom at any one person's feet. This is a good team, but Sutter has to find a way to get them to play 60 minutes at their full potential. Hell, I'd settle for 45 or 50 minutes at their full potential. You were right though, I am angry about it... I'm a goalie, and it drives me nuts when people sit on the 'tender for every little thing. What a great time of year, though!
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