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  1. Wow how do I not have one of those!?! I have just about everything from 99 cup win and all the things they gave the Season ticket holders but I don't have that book. I need to check ebay for that one and the NJ one sounds awesome. I will have to put that on my list of things to get along with the video.
  2. ok thanks. But why were they shopping them around in the first place? I'm confused with this now. I agree with those players being a big part, but why were they trying to get rid of them?
  3. What was in the DMN today that made everyone so happy at Andrews board. Something about Guerin staying and signing matty... whats with that NJDev25?
  4. Gee thanks for the link!! *covers ears*
  5. btw devilsrule33 you aren't going to make me listen to the 2000 :-D
  6. Good Crasher.... Turgeon is on my hate list. I liked him in St Louis and thought he was a great player but ever since he came to dallas and he plays with no heart and doesn't fit in. I have been saying they needed to get rid of them once he came here but no one believe me and now look at where he is. I think they will just be extra hard with the guy during training camp to see if he cracks. I want to be there when it happens too!
  7. If Hatcher leaves Dallas I am going to miss him so much. He was a great player for the Stars and it would be a shame to lose him. It's weird to see whats all is happening with the money in Dallas. I can't wait to get this summer over with so then I know where everyone is and I don't have to worry about it for a while.
  8. I just heard on the news that they wont offer him a 5 year contract at all. So if Hatcher wants to stay in Dallas he will have to have a shorter and cheaper contract. Plus they said they may keep Mattvichuck which imo is a good choice but theres going to be some pissed off people.
  9. DALLAS Ulf Dahlen, (III) He is expected to retire Derian Hatcher, (III) Very good chance he's on the move Kirk Muller, (III) Prolly wont stay in Dallas, though I really like him Lyle Odelein, (III) Won't stay I don't think Richard Matvichuk, (II) They will be looking to trade him. Though I think it's just one bad year but Stars are having huge money problems and could get rid of him. Stephane Robidas, (II) I think they will TRY to sign him Marty Turco, (II) He will get a huge raise Both Hatcher and Turco's pay is hurting the Stars alot it's really sad to see what is going on with that team right now. They are in alot of money trouble. Not to say it's all of Turgeon's fault but it sure has made it worse. The rumors about Guerin being traded are true we found out today. His agent told the DMN that the Stars and him have been talking about a possible trade. It would be very sad if they lose both Guerin and Hatcher this summer. I am wondering if the report on Guerin's leg is not looking good thats why they chose him to be in a trade.
  10. Well that made me smile
  12. I can make some. I made some avter size icons the other day in hope to upload them to a site so u can get to them easy. I love making aim icons. When I get a new domain (mine got canceled) than I will make a section for devils icons.
  13. I really don't care if Arnott leaves the stars or not. He really hasn't fit in well in Dallas. I can't figure it out but he just has done well in Dallas. Everyone as the games have nicknames for him. My personal favorite is "scorenot". :-) About Modano... I don't think that he can handle having the C. It was dicussed at one of the stars boards alot. The guy is not so vocal in the dressing room and with how stressed out and worried he got in 1999 in the stanley cup run, I don't think that he would handle being capt. I say Guerin would be the best choice but thats only if Hatcher leaves. I don't think Guerin will be going anywhere. Matvichuck had a poor year. I am willing to give him another chance but they need to get rid of some money and lots of fans and stars aren't going to give him another chance. Hatcher I think will be very important to keep. And to add what NJDev25 said about Claude... I was so excitied that he was coming to the team and I think everyone thought he would help the team and would bring great play and we didn't see the old Claude out there. I understand what Armstrong was trying to do in that trade but it's just one that didn't turn out perfect.
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