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  1. Getting ready to head to Raleigh for the game! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  2. I cannot bring myself to truly pull for the Canes, yet I buy tickets to most the home games just because I crave being in the atmosphere. I already have tickets to games 4 and 6 this series.
  3. fvck all of you with the brodeur hate. this is not all on him. how many times did madden have the game on his stick and couldn't convert? why can't the D clear the zone in the last few minutes of the the game? it is everyone's fault, not just marty's.
  4. I love beer, but nothing calms my nerves like wine. So a bottle of some cheap merlot it will be.
  5. Man, I hate how the last couple of hours before a game just drag.
  6. Will be at the game again tonight. LET'S GO DEVILS!!! :gd:
  7. Taking a shower then heading to the game! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  8. well, since I really can't grow a playoff beard I decided to go with the playoff hair. It's really dark brown with bright red, as in candy apple, streaks. I also painted the finger nails and toe nails alternating black and red.
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