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  1. Getting ready to head to Raleigh for the game! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  2. brodeurgirl30

    I hate it

    I cannot bring myself to truly pull for the Canes, yet I buy tickets to most the home games just because I crave being in the atmosphere. I already have tickets to games 4 and 6 this series.
  3. fvck all of you with the brodeur hate. this is not all on him. how many times did madden have the game on his stick and couldn't convert? why can't the D clear the zone in the last few minutes of the the game? it is everyone's fault, not just marty's.
  4. I love beer, but nothing calms my nerves like wine. So a bottle of some cheap merlot it will be.
  5. Man, I hate how the last couple of hours before a game just drag.
  6. Will be at the game again tonight. LET'S GO DEVILS!!! :gd:
  7. Taking a shower then heading to the game! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  8. well, since I really can't grow a playoff beard I decided to go with the playoff hair. It's really dark brown with bright red, as in candy apple, streaks. I also painted the finger nails and toe nails alternating black and red.
  9. I am so pumped and have the total butterflies. I want this one soooooo bad.
  10. Every year I read tons of articles about the veteran goaltender the Devils have in Marty gives them the edge and every year since 2003 I've watched them get blown out of the water. The fact that people are giving the edge to the other guy comforts me somewhat. Now, if we can just get Genevieve to serve him w/ divorce papers...
  11. Hate to break it to some of you guys, but the Canes have a ton of fans. There are flags everywhere, stickers on just about every other car you see. A local radio station completely changes its playlist for Canes playoff hockey. They pack that arena out almost every night even when they sucked earlier this year and it is LOUD. You can't really judge a team's fan base by a single experience in the Smokey Mountains which is 4 to 5 hours away over 10 years ago. The Smokey Mountains is probably closer to Nashville than Raleigh. This IS going to be tough. I was running sound at church on Sunday and a couple of Canes fans came up to me and asked me if I was scared at all. My response was an emphatic "Heck Yeah, I'm scared!" I was sitting right above the goal when Staal scored on Marty to tie it with something like .6 seconds left in 2006 and I was sitting right behind Marty when he got lit up with 6 goals on his birthday. Then the sold out crowd of the Canes fans that don't exist spontaneously sang "Happy Birthday" to him at the top of their lungs. Those 2 nights are forever burned into my memory and makes me sick when I think about them. Glad we have home ice advantage, because the Devils have not done well in the RBC Center. Nevertheless, I will be at all the games at the RBC Center with my Devils jersey shouting to the tops of my lungs! Let's Go Devils!!!
  12. Just bought my game 3, 4 and 6 tix! Let's go Devils!!!
  13. This is soooo true. The RBC Center is loud. The fans are loud, but the acoustics in there make it even louder. With Carolina having been out of the playoffs since 2006, it is going to be really loud, particularly in game 3. Considering where I live, this series makes me want to throw up pretty much every time it happens. I am buying game 3, 4, and 6 tix tomorrow. Please, Devils, give me something to cheer about And for God's sake, Marty, STOP THE PUCK!!!
  14. If the Pens can hold the lead then I am purchasing tickets when the box office opens at the RBC Center on Monday. I have game 6 tix, but will get 3 and 4 on Monday! LGD!!!
  15. Colin 226 - Don't make fun of Dancin' Granny! She is the sweetest little old lady I have ever met and she is a trip at the games! Every time they play that Apple Bottom Jeans song they put the camera on her. She turns around and lifts her jersey and starts shaking her butt and dancing. It is freakin' hilarious. Well, this is big time in my house. We are having a party in our Canes / Devils themed basement. I need to post pictures some time soon. It is the most fun and the most aggravating since all my friends and husband give me a hard time when the Devs lose. Therefore they BETTER FREAKIN WIN !!!! I also have tickets to the Canes first round playoff series so it wouldn't hurt if it was against my Devils! Well boys, shake off the dust and let's put the past in the past today! LET'S GO DEVILS!!! :gd:
  16. brodeurgirl30

    GDT: Canes @Devils

    Devils vs. Hurricanes is big time in my house. My basement will be full of Devils and Canes fans. Other than the Rags, I hate losing to the Canes the most due to the crow I have to eat. C'MON boys, make me able to gloat LET'S GO DEVILS!!! :gd:
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