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  1. I blame Adam Oates's tied-too-tight tie.


    Seriously though....all Reffing no 5 on 3 action. The Devils' plan here doesn't seem to be terrible, but there needs to be faster execution of this high-up switching, and there needs to be some high-low movement to get the defenders out of position.


    Andy Greene came in once on one of the PP's, I think it was 5 on 4, and it was great to see him getting aggressive and drawing defenders to him but nobody, on the PP, came with him on the opposite side OR up the middle and he was left with no options.

  2. I blame Pete's tie.


    Seriously though, Captain Salvador is barely present, Henrique's game has been off, Zajac looks like he loses his legs after a period, and the energy of the entire team has been beyond flat since the Penguins miniseries. Who is going to step up and lead this team with energy?


    Gionta may be small and ineffective but that line is the only one that looks like they are skating with all they have consistently.


    Faceoffs continue to be a major problem. And Gionta's inability to win any is a problem. I wish Gionta would suddenly evolve into a great player, because I am rooting for him and I like him, but it's just not happening. JJ needs to get back here, and I hope no-wing Loki shows me a lot more than what he did today so we can fill out our centers.


    I...hate to say the team misses the body of Zubrus. That guy may not be able to score but he certainly keeps the forecheck going.

  3. Lol wtf is this all about?

    This is our new project: cataloguing Pete's ties. We always predict the outcome of the games based on how excellent Pete's tie is. It's silly, but it's fun. Sometimes he wears some really nice ties. Sometimes he wears some SERIOUS stinkers. Power ties = power victories!


    Join us on our journey!

  4. I'm pretty sure David Clarkson came in his pants on Arnott's goal.

    So happy Elias nets one in spite of how he got it. He's been playing so well.

    Chico needs more chances to call goals: "Well, he went with his bread and butter there, and he put that butter all over the toast."

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