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    Happy B'Day Sammy! Long time no type!
  2. Sorry I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  3. Paris is just plain skanky, she leaves nothing to the imagination!
  4. I'm back!!!!! and Jimmy Leeds your still my hero! W is for WINNER!
  5. Horrible news, God Bless!
  6. Ya know, my parents still live "down neck" and I'm there all the time, I just have one question, where is all the parking going to be for this new arena???????
  7. Anybody know about this being on any other channels??, I have satellite??
  8. Hey look at that I'm on top and I'm talkin about Boobs!!!
  9. I'm with you PK, I don't get the whole fake boobs thing, I think it's nasty. The fakes look like they're going to explode, or like they're real sore or something. Just not natural, not jiggily and ya know mushy and normal and stuff Just my opinion, that's all.
  10. Good luck Rd, hope you have a speedy recovery!
  11. This site is awesome, ditto what NJay said!
  12. Very nice pics both of you! Thanks for posting!
  13. Good one PK. I hate those baskets. I just can't see spending $75 and more on a BASKET! No matter how nice, it's still just a basket. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but at least candles you can smell and they make for a nice (sexy) atmosphere. Eh whatever. I also have to go to one called Home Interiors I've never been, have you heard anything about this one? I know I know I'm getting off topic sorry back to Langenbrunner's sausage!
  14. I'm sure he'll be inside. I was in there tonight(buying Incredible's PopTarts) and I have to say it's pretty funny because they have this big poster of him at the front of the store by the doors, of him holding the Cup and underneath it reads "Premio Sausage" hahahahahahaha Sorry for the Dirty thought but that just struck me so friggin funny! Anyways, I won't be there, I have a candle demo to go to! Oh well
  15. Holy sh!t, I am at the Chester Shop Rite like almost every day, I live in the area. Matter of fact I just came back from there like 2 hrs ago. I didn't see anything posted, but I kinda wasn't looking. I'll check it out!
  16. I wonder what his girlfreind thinks of this. Being she's supposed to be a NJ school teacher an all! hmmm!
  17. And oh yeah, I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. And it is the absolute without a doubt toughest job ever. But also the most gratifying. Or at least it better be!
  18. Outdoor projects are the worst! We have almost 1 acre and it's absolute hell. I have 2 boys who are so into doing sports stuff with their Dad that he hates saying no to them because he has to cut the grass or weed wack or something. He works all week and on the weekend wants to play and hang out with his kids. Which HE SHOULD! I hate gardening and don't want anything to do with it, otherwise I would do it. We tried getting the kids involved, but it lasts for about half an hour, TOPS! Then they want to play spies and chase and stuff! I want to put in a stone patio on half my property just so there's less upkeep!. Heinz Kerry is a spoiled,greedy, Nannyhaving, housekeeper having, landscaper having, and what not else... BITCH! She wears the pants, and we already had one of those as First Lady, which was Hilary! We don't want the First Lady running the country in either case! Eh whatever, I'm just rambling!
  19. Hey I was at the Wayne Manor last Friday for a Tricky Tray, I thought the place really went down hill. The last time I was there was about 7 or 8 yrs ago, eh anyway. I had my wedding reception not far, a place called The Paris Inn it's in Wayne too! I'm rambling myself. Your pictures not bad. Don't think it's something I would buy but its not so bad! My husband just bought a desk for his office from a 72 yr old man who is in Spain and he's supposed to be an amazing woodcarver. I think it's to 'chunky' lookin, but whatever, I didn't pay for it!!! OK now I'm gonna shut up!
  20. You're gonna turn into a fatass when you get married! Enjoy it while you can <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yikes, when I first scrolled down and read it I thought it was in response to gomersgrl! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ha, I did too for a second! I don't think my ass is that fat. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, to be fair she did say he was going to turn into a fatass, and I thought you were already married so I was like huh? Although I don't remember you being a fatass either, but I wasn't paying attention. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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